Grandmother on Are You Ready? Powerful Steps to Handle Upcoming Changes–Part 2 of Finding the Way Home…

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"You will not discover new things or come up with a constructive plan, unless you are willing to meditate upon such a plan! To meditate upon what you have learned: What is the gift; what are the advantages, what are the lessons in the circumstance?"

"You cannot do this exercise without "calling up" all of these aspects of your creative intelligence into action, mobility, a call to arms in a way. You can't do it! You start seeking these ideas in discovery, and once the flow starts, you just can't stop it! It will continue. It's an "identity" in a way."

-- Grandmother from Another Planet

Given the wildness of changing times, these steps to handle what seem like at the time truly "impossible challenges" -- have changed me. When I take the time to write the exercise -- write out the gift, the advantages, the lessons, and the "expansions" for my life's work all contained in the sudden horrendous challenge: EVERYTHING CHANGES. It always changes.

In this new message has come in more detail given the SIZE and URGENCY of some of our current global challenges - "Grandmother from Another Planet" laid out in detail from an extraterrestrial, bigger picture viewpoint, a soul growth viewpoint -- just how we can handle what is coming, step by step. And create new tactics and strategies like a pro -- because we have "planned" how we might respond with an expanded view, how we might participate in or even transform "wild times" -- with higher vision...

Try it even once -- and you'll be hooked. I can see things that were invisible to me before. I feel differently, with greater empathy and expansiveness in my strategy planning -- and less stressed then. I understand my plan and response at a whole new level.

"Grandmother from Another Planet on Are You Ready? Powerful Steps to Handle Upcoming Changes -- Part 2 of 'Finding the Way Home'"... Recorded 5/29/21, Posted 6-9-21

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"Grandmother from Another Planet on Are You Ready? Powerful Steps to Handle Upcoming Changes -- Part 2 of Finding the Way Home."


Now, we are going to continue our series on this time of "discovery" and you’re changing your energies and your life, by focusing on meditations on "discovery," actions which lead to new discovery. And this step in this process of very self-aware self-teaching in your odyssey, I will entitle, "Are You Ready?"...

I do not come to this title lightly. I will tell you that astounding things are about to happenso far beyond the things which have already happened on your planet which you find astounding, so far beyond the "beings" on your planet that you have found astounding, that you will not be able to comprehend! You will rush your imagination into full-service duty, and it still will not touch the astounding nature of the things that are happening and will happen!

The "discoveries" which will come so powerfully as you meditate in much deeper states with sound, for the purpose of structured "discovery" of greater information and perspective than you presently seek from yourself. You must begin to partner and dialogue with your "higher creative intelligence" as if it were a "higher self" -- in order to be ready for what is coming.

Now, it will come to you in a "whoosh," that you are co-creating this new time that you have to get ready for -- because you have come to a point of frustration, disgust, and, let us say, you are somewhat "gobsmacked" with everything that is happening and with the speed of events and identity-changes based on events, which are thrust upon you. This is very shocking.

That is exactly the process -- the process of "higher creative intelligence evolution" is always one of the highest level of shock! It is the "shocking" event which causes the shock in self-discovery and the self-teaching which follows, to calm yourself down. And I'm going to remind you again of a very easy way to do this when you're very upset. All right?

This is a very good second step to meditate on. So, using this sound link we provide you (, let us say something has happened and you feel, "Oh!!!! I am not ready for this!" All right. Sit down immediately. Do not waste time. Do not spend hours and hours moaning and groaning and talking about how horrible everything is.

You will not discover new things or come up with a constructive plan, which is a fantastic thing, unless you are willing to meditate upon such a planTo meditate upon what you have learned -- what is the gift; what are the advantages and the lessons in the circumstance? All right? Now here we go, it's very simple.

Something extraordinary just happened. You do not understand it. Now this might take you about half an hour. And it might take several pages of writing. Do not use the computer. Paper and pen -- very important. What was originally a tree in nature, what in the early days of writing was the ink made from plants -- use that.

Something just happened, and your Question -- to "seed" this great storm of new ideas and appreciation -- is: What do I do now? What do I think? What just happened?


So: Step 1, again, write down The GiftsThis is like a very tough test in school, but you can do it. If you can write down at least 5 Gifts -- you will change everything.  By the 5th writing of "Ooh, I didn't think about that! Maybe this is a gift of 'this' or 'that!" -- things will change if you can write at least 5. If you can write 10: YOU WILL CHANGE.

You are being forced to think in a kind of dialogue with a "higher-self creative intelligence" that you do not usually access. These circumstances will train you to seek to access that. This is your discovery path. All right?

Write it down. Write down your question! "What do I do now? Oh, my goodness!" Whatever you want to write, write it down. And then begin. What are at least 5 gifts or 8 gifts or 10 gifts?

Now, all I can do is to ask you to trust me, to have a little faith in your own starry, benevolent, beautiful, incredible, brilliant being, and start to write... Just write one. Just write two. The first one is the only one that's hard, believe me. Because when you try to write it, other things will come into your mind. "Yes, there are gifts in this!"

Your creative mind has no boundaries. It is part of your heritage of the evolution of life on this planet, the evolution and ascension of the spirit of life on this planet for all beings. There's an incredible history that you are not even being given yet! You are now going to be given that history. You are going to be told things and see things about civilizations everywhere, as well as your own history and future, that will astound you. This is perfect!

And if your question begins with "Am I ready?" -- this is where you start to discover that you, in effect, ready, and have been prepared for this for eons. This sounds like an outrageous assertion. "How can I have been prepared for this for eons?" Believe me, you have been prepared for this for eons. This is who you are.

If you go down the chute, write the question, what I'm saying will stop sounding crazyIt will sound like, "Hm. Perhaps there is a portion of me that is the most important thing for me to discover. How did I not know this?!"


Second: Start another list. You don't need to go beyond 10 unless you're carried away. But 5 is perfectly fine for "Gifts." Now, we want "Advantages."

Now, an "Advantage" is a little different than a "Gift." An "Advantage" is comparing this to how things might have been had you not had this crazy wild event or challenge or problem. You will find invariably that this has interrupted something else that would not be as useful for soul growth as the event which has happened, however crazy, wild, upsetting, horrific, terrible, onerous, tedious, it may seem.

This puts you into higher logical reasoning, left-brain and right-brain both. You must have creative ideas and discoveries. In a way, this is strategic thinking -- tactical thinking. What are the advantages because this event has happened? Because even if it has changed my identity, I'm very upset. There must be an advantage -- that's why it's happening! And I assure you that there is.

As a very ancient being who is aware of this "ancientness" -- that's the only difference between us -- you're just not as aware of it as I am -- but let me tell you, there is always a tsunami of advantages in any outrageous catalyst event. The only energy you need to transform it is to sit down and write the "advantages"!  This is the energy of transformation! You have to see the advantages! And you begin by assuming that that are some!


The third step, once again, is the "lessons." Now, what have I learned because this event has happened? And even, what have I learned -- given that I have written the Gifts and the Advantages -- that I did not see before? What are some Lessons?  And you almost want to write these with big square blocks around them, so that you do not forget the Lessons!

And, believe me, by the time you have written 5 or 10 Gifts, and you have written 5 or 10 Advantages, truly believe me, you will be overwhelmed with Lessons. And surprised! Why did I not see this?


Now, there is a fourth step. I have mentioned it. But in this time of great catalyst events, it is more important than before. And that is what I will call "The Expansions."

So: First, the Gifts. The Advantages then, The Lessons. And then The Expansions.

And you want to write down a few things that you can see that, because of this event and your newly discovered possible responses to it, you can see ways to expand your steps, your self-awareness, your work, your business, your life, your relationships, your seeking much bigger-picture ideas and solutions. Expanding your life, mind, and identity to one which is truer.

Now, this is to be done in a deep meditation with sound. And you write as long as you can -- but you don't have to overdo it. At least 5 for each one will change everything in your life. Trust me. You cannot do this exercise without "calling up" all of these aspects of your creative intelligence into action, mobility, a call to arms in a way. You can't do it! You start seeking these ideas in discovery, and once the flow starts, you just can't stop it! It will continue. It's an "identity" in a way.

Now, there is one last piece to this, and this is related to where we began this series about always being of service to others and giving gifts to others and bringing joy to others. And that is -- after you have made your list and have a new understanding, new strategies now, and the section to write that under, is under The Expansions -- these are your new strategies, new ways of looking at thingsAnd that is how to "expand" your "expansiveness" and gifts -- and being there for others and sharing what you are discovering, sharing with love, sharing with them as if they are family, equal family. We are all "one." This is personal! These times on Earth are personal for each being. Even some of the beings here who are from other civilizations and other star systems. This is that time. And great affirmation and appreciation of all of these beings going through this together, cannot be overstated. It just simply cannot be overstated!

This is a phenomenal time to get ready to find out who you truly are! And these are the paths to do it. And they soon begin to march beyond expansiveness into true empathy and compassion and love for all beings, until you hardly recognize yourself and you hardly remember who it was who was so upset by this event! And did not see the gifts, the hidden advantages that can be turned to advantage, the beautiful lessons that you can take with you always -- and a new being of expanding, higher-creative intelligence trajectory. Almost like you become a new comet!

You can fly anywhere! You can think anything! You can design anything! You can create any strategy. As long as you are doing this with a great higher creative sense of love and oneness... And that is what liberates you. That is what leads you to forgiveness. To a sense of, about each being: "Oh! I am you and you are me! And we are all experiencing this at the same time..."

And deep meditation on love is key to how we transform this experience from how it is currently -- overwhelmed with catalyst events -- to what it is about to become -- overwhelmed with discoveries and new pathways and new friends and other people discovering the gifts and advantages and the lessons and expansions. You will find like-minded people and you will be going: "Oh, Wow!"

This is an "Oh, Wow!" moment on Earth. And you are there... And I'm going to tell you, please trust me: You are ready. You are ready. You are ready.

And we love you. We love you. We love you. All who affirm and appreciate what you are going through so much: We love you. We love you. We love you.

And I am Grandmother from Another Planet.

-- Grandmother from Another Planet

(Note: Another “lesson” from Grandmother messages adds well here: If you do everything you can and are still having a problem – Put a lot more love into it!)



“My goals may seem impossibly far-fetched when really they're not. Break them down into steps and see how I accomplish great things.  I can easily reach from A to B.  I can manage from B to C. I can then make it from C to D.  And so eventually, I will find my way from A to Z.” -- Richelle E. Goodrich, Making Wishes

“Big achievements come one advantage at a time, one step at a time, one day at a time.” – Jim Rohn

“Don't give up! It's not over. The universe is balanced. Every set-back bears with it the seeds of a come-back.” ― Steve Maraboli

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller


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