A whole book has been taken down in intuitive or automatic writing, from Grandmother from Another Planet on "Marketing from the Soul" in response to my questions on marketing -- and several classes were taught. Watch for the book to become available. Excerpts:

Audio/Writing Quotes (written 4-30-17 and 5-3-17) Grandmother’s Quotes from “Marketing from the Soul” – from Transcripts of 4-30-17 and 5-3-17 recordings for the class/book: “Marketing from the Soul: Transformational Marketing.” Transcribed from automatic intuitive writing for book.

Audio Blog (Recorded 5-16-17). Grandmother on “Marketing as Authorship” (recorded 5-16-17, posted 6-7-17). (4 min. 51 seconds.) Transcribed.

Audio Blog (recorded 4-27-17). Grandmother on “Marketing as Self-Realization” – posted 6-11-17. [13 min. 42 seconds.) Transcribed.