Grandmother on How to Change Reality, Enjoy Your Life

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Feeling pressured, this message came through in writing on January 11, 2019 for a meditation class of that day, "Five Steps of Love." I just found it again in September of 2019, and discovered that I had never posted it. It goes well with the last several Audio Blogs from Grandmother, on living a happier life -- and radiating greater love and joy to others, to change your life.

Enjoy "Grandmother on How to Change Reality, Enjoy Your Life," an automatic writing blog message of 1-11-19, posted 9-8-19...



“Enjoying Your Life” 

SHR: I felt pressured with time, seeming to be constantly behind, working on things that I thought were important service to others, but very rushed, not enjoying it.

Grandmother: You have the right to enjoy life!  (Be in-joy…)


Then another message came in automatic writing:

SHR:  Grandmother, how  can we change reality, transform reality, with every day steps?


Every step you take transforms reality! There is no process outside of the constant creation and re-creation of reality.

Therefore, be vigilant and extremely conscious, aware that each step is changing reality everywhere and for all time.

Now, if you ask how to change reality with “every day” steps, you may consider that there is a great deal of power in these everyday steps. And if you take that into consideration, you can begin to see steps that you can take as more powerful than you have considered.

The simple acts of kindness often go unnoticed by us, for their ability to have a profound change on reality. A simple smile. A phone call, unexpectedly, with good wishes and affirmation. These often seem so trivial. “Oh, I just smiled at that person. Does that really matter?”

Yes, that really does matter a lot. You are changing vibrational frequencies. A smile or the sound of a voice which is expressing love or affirmation to you. A person has chosen to take their time to affirm you. You have chosen to reach out to someone.

So, here is something you can do to creatively design your own practice of “changing reality.”

First, make a simple list or draw this or use poetry—of little things that have made you happy in the last few days, few months, few years. Just little things that have popped up -- and you remember being happy or joyful. And, often, these are things which someone else did. And sometimes these are things which you did for someone else. But make this list.

Now, in doing this, you assume the vibrational frequencies and sounds, even, of these actions. Your body will remember.

And when you have made a list or a drawing – and you might draw this even in a “pie chart”! – you will start to recognize patterns of things that bring you joy, either when others do them or when you do them.

Now, look at this list in terms of its long-term value. What would bring joy over many, many years and generations? Versus what might be a quick “candy-bar of joy” but there are consequences which even you might want to rethink – for that to be a useful everyday step to change reality. So, you want to think about those steps which might really make a difference.

Now, do a drawing or a list again of those which you might like to repeat. And you will see pretty quickly that there is a pattern or a plan that you can begin to use.

Now, ordinarily you do not count deep state, lovingly-focused meditations with sound, as part of your “everyday steps.” And there is a missing piece of the puzzle. These are everyday steps to change reality! To transform the frequencies of your life!

And if you include very loving meditations with sound in very deep states, you may find some changes in reality, and in your ability to access higher creative intelligence, that will surprise you.

Now, what are some other things like this? It might be attending a concert of certain classical music or dance – which is extraordinary for you in that moment. It might be a simple walk outside or being with some children. Or creating something that excites you. Or expressing love or feeling love from someone else.

I challenge you to create unheard-of things! To create things that you have never experienced before. To go father in your imaginings of what a truly joyful life might be like in the universe!

Because your potential for joy and changing everyday life is so great that you can barely conceive of it! I would like you to get going with THAT list! So, make a new list, meditate upon it. And be sure you add into it, these deeper states of awareness with sound – truly “sounds” change reality! Including the sound of the voice and the expression of words and singing, and so on.

Make your cosmical plan for changing reality! And I promise you, if it is a very loving plan and you learn a great deal, it is just as profound as any other plan or process for changing reality, which is in existence.

Remember that in each one of these everyday steps is Love. Find that Love. Find that gift. Change history!

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


Added later, in response to my question “How Can I Change Reality?”

GRANDMOTHER: “The short answer is: BE JOYFUL!!



“Keep your best wishes, close to your heart and watch what happens”
― Tony DeLiso, Legacy: The Power Within

“Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair...”
― Susan Polis Schutz

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.”
― Tagore


Photo Credit: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay #2188033