“Grandmother on What Planet Are You From? Speed Dating on Another Planet: An Interplanetary Identity Exercise…”

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An unusual exercise for everyone! I've been using it myself and in sessions... Quite profound and mind-bending to have to creatively introduce yourself improvisationally to a being from another planet or star system - by describing the Earth you would like it to be. Descriptions, wishes, dreams, missions, hope can be revealed that we didn't know we had... Doing this inspires art, poetry, a different story about your Home Planet and Home Identity...

Try it! "Grandmother on What Planet Are You From? Speed Dating On Another Planet: An Interplanetary Identity Exercise," -- For all ages. Recorded 2-12-20, PART 1, 1 minute, 26 seconds, PART 2, 9 minutes, 16 seconds.

Click Audio Player to play PART 1: "Grandmother on What Planet Are You From? Speed Dating on Another Planet: An Interplanetary Identity Exercise..." For All Ages. 2 minutes, 26 Seconds. Extemporaneous Recording/Transcript. Recorded 2-12-20, Posted 2-20-20.

Click Audio Player to play PART 2: "Grandmother on What Planet Are You From? Speed Dating on Another Planet: An Interplanetary Identity Exercise..." For All Ages. 9 minutes, 16 seconds. Extemporaneous Recording/Transcript. Recorded 2-12-20, Posted 2-20-20.

TRANSCRIPT: Part 1 – 2 minutes, 26 seconds


Many people ask me, “What Planet Are You From?”

So, I would like to ask you, “What Planet are you from?” This is a very good question for you to consider.

And you may think that the answer is very easy. “Well, I’m from Planet Earth.” If you met a being in the universe who had absolutely no frame of reference for a planet like Earth, or a being like you, how would you explain Planet Earth? What is it? Who is it? Where is it? Why is it? How does it work? What are its cultures?

What would be of benefit to a being from another civilization, whether that civilization is just starting out or that civilization is millions of years old? Now, this is a very different question. Do you see?

It is quite interesting to you to ask me, “Well, what planet are you from?” But it is much more interesting for you, for me to ask you -- to introduce yourself to a being from another civilization, as a citizen of the planet Earth. What will you tell them?

This is a wonderful exercise for stretching the imagination, brain power -- and cultural, scientific, philosophical, and historical contexts. You would need to understand well and to explain each of these contexts in order to understand how to communicate with a being who had absolutely no frame of reference for them.

So. What Planet are you from? That is your question for today.

-- Grandmother from Another Planet

TRANSCRIPT - Part 2 – Recorded 2-12-20 - 9 minutes 56 seconds.


Now, you might say, “Of what value would it be for me to be able to answer the question more clearly, ‘What Planet I am from?’”

Well. “Speed Dating on Another Planet”! This comes to mind… 😊

It’s a very different frame of reference! What if you only had 10 minutes to meet someone and decide if this is a very good match for you to spend a little social time, a little congenial and friendly time to get to know them? And you only had a few moments… But you did NOT have the same political, scientific, philosophical, historical, cultural contexts! And therefore, you must learn to know “The Other” in a different way. And explain yourself in a different way. And be in a different way…

Now you can begin to see why it is so important that we keep stressing telepathyhigher dimensional creative intelligence and meditations on love, on light, and energetic presence at such a high level that you become able to handle interdimensional communication or telepathy!

And then, if you were meeting someone in another civilization or meeting someone on Earth who is from another civilization, you would have a different frequency or vibrational presence to sort of expand into, to move into, in order to actually communicate in a way that is acceptable and is calming for both of you.

Now on this subject of “What Planet are you from?”– let me say that there is a whole psychology of being, of a loving presence, a compassionate and understanding presence, an expansive presence that is necessary to be calm when meeting someone from a completely different civilization! --  who looks nothing like you and shares almost no context, although they may share a few things that are recognizable to you as a social, political, historical, scientific, philosophical, cultural context. Even a mathematical context.

You know, the mathematical approaches in different civilizations might be very different! You might work from a “base 10” – and other civilizations might work from a “base 3.” It is a completely different mathematical and scientific and even philosophical construct. And all thought transference, all language is affected.

Now, if you were trained in higher dimensional telepathy, compassionate communication and empathy, in order to be able to communicate with a being from another civilization, and even time or frequency of vibration – then, when you return to your daily life, you would find yourself able to communicate in a loving way at a much higher level, with all of the beings on your planet.

You would understand yourself differently. You would know yourself differently. You would have seen yourself through the eyes of a being from a completely different kind of reality and civilization and values.

This has inestimable value in living your daily life.

So, I have a suggestion, that you try a little exercise: “What Planet Are You From?”

A little bit of “play like,” as children do, as if you were meeting a being from another civilization for the first time. And if it helps, find someone to “play act” this with you. And see how you will explain and telepathically transmit your presence, your context, your planet, your being, your loves, in the best way that you can.

And then another wonderful exercise is to make a list of questions that you would like to ask a being from another civilization or another planet, perhaps another time, or even on your planet -- another “Time Zone”!

These things increase your ability to live and communicate in a broader range of time and space, though it might not seem so at first. This practice will change how you relate to other human beings, to friends and family, even in your current contexts.

And a new situation – it will come to you pretty quickly that if you can be a being who regularly meditates on love, just that, deep meditations on love, then your presence will be filled with that intention and that vibration, and it will be recognized by those from other civilizations. It will be a bridge to telepathic communication.

Do not think that this is a simple problem. This is an astounding learning challenge. In effect, much of your science fiction is based on trying to understand about another, “What Planet are you from?”

In a way it is about the heart the heart of your consciousness, your ability to love, to empathize and identify with others even if they are very different from you.

And when you find that they can also empathize with you and identify with you and feel love for you, then many, many barriers are broken. And this happens when you increase the number of times that you are in communication with people from other cultures or you set up meditations for the precise purpose of interdimensional communication with those beings and civilizations who are in a different time and space and have completely different contexts of reality.

This is a fantastic training and self-teaching! And you might even write some science fiction from it! But it is very powerful.

It is wonderful exercise also for the young children, who are very aware of all of your science fiction. And very attracted to it. They are very interested.

With great love and great affirmation and great admiration and appreciation, I am Grandmother-from-Another-Planet… 😊

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


“In conclusion, I return to Einstein. If we find a planet in the Alpha Centauri system, its image, captured by a camera travelling at a fifth of light speed, will be slightly distorted due to the effects of special relativity. It would be the first time a spacecraft has flown fast enough to see such effects. In fact, Einstein’s theory is central to the whole mission. Without it we would have neither lasers nor the ability to perform the calculations necessary for guidance, imaging and data transmission over twenty-five trillion miles at a fifth of light speed.
We can see a pathway between that sixteen-year-old boy dreaming of riding on a light beam and our own dream, which we are planning to turn into a reality, of riding our own light beam to the stars. We are standing at the threshold of a new era. Human colonisation on other planets is no longer science fiction. It can be science fact. The human race has existed as a separate species for about two million years. Civilisation began about 10,000 years ago, and the rate of development has been steadily increasing. If humanity is to continue for another million years, our future lies in boldly going where no one else has gone before.
I hope for the best. I have to. We have no other option.”
― Stephen Hawking, Brief Answers to the Big Questions


Photo Credit: Image by beate bachmann from Pixabay