Grandmother’s Audio Messages/Blogs  

Can these blogs or messages recorded or written in deep meditation states, unedited — inspire you to new creative ideas, inspirations about your own life? The convention of “Grandmother From Another Planet” — perhaps considering an extraterrestrial or extradimensional point of view — can prompt a view of daily life from a vaster — perhaps future, multidimensional, gestalt-intelligence perspective…

Who are you? What are the hidden  innovative pathways in your life? Yet to discover?

I find that “listening” to the Audio, and not just reading a transcript — seems to provide a “calming” of the mind and additional information.  I was so surprised the first time I listened to an Audio recording.

List of available Audio Blogs & Transcripts are below, arranged by subject. For more: See “Guide Posts” — from Grandmother and other “Inner Yoda” messaging, discovered during deep sound “right brain” meditation over a decade. 

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“Welcome from Grandmother from Another Planet” – 2 Recordings of 5-19-17 [ first 1 min. 59 seconds; second 5 min. 9 seconds]


Three Audio Blogs “Grandmother on Creating New Space, Revenue, Resources, Being” – 3 Recordings of 6-5-17, posted 6-7-17 — [first 6 min. 14 seconds; second 3 min. 12 seconds; third 1 min. 35 seconds]

Grandmother on “Becoming and Living as a Being of Layered Multidimensional Awareness” – the Mask… Spontaneous automatic writing 6/30/17 posted 7-1-17.

Grandmother on “Defining Levels of Self-Realization: Begin with Africa,” transcript of spontaneous written blog in meditation 6-20-17, with meditation instructions.

Audio Blog. “Grandmother on What Is Your Mission,” 16 min, 54 seconds. Very useful for the “What is my next step?” question, or other issues of transitional choices. One of earliest original “Grandmother” spontaneous recordings of 3-27-17, posted 7-9-17 Pacific Time.

Audio Blog: “Grandmother on Why Look Up into the Cosmos,” 9-30-17, 4 min., 4 seconds.

Audio Blog: “Grandmother on Grow Star Consciousness” 2-7-18, 1 min. 27 seconds.

Audio Blog: “Grandmother on Solving Problems Vibrationally” 2-7-18, 4 min. 20 seconds. How might a higher dimensional being view problem-solving!

Audio Blog: “Grandmother on Solving Upsetments” 2-9-18, 3 minutes, 50 seconds. Recorded 9-8-17.

Audio Blog: “Grandmother on the Joy of the University” — how to change your approach to handling new problems and people as part of a co-created “University” — 2-9-18, 4 minutes, 30 seconds, with full transcript.


Grandmother’s Quotes from “Marketing from the Soul” – from Transcripts of 4-30-17 and 5-3-17 recordings for the class/book: “Marketing from the Soul: Transformational Marketing.”

Audio Blog. Grandmother on “Marketing as Authorship” – recorded 5-16-17, posted 6-7-17 [4 min. 51 seconds]

Audio Blog. Grandmother on “Marketing as Self-Realization” – recorded 4-27-17, posted 6-11-17. [13 min. 42 seconds]


There now are over 70 spontaneous “Grandmother” audio recordings with more being added regularly, some becoming part of books.

Explore the Audio Blogs recorded live, unedited or automatic transmissions of messages in writing, unedited — to spark truly new creative energy and ideas. For More:

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