Grandmother on The Art of the 3 Wishes

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A great, uplifting Grandmother's Blog on "The Art of the 3 Wishes" Exercise! It came to my mind to record Grandmother and this magical exercise came through without a question.

DO THE EXERCISE! It's great for adults or children. You will be very surprised!

"Grandmother on the Art of the 3 Wishes," Recorded 5-28-19, Posted 5-29-19, 7 minutes, 7 seconds.

Click Audio Player to play "Grandmother on the Art of the 3 Wishes" -- Exercise. Recorded 5-28-19, Posted 5-29-19, 7 minutes, 7 seconds. Read and listen at same time for a kind of "meditation" effect.



"Three Wishes for You."

I would like you to consider a wonderful exercise in self-affirmation to accompany this wonderful era of opportunity and new levels of compassion. I would like you to consider creating “Three Wishes for Yourself” -- from the heart, from the soul, from the power of memory which you are not even aware exists, yet exists fully within your range of perception. Three Soul Wishes.

Now, I would like you to do this, if you will, regardless of your mission in life, your station -- are you a mother or father or grandparent or child or brother or sister, aunt or uncle?  Regardless, create the very best Great Three Wishes from the Soul that you would like to create now. And consider all of the resources of your dreams are available, all the resources of vision, sound, full living technicolor wishes!

And I would love you to draw these, to draw yourself in your great wishes and to write about each one. And to give a bit of time to each with your sketching paper, drawing a story of your Three Wishes. This sets up three loving new levels of vibration within your daily activity, as you have made art of your wishes in this space and time, in a physical form, from the heart.

This is a great "field" to create.

First, go into a deep meditation on love. We have provided "Five Levels of Love Meditation." Do this meditation. Arrange a place of quiet and peace. (Instructions for the Five Levels of Love Meditation on Meditation-Sound Page.)

You can do this outside in nature with the trees -- with the trees is very good, for trees are like great Operators in a Cosmic Network of Communication -- with higher dimensions and higher dimensional selves. So, take this time, but also have available a deep sound, a calming meditative sound, and do your drawing and writing of each of your three dreams.

Now, for this, pretend that you are a cosmic child... This is "play like" in the Universe! Let's "play like" this is my wish that will come true! Wish One, Wish Two, Wish Three.

Now, if you do this, and especially if you draw and even paint these wishes, even write a poem or a song of each of three wishes, you are then in the "Three Wish Club," It's like the, as you call it, "Joy Luck Club." "The Three Wishes Club."

You might call it "The Art of the Three Wishes" -- for there is waiting for you within this wonderful journey, a great discovery about yourself and your future.

I can promise you this, because it is almost impossible to draw and write Three Great Wishes in the Universe -- and not have an impact on your life and your soul, these growing out of out of your soul's wishes!

Now, do this in a very happy way and watch what happens. No matter what else is going on in the world, you can do this any time, and begin to shift your energies that very moment.

This will bring happiness to other people who will find great encouragement in this glowing energy which results: “The Art of the Three Wishes.”

And I bid you Adieu and wish you many blessings and great wishes!

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


“Everything you can imagine is real.”  ― Pablo Picasso


“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” ― Vincent Willem van Gogh


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