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Grandmother’s Welcome Audio Message below. See The Playwright’s Backstory,  Sandra H. Rodman. Spontaneous, impromptu, unedited, recorded-transcribed just as received the first time.

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Impromptu, unedited, improvizatiional interdimensional communication as it comes. Or Sci-fi?  Or higher creative intelligence?

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“Bravo to Grandmother!” K.C., Freeland, WA
“Fabulous!” Gretchen Lawlor, Astrologer

Who Is Grandmother? A Welcome Message from Grandmother from Another Planet.

Grandmother from Another Planet — a new experiment in higher creative consciousness and interdimensional communication, by Playwright/Author, Sandra Rodman, creator of Right Brain Aerobics, and meditation programs such as Star Talk, Ancient & Future Lineage Paths, Stargate Meditations and other seminars; former Fortune 500 executive in technology innovation.

Overview: While in deep meditation, unusual wisdom or communication from an internal “guide,” Grandmother from Another Planet, seem to be available by asking questions aloud…accessible spontaneously, verbally, in a very slow voice (not like my own and a different accent). Discovered accidentally in March 2017 — using a Right Brain Aerobics technique, “Inner Genius Q&A”…or “Your Inner Yoda Q&A” … adapted for deeper improvisaational intuitive speaking dialogue — playwrighting “on the fly,” unedited? Or intuitive accessing of a different psychology or aspect of personal consciousness?  i had no evidence of being able to do interdimensional or intuitive communication or automatic/spontaneous writing until my 60’s, using deep meditation and sound — so it is likely that all of us can do this with different mental focus.

Recordings are spontaneous, informal, just as they come in, using iPhone, and unedited. Yet I do not write or speak this way at all.  The voice and messages are calming, seeming to slow down in time to “tap inner wisdom.”  I have no idea what “Grandmother” will say beforehand. All of it is a surprise to me.

A kind of “intuitive interdimensional improv communication“? Or improv theater/playwrighting of a new kind? Or “interdimensional direct communication”? 

Is this Sci-fi, theater –or tapping of intuitive-creative-innovative audial skill that we all have? Is it an unaware aspect of interdimensional human pscychology? Can everyone tap into interdimensional dialogues in some way, sparking new concepts? Thinking way-seriously-out-of-the-box? The value of these messages has been highly significant in my daily work. See what you think. Comments, questions for Grandmother-from-Another-Planet? Email 

Below: Audio Greetings from “Grandmother” for this website: Learning to be beings of “light communication”?  Greetings and Backstory from the Playwright/Author, Sandra Rodman — See Playwright’s Story, Bio Links).

Grandmothers’ Audio Welcome:

The Audio experience of Grandmother from Another Planet — is a different one from reading a Transcript. The audio is somewhat calming and seems to slow down Time…

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GRANDMOTHER: “I Welcome You…to explore the infinity of your nature as if it were essential to the beating of your heart.

“These messages encourage you to focus on your mission of ‘light’ or message of ‘light’ — with that emphasis on ‘light’ and ‘light languaging,’ the expansion of human consciousness — because this is the period of Earth’s development in which you must “develop” as a higher creative light intelligence!

“This, light languaging comes to you naturally. It is part of your heritage. And when excited, when stimulated, this idea that you have a “light being” — changes how you work in the world.”


“It is in a way your ‘job’ to learn the new languages of light — to learn to speak in light languages of a higher dimensional consciousness, so that you may communicate far beyond the reach of the words you know, and the methods of communication which seem vast, but are actually limiting for you.”

“The focus of our first series of classes, which was ‘Marketing from the Soul: Transformational Marketing — focused on your ‘light’ mission or message marketing, for the purpose of introducing the idea that you can ‘speak’ in a light message or sound or meaning…

“When you express ‘light meaning,’ there is a reverberation throughout human consciousness  — and a reverberation which affects the physical and psychological state — the very atoms, electrons, and protons — of the individual to whom you are speaking, to whom you are communicating. Even if you are communicating with written words or words on the ‘internet,’ the web of communication — this will be recognized as ‘light languaging,’ because the identity is engaged. It is engaged with the possibility that you might become a new being of communication. I want to stress that: A new being of communication.

“Your experiments with media will grow vaster and vaster — as prompts, as stimulation for you to become a new kind of communicating human.

“That humans speak in a language is one step of awareness and soul growth. That humans begin to speak in a light language as a ‘light being’ is another step of evolution of communication — which is nothing more than an interaction or an expression of interconnectivity, of Oneness.

“You will begin to learn the indelible nature of Oneness — and how the clues of synchronicity can be flags or signs or indicators that you have entered an interdimensional flow of communication.”

“As a light being, you can communicate within that flow; you can communicate with language and symbols which have a different wave length, a different sensibility.

“This languaging actually affects the senses of the body., ? The body and the atoms will actually pick up — the cells and the molecules — that a languaging of light, a languaging that crosses the barriers of space and time — is occuring.”

“This is the purpose of creating this platform, this website, and in a sense this ‘Theater for the Minds of the Future’…”

“We will be the Playwrights, together, you and I – in service to others…”

— Grandmother from Another Planet, May 20, 2017



As part of this welcoming “Grandmother” page, experience this Audio Blog — and my Introduction to how the first night of Grandmother speaking and recording began: Click here for “How I Sound and The Sounds of Disclosure,” 3-27-17