Meditation and Sound

In MEDITATION, Self-Development by Sandra Rodman


For those who have come to Right Brain or “Grandmother from Another Planet” sessions or classes:  Meditation and sound links for personal development. We often discuss the potential development of higher intuitive-creative intelligence through creative (“right brain”) meditation-with-sound.

A focus on lengthy sound meditation so greatly increased my intuition, inter-dimensional visioning, and creativity, that this kind of higher-creative-intelligence work became possible within a couple of months, when I could not do it before. Be surprised. — SHR


NEW: “The Letting Go Meditation” – 6 Minutes in Alpha State Sound and bliss. (Adjust sound if it needs to be lower).

“Right Brain StartUp Meditation” for more creative thinking, as well as for relaxation, prepared as a sample for those taking Right Brain Aerobics.


We primarily recommend Stephen Halpern’s sound/music, particularly these original versions which we like:

  1. Steve Halpern’s original “Deep Alpha: Brainwave Synchronization for Meditation and Healing”
  2. Steve Halpern’s original “Deep Theta: Brainwave Synchronization for Meditation and Healing.” 

We also recommend the following examples of online meditative sound:

  1. Tibetan Singing Bowls Meditation Sound
  2. Happiness Frequency – 1
  3. Happiness Frequency – 2
  4. Aurora Borealis Meditation sound
  5. Choir Singing Om So Hum  Mantra
  6. Water: Koshi Wind Chimes Meditation sound – Calm
  7. Clearing Subconscious Meditation Music for Positive Energy, Relax Mind Body

Photo Credit – Brain, iStock License 3541361