Guide Posts... Experimental audio blogs or improvisational meditative writings of guidance, lessons -- extradimensional poetry-from-another-planet across time and space, which comes to me... But is all "poetry" and altered state writing "extradimensional"? This section also includes experiments and sometimes the appearance of new "guides" doing "Guide Posts"! 

GUIDE POSTS - 6-23-24

"Ascension, transformation is a new language. New perception. New senses. New awareness. New mind. New heart." Guide Post. S.H. Rodman

3 GUIDE POSTS, 5-1-22

- "Wisdom is the result of searching for it." Guide Post, S.H. Rodman

- "Opening your mind to wisdom begins with opening the heart to the love of all beings as yourself..." Guide Post, S.H. Rodman

3  - "What is visible or invisible to you depends on your range of abilities to 'see' and understand, mentally and physically, across the spectrum of senses and in the dimension or reality in which the 'invisible' being or object exists." Guide Post, S.H. Rodman

That a being or reality is 'invisible' to you is an aspect of your physical and mental abilities -- not predictive of whether or not the being or reality 'exists.'

Many beings and 'civilizations of being' exist simultaneously with your own but outside of your range of perception and participation. But they are visible to those with an expanded range of perception and understanding every day. To 'see' this with understanding requires practiced focus and meditation to expand this ability every day.

That you 'dream' in realities which are 'invisible' to you in waking life is an aspect of your range of abilities to perceive and interact in this 'dream reality' -- and not whether or not a 'dream reality' exists.

You may sometimes remember detailed experiences of this reality, regardless of your beliefs about whether or not the 'dream reality' is real. You may write them down and even publish books about them. And in that sense, their stories and lessons are as 'real' as anything else in your perceived waking reality. But your relationship with the 'dream reality' is different. And 'you' are different in this reality; you are in a different state of consciousness awareness and perception in this reality.

In the same way, your relationship with the 'invisible civilizations,' the 'invisible teachers' important in your life and creative soul growth -- is different. But you may sometimes perceive them or their wisdom in a different state of consciousness awareness -- even while writing -- and you may write down or even publish these experiences of 'invisible civilizations.'! And their stories and lessons appear then in your everyday life and are as 'real' as anything else in your everyday life!

Except: When you write and publish your experiences of these 'invisible realities' or 'invisible wisdom' coming in a flash -- whether dreams or unusual writing, messages, visions from higher consciousness meditation -- you undoubtedly have a very different everyday life in your current perceived reality!

Over time, you may have a very different mind -- and develop very different relationships in daily life. You may even have a very different identity!

What if every being on Earth focused on this daily? And greatly expanded  ability to 'see' and understand, intuit and create beyond normal boundaries -- would not everyday life itself become a 'new reality' of expanded higher consciousness creations?

The ability to 'see,' remember, understand, and apply the teachings of dreams or higher consciousness meditations to daily life corresponds to your everyday practice to expand this higher consciousness ability!

And it will expand every day, if you practice and meditate upon expanding the ability to perceive, to communicate in higher consciousness meditative states -- with an open heart and love for all beings -- love for explorations of the 'invisible university' open to all beings, all civilizations and realities..."

-- Guide Post, S.H. Rodman


“Remembering the Future, We Were There…”


"Each one in their time has a role to play.

Without knowing how it will turn out, they create the future that they knew all along.

It is the path of planning many lives along the way. You grow older with each life.  A heart full of memories not all forgotten.

It is the path of living many lives, learned even before we lived them.

It is your path, should you remember it across time. You live across time in that future.

This memory erasing doesn’t always work. Sometimes you remember across time.

And they remember you…

There are triggers. They bring back the memories that lie in wait.

Even if they tell you there are no memories for you of those times because you did not live then, you are always there in some way unknown, as you plan your future.

The future holds everything. It holds you forever…

Remembering the future, we were there…"

S.H. Rodman, "Remembering the Future, We Were There," Deep Space Poetry. An inspiration after watching "Time Traveller: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time"...

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

Image by Mugwe Thomas from Pixabay .

SHR GUIDE POST. 9-17-20.


"Serengeti plains stretch out beyond time in stillness

and remember the earlier continents of loving Earth

and rejoice that we are here together on these plains of learning...

Look around, see each other again."

-- S.H. Rodman, "Serengeti," Deep Space Poetry

GUIDE POST. 12-19-19

Advanced Class Materials PDF.  

  • Article PDF: “High Consciousness Challenge and Transition Identity,"
  • Date of Transcript: 12-19-19 for Class of 12-20-19, unedited transcript of unusual higher dimensional audio communication.
  • Audio: Deep meditation/partial sleep state experiment. Guide: Oron. S.H. Rodman. 11 minutes. 50 seconds. Play: Click Audio Player Below.



"There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a new vision from a higher realm of flying free. There is nothing else like it in the universe." -- Grandmother from Another Planet

GUIDE POST 1-4-19:

"If you think you're living in a science-fiction-life right now, let me just say: Nothing is fiction." -- Grandmother from Another Planet

GUIDEPOST 9-26-18: INCREASING INTUITION, VIBRATIONS  --  "Why 'The Cosmic Oracle' Class" from My Incan Guide...for the 9-28-18 Oracle Class.

My Incan Guide came first in a dream a dozen years ago; I was guided to him by Whales. In deep state sound meditation, he gave in automatic writing some most interesting meditation exercises for the early "cosmic" Right Brain Aerobics sessions some of you attended then, such as "The Whole Earth Meditation" and "The Light Mask Ceremony." He  dictated a whole book: "Prosperity, Magic, and Higher Intelligence" and some of his messages are on Grandmother's web site, under


SHR: Why do “readings”? Why a “Cosmic Oracle” class?


Your goal for increasing the intuitive ability to “read” or vision at higher levels involves increasing higher frequency and vibrations -- which allow new creative perception -- removing boundaries to visions of alternate pathways and oracular perception.

The ultimate goal is learning. It is becoming something new and exciting – perhaps a more exciting and even a more mysterious, entertaining life.

Focus on, practice being a Cosmic Oracle – and you may become a Cosmic Oracle.

Now, you go to a “psychic faire,” which you like – for fun… For random, new looks at alternate futures. What if you could do this every day?

What if you could open to this energy each time you feel discouraged?

As the practice invites deeper meditative mind and ultimately deeper states of love, it is a practice for soul growth.

It also involves greater and greater creativity – as you seek to discover hidden answers, “out of the blue…”

This is “living” a state of opening the heart at higher levels -- expanding the ability to see and vision broader points of view, exploring “new mind” and “new creativity” all the time.

If you were an Artist of the Mind, we would say that “The Cosmic Oracle” is our “creative theme” for this day – and you would make “art” of seeing as an “oracle.”

Art can be a “reading”; a “reading” can be art.

Putting this into play together, as a group, involves the literal creation of “Artistic Fields of Seeing.” In a way, the Art of the Discovery of Akashic Intelligence”…which is always flowing.

Why “Cosmic Oracle”? It is a “cue” that your mind and vision do not have boundaries – and sharing boundaryless states and insights together expands the experience of higher “gestalt” or group creative intelligence – a oneness of creative intelligence – and rare growth for the Multi-Dimensional Mind.

You become part of the Cosmic Heart, the Cosmic Creativity Community, as you seek to “see” as a Cosmic Oracle. It is a fine path…

-- My Incan Guide

GUIDE POST 9-26-18

"How to Structure a Plan When You Have a Lot of Roadblocks"

SHR: How do I structure a plan, when I have so many roadblocks?!

My Incan Guide: How would you structure a plan when you don't have roadblocks?

SHR: I would probably have too many choices. Or I wouldn’t feel the need to structure a plan! Hm.

My Incan Guide: You become your plan. Therefore, focus on what you want – what you desire, what you want to do to serve others – as that is the energy and structure of a good plan. Don’t focus on roadblocks, or you become roadblocks… 😊

"All of reality used to be a wish..."S.H. Rodman


"Higher dimensions are not waiting for you to ascend to. 🙂 They are waiting for you to create...

The key to this creation, to this higher intuitional vibration, as a way of daily life, is the highest creative service to others." -- Grandmother from Another Planet (Recorded 5-19-18)

“I criticize by creation, not by finding fault.” -- Marcus Tullius Cicero

>> 8-8-18. "Meditation on Birthdays," S.H. Rodman


"A birthday is a reminder that potential is boundless and travels far beyond any known limits of time or space, for it is always creating new time and space. For each being, there is always more potential than you can ever possibly imagine.

Know each being as the full potential of the universe. Know each being as a new universe every day..."

-- S.H. Rodman, 8-8-18 Meditation to ALJ

>> 7-11-17. "Grandmother on Creating Cleaner Air and Cleaner Water"
"The answer is: Live this vision -- whatever the question is."Grandmother from Another Planet

(Transcription of spontaneous automatic writing 7-11-17 )

GUIDE POST 7-11-17

Question: How can we have cleaner air and cleaner water?

Meditate upon the fullness of this desire.

Then begin to create homes of great clean air and clean water, at levels not presently achieved, and share this with your guests. 

Almost everyone who desires clean air and clean water for the Earth, does not fully have this at home at this time.

Be the clean environment, every aspect and element of the environment, in your home and work space, that you wish for the Earth. Do you see?
Share your story and your deeper desire.

When your home and work space is this environment, your creative vision of how to have clean water and clean air for the whole planet will become clearer, for you will be living this vision.

The answer is: Live this vision – whatever the question is.

Grandmother's later addition transcript of spontaneous writing, 7-11-17:

Grandmother: The purpose of focusing on cleaner air and cleaner water in your home and work space, is to change the vibrations of your home and work space personally. This personal intention and this vibrational change, impacts all energy and matter, even at the molecular and atomic level, on this and other planets.

You are often focusing on how to raise your own vibrations. When you begin to focus on changing the vibrations of your home and work space, you enter Stage 2 of  this new vibrational change.

>> 7-10-17. "My Incan Guide on Working with Higher Creative Intelligence Guides"

What are some easy ways to work with higher creative intelligence, "guides," teachers?

My Incan Guide: Devote time and meditation, first, to recognize the higher creative intelligence, the guidance and teaching within you.

This is not external communication.

These things are required:

  1. Meditative deep vibrational states, entered and expanded on a consistent basis.
  2. Time focused on this desire and exploration, to open communication with deeper state wisdom inherent in that state.
  3. Journal – write, draw, express the wisdoms discovered, for this honors the higher creative intelligence teacher within you.
  4. Share that wisdom in these forms, that field of discovery, with others.
  5. Practice this learning-teaching-speaking daily, for this is key to becoming a state of communication, integration with the deeper wisdom states, the resident teaching-learning networks of the ages, which are interconnected.

Do you see that becoming this being is a devotion of time and deep mind practice? It is a desire, a dedication, a discipline, and a discovery of the deeper guidance which emerges from within.

The teaching-learning and “guides” which emerge are often symbolic, that which is synchronous with this desire and this life. But the wisdom and understanding is from all beings and lives, all times.

This is becoming that teacher you wish to communicate with. Do you see?

It is quite a practical and prescient discipline, an ancient discipline.

The keystone is the decision to enter this vibration of becoming, this discipline for that is the communication you are seeking.

Now, over some time, you will see that this is an art form. And you will begin to be quite creative, artistic, musical, theatrical, and playful with this.

This is Stage 2. There is a vibrancy to this, which is a potential you do not yet see. You may see ancient wisdom as stoic and out of reach, a “museum” wisdom.

Seek Stage 2, the creative stages of this becoming and this wisdom, and you will find it always vital and living, changing, creating new ways to birth the mysterious – the ultimate deeper wisdom…

"Seek Stage 2, the creative stages of this becoming and this wisdom, and you will find it always vital and living, changing, creating new ways to birth the mysterisous -- the ultimate deeper wisdom..."My Incan Guide

(Transcription of spontaneous automatic writing for 7-11-17 for 7-10-17)

7-9-17. "Grandmother's Short Post: The Challenge"

I challenge you to be your best self. Every minute. Every day.

That is the best wisdom for this age, when you will be challenged beyond your wildest dreams. And only your best self will recognize you.

You are alive. Wake up and give it the best you’ve got on every planet. Don’t leave any out. It’s a lot of work. But I challenge you to make it to every planet. You won’t be sorry.

At any minute your best self may show up to stay. Be ready. That’s your challenge.

This will make incredible sense to you in about 1000 years.

This will make incredible sense to you in about 1000 years...Grandmother from Another Planet

(Transcript of spontaneous writing, 7-9-17).

>> 7-8-17.. "Grandmother on Power."


Power is in forgiveness. Lack of power is in lack of forgiveness.

(Transcript of 5-20-17 spontaneous writing notes.)

>> 7-5-17, "Grandmother on 3 Questions to Expand Self-Knolwedge and Energetics"

Is there a special message for today?

Grandmother: I would ask you these 3 questions to expand your self knowledge and energetics. Doing a self-awareness practice each day, is empowering. This is why daily meditation can be transforming for soul growth.  Ask yourself these 3 questions, and deliberate how you might answer in your best understanding of your “life on earth.” 

  1. What would you give to the world today, if you had special power to give something to everyone?
  2. Where would you fly in the universe today, if you had special powers to travel across space and time?


  3. Who do you Love? This defines you.

Number 3 is a reminder from The Incan Guide - an exciting question to ask yourself often, to spark self-awareness and soul excitement. It is why you are here.

Love more beings, give thanks for those beings you love and give affirmation to them.

The more beings you love, the larger the layers of the self, the larger the soul’s adventures!

The more beings you love, the larger the layers of the self, the larger the soul's adventures!Grandmother from Another Planet

(Transcript in spontaneous automatic writing 6-30-17, as it came. Added 7-5-17, audio dictation expanded paragraph 1 after "I would ask yourself these 3 questions.")

>> 7-4-17, "Grandmother on Marketing as 'Sharing Your Light with Others'"

Question: On any given day, I put off marketing. I don’t want to work on it. How can I change this? I suspect it happens to others…

Grandmother:  Would you say that “on any given day," you would put off sharing your light with others?

Your marketing of your mission, whatever that is, is an expression of who you are, correct? Would you put off learning more about who you are?

Love yourself as a soul trying to grow! And as a soul, applaud every step that you take to put your light out into the world, every act of marketing your mission should be a celebration that you have light to give!

On any given day, love and forgive yourself, and you will have no trouble with marketing.

On any given day, love and forgive yourself, and you will have no trouble with marketing.Grandmother from Another Planet

You will come to relish the soul growth and revealed self in its activities.

All marketing of your mission, your light, your self – involves soul examination, learning, revelations.

The Storytelling of the Soul, from the heart, on any given day, in its deeper truths, is a sacred act.

The Storytelling of the Soul, from the heart, on any given day, in its deeper truths, is a sacred act.Grandmother from Another Planet

(Transcript in spontaneous automatic writing 6-30-17, unedited.)

>> 7-3-17 - "Grandmother on What to Do When You Feel Discouraged"

What do you do if you feel discouraged, having a difficult time getting moving.


1. Dance.

(I have taken up 5 Rhythms Dancing – freeform, free style, and not being a dancer found this opens all sorts of new levels of happiness and physically energizing creativity.)

2. Give in Service – to someone else who does not expect it. Be generous to create generosity in your life. Generosity is a greater antidote for disappointment, thwarted expectations. Authentic Generosity – is never “stuck.”

Be generous to create generosity in your life. Grandmother from Another Planet

(Transcript in spontaneous automatic writing 6-30-17, unedited.)

>> 7-2-17, "Grandmother on How to Spark Synchronicity in a Laborious Situation"

How can I add or spark "synchronicity" in a situation which has become laborious? 

Grandmother: First off, situations become laborious because we become laborius -- stuck in boundaried places, thinking that we are not infinite, thinking that we are not a creator and an adventurer -- playwrights and directors, artists and actors in the cosmos...

As a simple checklist, try adding creative events in each of these areas to the situation -- which is itself a "being," a layered "mask" for something else:

  1. New Theater -- new characters, new actors, new lines, new props, new locations. 
  2. New Arts -- Add art, music, dance, graphical design -- new colors and textures. Sketch it out, draw it -- and as you draw new elements on paper, see new ways to "bring these to life."  
  3. New Love -- There is enough love in the universe to solve any problem. (From a quote of the "Blue Sphere Peoples" guides)  Focus on love What or who in the situation can you bring new love to -- from the soul... Bear always in mind: I am you, you are me. This is the key to seeing the situation differently and loving it differently. 
  4. Forgiveness -- Forgive at least one individual in this situation. Start with you.  
  5. Vision Quest: Meditate for at least 30 minutes in bliss and love, letting go of everything. Wirte or draw your insight your inspiration, your visions.

(Transcript in spontaneous automatic writing 7-1-17, unedited.)

>> 7-1-17 -- "Grandmother on the Power of the Creative Self Is Inifinite"

What would be important to meditate upon today?  

Grandmother: The power of the creative self is infinite. If you meditate upon this, you will come to see that there are no roadblocks -- there is nother which cannot be created or transformed -- and there is a vastness, a space in the infinite creative self, which bears exploring far beyond your usual meditations. You will find there some true surprises as a creative self let loose in the universe to create!

(Transcript of a spontaneous automatic handwriting of 6-30-17)

>> 6-22-17. "Grandmother on Finding New Things to Love'

"Find more things to be in love with! The intention of loving is itself a power generator for creativity and even for healing. When you enter this state of love, all the cells of your body begin to act in concert to play symphonies and "love" is the theme... Now how would you go about finding more things to love? This act in itself requires looking at the things around you, the people, the events, the creative objects, as if they had love in them, as if they were a great target for your loving creativity. This changes the environment around you every day, if you are always focused on finding something new to love. 'Ah! Today I will go out and I will find something new to love!' Isn't that a wonderful day to have? Could that very act each day change your life?!" 

Photo S.H. Rodman

Play Audio: "Grandmother on Finding New Things to Love." 2:00 min. Recorded 6-22-17

>> 6-21-17. Grandmother and My Incan Guide on the Nature of Reality...

For contemplation: 

  • Grandmother: "The environment is a mirror. The mirror is also the environment."
  • My Incan Guide: "The Sun is you, you are the Sun. This is the principle of Oneness."

(Both from 5-21-17 written transcripts, having to do with taking a different view of the nature of interconnected reality, looking from the view of a different "mental physics." That which is the hidden view, may be the real view.  But which is the "reflection"? -- SHR)

>> 6-20-17 -- "Grandmother on Marketing as a Revelation of Who You Truly Are"

"There is a joy...which comes from the recognition of who you truly are. This is the path of 'marketing from the soul' -- a revelation over time, of the truth of who you really are. Your willingness to tell others, to share with others you light message, your light mission, is a great contribution, . And you make it when you reach deep in your soul for your words of marketing, as if they were golden treasures of light. If you do this, you will 'see" with this light." (Grandmother's comment at posting time: "You will also 'See the Light" about 'Marketing from the Soul'"!)

-- Grandmother from Another Planet. (From a 5-16-17 Writing Transcript on Soul Marketing.) 

>> 6-19-17. Grandmother on Healing

Question: How can I better understand how to heal, how to do healing?

  • "When you desire to hep others, the first focus should be your identity. Then you would be clearer about who you are trying to help..."
  • "In many cases, it is the healing of a whole family. A great deal of love is required on your part. And especially forgiveness. Lack of judgment. The greatest healing power is always love and forgiveness."
  • "If you would go into new realities for healing, you may work with healing as an asepct of time. You may create a new Timeline in the context of a new lesson. If you want to heal something, you must first understand what the illness/symptom has been chosen to teach..."

-- Grandmother from Another Planet (Original transcription 5-22-17)

>> 6-18-17. "Grandmother on Breakthrough Thinking"

 Question: "How is it that we can excite our own Breakthrough Thinking?"

Grandmother: "Imagine that you are going to engage in a new way of 'seeing.' Imagine that you will see things that you have never seen before, and in places that you have never seen before, and spoken by beings that you have never heard before. This is the environment of "Breakthrough Thinking." It involves a new character speaking, a new location, and new lines. If you would have, therefore, breakthrough thinking, then as the "playwright" of your life, the creative director of your life: You create a new character! You create new lines! You create new sets! You create new costumes! This can be very exciting. And when the excitement begins, it can be amazing. There is so much energy in this kind of almost "Cosmic Theater" creation, that you will be quite surprised at what you become!" -- Grandmother from Another Planet

Play Audio: Grandmother on Breakthrough Thinking, Sunday June 18, 2017. Recorded June 17, 2017.

>> 6-17-17. My Incan Guide on "The Most Creative Thinking: Time Travel"

My Incan Guide "The most creative thinking of this time will soon involve time travel. Reach out to ancient voices in your mind, and you will become a "creative spirit" through time travelling! There are no languages which you cannot speak in the ancient voices. Why limit your creativity to one era? Ask an Ancient Voice how to be more creative in your quest, and you will receive an answer from that ancient part of you which glows in your creative mind..."

-- My Incan Guide (Author, "Prosperity, Magic, and Higher Intelligence"

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