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“Fabulous!” Gretchen Lawlor, Langley, WA
Bravo to Grandmother!” K.C., Freeland, WA

ANNOUNCEMENT: ALL PRIVATE CONSULTATIONS AND CLASSES ARE NOW BEING CONDUCTED ONLINE VIA ZOOM OR SKYPE — OR VIA PHONE. For details, contact or 425-214-21926. Special Rages during this special time may apply!

This is enabling some wonderful “visual” if not in-person interaction during this time at home…as all Earth society and consciousness, higher creative mind — is simultaneously going through a transformation.


Experience direct “live” communication and insight with “Grandmother From Another Planet,” focused on your questions, projects, issues, strategies… Unusual spontaneous higher creative-intuitive – or channeled intuitive information, with creative viewpoints way seriously “out of the box”…


GRANDMOTHER ON GLOBAL CHANGE: The last few Audio Blogs from Grandmother from Another Planet are especially helpful in this time of experiencing global change, a global pandemic, new ways of living and contemplating the world at home. Two are like little “mini-classes” with guided meditation, and can bring new inspiration, calmness, relaxation, and understanding the personal experience of these times.


Want a daily random “Grandmother Reading” on your own?

Go to Audio-Blogs, Self-Empowerment section — over 100 Audio Blogs with advice and inspiration.

To experience this like a “Reading”:

  • First write or choose a question you would like help with.
  • Then choose a number between One and One-Hundred & X… — whatever the current top # is over 100.
  • Then read and listen.
  • See how the number you chose,  seems to sync up! Perhaps bring in related advice or visioning that can be unusually appropriate for your Question! A Synchronicity!

Listening to this altered-state consciousness spontaneous voice recording can also be very calming.


Experience direct “live” communication and insight with “Grandmother From Another Planet,” focused on your questions, projects, issues, strategies… Unusual spontaneous higher creative-intuitive – or channeled intuitive information, with creative viewpoints way seriously “out of the box”…

Private Sessions: Are all being conducted now Zoom or Skype or Phone. When restrictions on travel and in-person meetings are lifted, they can again be in person on Whidbey Island in Langley or Freeland, WA.  Sessions are based on your quests or questions and can be recorded:

  • Questions for Grandmother focus on your issues or strategic decisioninig.
  • Separately or in addition, you might want a deep Sound Meditation with Grandmother using our Cosmic Mind or right brain techniques, to relax deeply and lower anxiety. Or use to learn how to generate creative ideas on your own with deep “alpha” mind state sound meditation and “brainstorming” techniques.
  • Schedule a private one-on-one class with “Grandmother,” such as “Marketing from the Soul: Transformational Marketing,” a dictated marketing booklet — or the new “Numerology Charting” sessions.


These sessions are ALWAYS available from anywhere — and are only available at this time via Zoom or Skype until travel restrictions and in-person meeting restrictions are lifted. We will go over your chart as it is done, and it will be scanned afterwards and emailed to you.

Very unusual, and popular for experimenting with higher intuitive intelligence: Right Brain Numeroogy Charting with interpretations from intuitive altered state work with “Grandmother From Another Planet.” Most unusual.

Full multiple page Numerology charts including birthname/birthday, impressions as well as other names you might use, and also “inclusion chart,” “karmic lessons,” strengths, “planes of expression,” and more:

  • Names and Dates numerology charting in depth.
  • Project, book, art, music, or business names
  • Newborn charts and names
  • Unusual ways to look for numerical “equations” in almost any situation to analyze the “vibration” or frequency or inherent aspects.
  • Comparing several names in a family or for insight into relationships.

DURING THIS TIME, SESSIONS ARE AVAILABLE VIA ZOOM and SKYPE and PHONE, with payment via PayPal or mailed payment. SPECIAL DISCOUNTED RATES ARE AVAILABLE DURING THIS TIME. Details are provided when you set an appointment — or 425-214-2926.


In addition, accessible to anyone, anywhere, Over 100 “Grandmother” Audio Blogs/Transcripts are available. In addition to 9 Audios/Transcripts regarding the empowerment of “changing your relationships with Numbers and Geometry…” All 9 on one page with Transcripts: “Grandmother on Numbers, Reality, and Numerology…”

Sandra Rodman, Founder/Author, Right Brain Aerobics, former Fortune 500 executive. Unique “Cosmic Q&A” or intuitional higher dimension dialogue. Explore other “dimensions’ of your pathway with a very different kind of dialogue…

  • To Set Appointments: 425-214-2926 or Email

Sandra Rodman’s intuitive “cosmic mind” and right brain work has been profiled by New Connexion Journal/TV, Redmond Reporter, Everett Herald, I’m Thankful Radio Network, Contact Talk Radio, and more…  Sandra is also an award-winning actress and playwright (See “Parallel Universe Musical” and “Cosmic Cowboys Musical” — a former Director in non-profit “therapeutic community” programs — and former VP and Sr. Dir. reporting to CIO/Head of Technology in Fortune 500 companies in technology/ training/innovative strategy.

More: Sandra H. Rodman, LinkedIn. @SHRodman, 14,000+Followers on Twitter.


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