Grandmother on Marketing as Self-Realization

In Marketing by Sandra Rodman

Audio Blog recording of 4-27-17 posted 6-11-17. Informal iPhone recording produced using Right Brain Aerobics “Inner Genius Q&A” technique adapted for audio dialogue. Related Blogs: “Grandmother on Marketing from the Soul” with Quotes from “Grandmother’s Little Book on Marketing from the Soul”… And “Marketing As Authorship.” 

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— S.H. Rodman.

Grandmother on Marketing as Self-Realization
Photo by S.H.Rodman


Grandmother: This is Grandmother continuing on Marketing. [See Audio Blogs for other Blogs on Marketing)

All marketing is not only interconnected in the state of “oneness” — but it is interdimensional.

It is a vibrational act. It is an act of symbolic communication across time and space which are “one.”

Let us return to the previous understanding, that if you would market to another, you must first understand that you are ultimately marketing to yourself.

What you feel in your heart is what you connectwhen you believe that you are marketing a product.

If all is “one” — then all products, all services are “one.” 

These occur in your heart. It is this perspective and “seeing” which is missing from the understanding of communication with others.

If you do not feel this loving interconnectedness, this familial communication stream, then it is very difficult to market — to reach out with a message that you truly want to share with others because you feel your mission and your message is not only important but vital to your existence and their existence...


But feeling as “one,” you still sense a separation from the “other,” even in the growing desire to serve the other.

The greatest service to others is to realize [real-eyes] in the deepest heart that they are you, and you are them.

It is not “as if” you were going to market to yourself. It IS that you are marketing to yourself.

This reaching out, this reminder to the self of your mission — this judgment of the self when you have trepidation about marketing — this is all connected to the ability to affirm yourself and to affirm others, but at a level of: “I Am You and You Are Me.”

This is not simply interconnectedness; this is a sharing of identity, and a sharing of “one heartbeat.”

And completely, naturally, every being recognizes when you communicate in the vibration of the “one heartbeat.”

And so a better term for marketing would be “synchronization.” Even “synchronicity”!

Now there is a great deal of excitement and electricity and entertainment in growth of vision — in opening the eyes, one bit at a time, to see and feel simultaneously your “oneness” with all other beings.

This is truly exciting, for you recognize that is what is happening.

Far from being trivial, or being a function of “business,” marketing is a form of self- realization which allows for the deeper self-identity of “oneness” to come to the forefront — because there is no other way to market effectively. And this will begin to dawn on you.

You are reaching out toward the self. You are co-creating yourself and other selves as “one.”

Let me repeat: You are co-creating yourself and other selves as “one” — in this marvelous and delicious adventure, revelation.


It is an interesting thing in your book of the “Bible,” that “revelations” is the last chapter’s title, for in effect it’s all about “revelations…” The book might as well be called “revelations”; your life might as well be called “revelations.”

When Oron* said to you that the name of the play, the name of the Screenplay*  was actually “Close Encounters of the Heart,” this was a deep and profound truth. *[“Air Traffic Controllers” by S.H. Rodman]

(*Oron: extradimensional “guide” or teacher, often appearing as the narrator of the musicals of S.H. Rodman, such as “Parallel Universe”)

He says to you now that sometimes these are “Skirmishes of the Heart…” — as we play, we dance around, we parry and thrust – in our engagement with the heart.

We perceive an interaction with others, but do not interpret that this interaction has already taken place. It is as true a sense as any law of physics you perceive, this has already taken place. It’s a game, a dance, a play.

“Close Encounters of the Heart” – would be an equally good name for authentic marketing…across time and space. Do understand that there is no other marketing. There is no local marketing; there is only non-local marketing.  All of it reaches everywhere.


In the same way that in your culture it is said not to send electronic mail or any form electronic communication which you would not like published on the front page of your most prestigious — or egregious — news periodical, then take this as truth:

Do not say anything in your marketing that you would not like published across all time and space to every being!

And further, do not think any thoughts which you would not like to be known in the mind of every being in the universe of the “one infinite creator.” Think of this as the revelations of your own mind, as part of the “one infinite creator.”

The operative word is “revelations.”

Now if you can substitute that word for “marketing” when you are designing your communications, you will find new pathways to open the doors you believe are blocked. Think of it as “revelations”:

“What is my revelations plan? How shall I do ‘revelations’ this month?”

In effect, all marketing is love – and all love is revelations. It is the vulnerability that we feel in love which gives it its power.

The vulnerability is simply openness to the “law of one,” to the awareness that there is only “one of us here,” and I am you, and you are me…

And in many senses, all marketing is simply a conversation of the “one self.”

Do not think that there is any marketing which is not a communication between you and one other being, because there is no other communication – since there is only “one of us here.”

If you think this is only “talking to yourself” that would be to greatly limit the parameters and the exciting mystery of this Self — for it is truly infinite.


So let us review:

  • Marketing is infinite.
  • Marketing is love.
  • Marketing takes places across the universe.
  • Marketing is revelations.
  • It is the communication of “you with you” at the deepest truth and with the greatest love.
  • That is how to open the doorways of the soul as One Soul…

— Grandmother, 4-27-17 posted 6-11-17