Grandmother on Defining Levels of Self-Realization: Begin with Africa.

In Disclosure, Origins by Sandra Rodman

6-20-17 – a spontaneous-intuitive-writing hand-written message blog of Grandmother from Another Planet, brought in during a deep planetary meditation. This dialogue was in response to questions about how to go deeper in meditation, self-realization in this era.

Question: Grandmother, at this time, what is a good way to enter higher levels of self-realization and love, than we have done before? We are in a new time. We need new ways, new thoughts.

You would do well at this time to think of, to meditate upon the continent of Africa. 

If you would reach a state of higher self-realization and love, you would do well to begin here. In your era, it is defining for your identity, in every country and culture; it is strongly linked with this drama of all beings of Africa across time, all beings who ever were and will be of Africa, from Egypt and the North to the Southern tip that borders on Antarctica.

In deep meditation go there.

If you would go deep into self-realization, expansion of the knowledge of the heart and soul, you would do well to meditate upon the meaning of Africa and all of its beings — all of its sentient beings and fields… Fields of history and fields of vibrations and fields of knowledge.

It is in this deeper meditation that you will begin a journey of love and self-revelation which will astound you; and cause you to move into broader fields of thinking and understanding the planet Earth.

Begin here: Meditate upon the continent of Africa, the meaning of Africa, your role in the ancient beginnings of Africa and the story of personal redemption, which is located in your heart.

Africa. What does it mean to you? Who are its people, its past lives over thousands – millions of years. It is here that you begin to open your ancient heart; in the heart of Africa and all of its beings. It is here, for now, that is a very good place to begin with understanding your own story and many past lives and future lives and the karma or restitution and transformation of lives of all humans.

Great beauty and strength and forgiveness and star being origins are hidden in your deep contemplations of Africa.

From Alpha to Omega, your exploration of a modern souls’ drama of identity will begin evolution here: Africa.

A is for Africa.

In greetings, “I Am You, and You Are Me,” from the ancient to the future time, we will co-create new worlds together.

— Grandmother from Another Planet

(Photo Credit: NASA. Photo of Earth from space showing better representation of the true size of the continent of Africa in the Eastern Hemisphere.)