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Part 1 Audios: ADVANCED CONSCIOUSNESS STUDIES. 14 AUDIO RECORDINGS BELOW ON DEVELOPMENT OF HIGHER INTUITION WITH NUMBERS/NUMEROLOGY (Part 1, 9 recordings) - AND  CONTINUED Part 2, 5 recordings. All Audios same evening. Part 2 continues with SOLVING NEGATIVE DILEMMAS FROM HIGHER DIMENSIONS. They range from a few seconds to 10 min.

Quick Reference Links:

  • Part 1 - this page, the first 9 short recordings from 3-28-17 on Numbers/Numerology and advanced consciousness.
  • Part 2 - the additional 5 recordings from the same evening of 3-28-18, Grandmother on "Solving Negative Dilemmas from Higher Dimensions"...

Essentially a Booklet of "Advanced Consciousness Studies" in reinterpreting and manifesting in reality, using a different relationship/communication with numbers.

Each recording though, has a separate "lesson" that is valuable in itself. Do give this a try. This is at a level that I do not usually work with taking in "Grandmother's" information, but when I tried some of the exercises, I was amazed.

The material is very deep, and for the first time I had to a edit a word in a couple of places, because the vibrational transmission was a bit beyond me. But for this reason: This may be the most important, ground breaking, of all of the audio blogs! Now I am re-listening to some of them again and discovering new things! Try it!

The circumstances:

Between midnight and a little after 1 am beginning the night of Wednesday, March 28, 2018, an amazing thing happened "out of the blue."

Grandmother spoke some 14 recordings in a row to answer questions in my mind on "how-can-I-solve-problems-in-the-Universe?" She began with with 9 on Numbers and Reality, Numerology, which I am now working with, again, "out of the blue," in a higher dimensional exploration with charts.

She followed this with 5 very related -- on Higher Self-Development -- solving dilemmas in higher dimensional consciousness and thinking of oneself as a community -- or becoming a different model for living as a human being. These were, for me, astounding to contemplate, a different view of the integration of personal and universal reality.

Below, the presentation of the first 9 recordings and transcripts on Numbers and Higher Human Consciousness: How higher human consciousness relationships with "numbers" can begin to open doorways to a more "savant" kind of perception and understanding of the Universe.

And then a related 5 recordings in which she continued some of the themes, focused on solving negative dilemmas.  In fact, she is making the case that to develop higher intuitive, non-local, quantum human consciousness -- we must change our relationship with numbers and geometry in the Universe, our "communing" and "visioning" with numbers and geometry. She explains these as both living and sacred in the context of "Oneness" consciousness.

These are given in sequence as I believe it was part of an interconnected series of lessons... You may find even more connections. Like a mini-audio booklet - but I'm happy it is broken up in shorter recordings, as each bears a lot of thought. 

There are several meditation recommendations which I am finding very powerful as I try them. Despite the depth and abstract description of life the Universe in these recordings -- I urge you to try listening. More than once.

There is more profound about us as wondering individuals, in these cosmic musings on numbers, trying to solve universal problems, than you might first think... 


1   "Grandmother on Numbers/Numerology and Reality." 11:56 pm, 3-28-18. 10 minutes, 45 seconds. 

1   Click Player to Listen... "Grandmother on Numbers/Numerology and Reality." 10 minutes, 45 seconds.


Grandmother: There is an important aspect of your perception of reality, that is connected with a higher understanding of numbers...

Numbers are not what you perceive -- and numerology. There's more relationship with psychology than with math!

If you understand consciousness and your numbers -- and there are many many more numbers than you perceive, at a higher dimensional level -- then you will understand them both as an aspect of Consciousness... And that  Consciousness as part of the underlying structure and raison d'etre of the universe, is very much a part of numbers.

All of reality is a "numerology"... I would like you to think about it this way...

Now when you are trying to figure out anything, and there are numbers involved -- particularly equations and difficult decisions which have high vibrations (either very happy ones are very upsetting ones): You are entering an area of human psychological evolution which is not yet comfortable or receivable in a translatable way.

This exercise that we have given -- to meditate deeply on each number, and take in the messages of the number - is very powerful for understanding human consciousness at a higher level; and the human ability to communicate in symbols which are numerical.

Numerology is understanding the inter-dimensional communication of symbols in the numerical form.

You cannot understand human consciousness development as part of a greater 'Oneness' and interconnectedness -- without understanding your civilization and your lives in terms of the numbers which are related to them as family.

Now this is a bit of a stretch for you. But if you understand numbers as family -- as families of consciousness -- then anything which is represented through numbers, or connected through numbers, can be understood much more easily, in terms of its vibrations... the spiritual aspects of the appearance of the numbers... the messages in the appearance of issues of certain numbers -- even the numbers of age... [A personal reference is omitted here. -- SHR]

Every number has a very powerful significance in the life fabric of each being... They affect you every day...

You are an equation.

Now if you understand this, and you understand that there are certain laws of equations and mathematical relationships, then you might discover something very unusual!

And that is:  Very human, day-to-day problems are actually a kind of universal, interconnected, inter-dimensional equation!

It’s all about the math!

Even feelings...

Every feeling can be understood in a higher form of what I can only call a very loving relationship with numbers.

This is why there is some difficulty with both understanding astrology and understanding numerology -- because these are viewed as not living, and not loving, not part of a Universe of' Oneness and love, Oneness and light...

When they are understood in this way, then you may correct many errors in your science; in your understanding of the true 'manifestation of consciousness' as a human being.

There are Maps involved... And in your relationship with numbers, as you begin to understand a higher meaning in these Maps, you will discover things about the reality you are perceiving right now -- that will astound you!

And the higher your relationship is with higher mathematical equations -- which are nothing more than relationships of highly conscious numbers - this is a civilization - you will be so astounded that you will be just amazed that this did not occur to you before!

And amazed that if you had only figured it out earlier, that you might have understood reality in a very profound way! And what to do with each situation -- as easy as you would say '2 +2 - ah -- that equals 4.' Then you would know what to do...

This requires a higher science and "reality" in order to work at this level of understanding -- "What is this dilemma?" "What are all these crises?" '"What to do next?" -- you must understand reality and have a relationship with the vibrations (in effect, the equations) of higher reality! And this means much deeper meditation.

And we will be working with some meditations with numbers. Which was the point of having these circumstances arise,  which have you, surprisingly now, focused on numerology...

But I will tell you that it could have as easily have arisen, if you had suddenly had a reason to focus on learning algebra and sacred geometry and trigonometry and physics. Because this is the point in your discoveries, where moving forward requires a new relationship with mathematics, with numbers.

Now you are going to see why all of the vibrational challenges are going on in reality, which have to do with numbers. Whether the numbers are financial, or the numbers are dates, or the numbers are in the letters. Do you see?

It all adds up to a great mystery regarding numbers! But which is very solvable, once you begin to explore all of this in terms of complete and utter Oneness. All is Oneness. All structure, all light all love, all being, is Oneness.

And therefore all numbers are part of Oneness -- and all numbers are part of you...

-- Grandmother From Another Planet


[This kind of understanding of reality in terms of living numerical patterning, appears to have to do with an increasing "Savant-like" perception of reality, a human evolution which she addresses in a subsequent recording. It may begin with a new relationship with numbers in a higher vibrational state. -- SHR]

2   "Grandmother on Universal Law and Numbers." And our relationship therein... 12:08 am. 3-29-18. 2 minutes.

2   Click Player to Listen... "Grandmother on Universal Law and Numbers." 2 minutes.


Grandmother: "The study of numerology will, in fact, attract a numerical understanding of a reality which is not perceived as numerical.  This is a deeper understanding -- and there are layers and layers...

It is impossible to explore advanced or higher mathematics in any science without exploring the Cosmos, without exploring the ultimate relationship of numbers to the Universe, to all laws of the Universe, and equally to all of human development and psychology -- and many incarnations.

This may be surprising.

But once you become vibrationally communicative with the numerical structure of the Universe -- which is, again, in Oneness, made of love and light and is of service to others -- then you will have a different relationship with reality itself -- and with your ability to manifest in reality, to solve problems across time and space and many lives that you have lived.

-- Grandmother From Another Planet

3   "Grandmother on Your Amazing Relationship with Numbers." 12:12 am. 3-29-18. 5 minutes, 24 seconds.

3   Click Player to Listen... "Grandmother on Your Amazing Relationship with Numbers." 5 minutes, 24 seconds.


Grandmother: Now I am going to give you a little practice, a little bit of meditative work which will not be usual in your experience. Therefore, it will stretch your mind. You must go deeper with sound to do this.

You can take any situation. And you can determine how to find the numerical coordinates of that situation -- which could be a challenge, it could be a desire. It could be a number you would like in your bank account. It could be a number of a solution to a financial problem.

But I would like you to reduce it to a number, an equation, you know -- Solve for 'X' -- 'X' being the solution.

Now this is so far afield of your usual work with visualization, that it will necessitate you being in a state in which you will find yourself momentarily forgetting where you are, because mathematics is a vibrational language. Or you could say -- the language of vibration! The language of waves of light - they are measured often with numbers...

They are love and light, yet they are measured with numbers!

So to do this exercise, do find a way, a process to translate your challenge -- any challenge or situation -- into numbers!.

You see, you have been trying to translate letters into numbers and meaning. [Referring to my work with numerology charting. --SHR]

And now I want you to take a situation and translate it into numbers -- and then to meaning.

This is slightly different. You are using numbers as you would use a series of abstract symbols in your right brain exercises* to come up with quantum leaps --out-of-the-blue ideas, and how to solve something. And I'm telling you that you can do this with numbers!

But because of the nature of numbers in relationship to the very life you live, the identity you hold, your vibrations, significantly, to work on this shifts you automatically shifts you into a slightly different dimension.

Now you may think sometimes that those who are brilliant physicists and cosmologists and astronomers, those who are savants in any field, are exceptional because they have this unusual relationship with numbers.

But I'm going to tell you that because they have an unusual relationship with numbers, that is why they are exceptional in your view! Because in your society, you do not -- in the way that you believe they do...

[SHR: As best as I can understand this -- it is the different relationship with living numbers that gives rise to what we see as "genius math skills" -- and not "genius math skills" that give rise to a different relationship with living numbers. And we do not think we have this potential - but we do; we have an inherent savant potential; and these materials are intended to help open our minds to the nature of ability, to develop it at a higher level as a regular part of daily life.]

You believe that you are hunting for big data and you must have some sort of artificial intelligence to handle this big data of numbers.

But I'm telling you, when you do that, you have divorced yourself from a proper, eternal, loving relationship with numbers which make up your reality and your lives, -- your very breath, your existence!

This does not need to be set aside -- and you go through some intermediary.

You have a relationship with numbers. It doesn't matter if they are financial, if they are from physics, if they are from sacred geometry.

Numbers, structure, identity, biology, all of these, in love and light, must be understood in love and light, as an aspect of Oneness. ("1-ness...")

Now this is an abstract, but you cannot understand until you try it...  You are going to be marvelously surprised, because I will tell you that when you begin to focus on the new relationship with numbers, you will change your reality and some of your challenges quite amazingly!

It's all in the numbers!

-- Grandmother From Another Planet.

*This refers to Right Brain Aerobics exercises. -- SHR

4   "Grandmother on  the Living Universe of Numbers." Includes comments on Quantum Computing and Superposition. 12:19 am. 3-29-18. 3 minutes, 13 seconds.

4   Click Player to Listen... "Grandmother on the Living Universe of Numbers." 3 minutes, 13 seconds.


Grandmother: In answer to your question -- and our preceding recordings will lead you to this question eventually -- yes, numbers are living things.

Everything is living, so, therefore, all numbers are living things, as you are.

Numbers are light; light is numbers.

Understanding the living nature of the Universe allows you to form a  new relationship with the Universe.

At the present time your identity is such that you cannot perceive most of the Universe around you -- which would be of great great interest and assistance -- even when it is calling out to you! Even when other dimensions are quite lovingly seeking to help you open your eyes to more about 'the great mysteries,' and what is going on...

There is a requirement that one understand the Universe and each number as a living thing...

This is a little bit like what will happen when programmers, and mathematicians, and data scientists have to begin to grapple with quantum computing and superposition.

You see, you are quite aware that numbers have the capability of representing superposition and quantum mechanics, regardless of [other] laws of space and time.

You understand that this can be expressed with numbers -- having a different relationship with the Universe as a living thing, expressed in numbers and geometries, and ultimately, in higher forms of intelligent structures. Let us not call this 'higher forms of intelligence,' but 'higher forms of intelligent structures' -- a Universe is one of these... Do you see?

It is time to understand the living nature of numbers -- and the numbers in the living nature of the Universe and your own personal life...!

-- Grandmother From Another Planet

5   "Grandmother on  Your Life as 'Solving for X.'" "Is not your whole life an equation?" 12:24 am. 3-29-18. 22 seconds.

5   Click Player to Listen... "Grandmother Your Life as 'Solving for X.'"  22 seconds.



Is not your whole life an equation? A mysterious equation, which you try to begin to solve from birth?

Solve for X. This is your life!

-- Grandmother from Another Planet

6   "Grandmother on Math Majors/Lineages." I had at one point considered switching college majors from Theater to Math, having had an excellent, creative Math Instructor. For how many of us, might an excellent, creative Math Instructor helped change our relationships with Numbers? Math? Physics?... 12:24 am. 3-29-18. 5 minutes, 22 seconds.

6   Click Player to Listen... "Grandmother on Math Majors/Lineages."  5 minutes, 22 seconds.


SHR: Alright, let me ask you this:

Could you translate a "Lineage Call" into numbers, like an address, an equation? Can you translate a "Lineage Call" into that kind of 'Stargate'?"

[I asked this because I was suddenly very excited to think that maybe we could translate some of our Cosmic Mind classes - like meditations which are, in effect, "Ancient Lineage Calls" across Time/Space -- or "Stargate Meditation Journeys" across Time/Space -- into numbers or equations! Thus, you might have a numerical "address" to work with these. It is exciting to think about the possibility of doing this work at a whole new level! -- SHR]

GRANDMOTHER: In a sense, the method of communication across space/time for a "Lineage Call" - works because of numerical equations!. Whether  or not you are aware that you are making a numerical call -- like dialing a number -- even as you say the addresses on a Stargate [meditation].

(This references the kind of model for "Stargate" interstellar travel envisioned in "Stargate SG1" series (as if numerical addresses were needed), though later reporters from later space programs are extant who describe a room with three transporting "points." Well, long before these reporters described this, we published and conducted "Ancient & Future Lineage Calls" which had a meditation anchored in 3 Triangulation Points, to do in a room meditating with sound... Our Stargate Meditation journeys use concentric circles instead.-- SHR]

GRANDMOTHER: The communication will still take place, and you may still see this manifested in reality after your "Call."

And, yes, you may begin to call upon the Lineages of Numbers, no matter what those numbers represent -- whether they represent an address, a birth date, a financial amount, an abstract in physics, a formula...

This is precisely what I wanted you to understand about the living nature of the Universe and its numbers, or the numbers and their Universe!

This is a Lineage. This is Lineage work! High level vibrational, numerical work, as in numerology, as in quantum computing, as in time-travel computing, is a very high level of human consciousness evolution, because of the changing nature of the relationship with the numbers and equations of reality.

It is a different path than you have worked with. But you initially had the desire to work as a physicist. And you were not friendly with the numbers as presented to you by people who did not have a numerical relationship with reality. They were very, very practically applying numbers in a limited way in the third dimension.

But I will remind you that you had a different feeling about mathematics, and even considered a mathematics major, once you had a teacher teaching creative mathematics! (That is always the mathematics of creation!) Who taught you to play with the numbers! -- at great length, and not to worry about getting the right number answer to a problem, but following the pathways of working and playing with numbers, to get "at" the answer.

This is nature of great human consciousness and all consciousness intelligence: The ability to "play" with everything in the Universe as living! And to "play" with the abstractions of the numbers...

As reality is constructed of those, you may play with reality in any form that you would like - and the numbers are one of those forms. But because it takes a deeper level of focus and concentration beyond your own reality, to see these numbers as alive, as living, as Lineages, as friends -- you develop very rapidly when you begin to focus on them...

Something new happens to you! They speak to you and through you. And you begin to understand that you can speak through and to them!

And this is fundamental in the nature of MANIFESTATION...!"

-- Grandmother From Another Planet

7   "Grandmother on Translating 'Mantras' into Equations."  For any of you who have found an intuitive increase listening to the sound of "mantras," as I have, or chanting -- this is a whole other way to assess the power this transforming experience...

It could be useful to discover whether there are measurable Alpha or Theta mind-state hz in action. I have found Alpha and Theta mind-states reached through sound to greatly help increasing higher intuition and "visioning" perception.

12:32 am. 3-29-18. 2 minutes, 9 seconds.

7   Click Player to Listen... "Grandmother on Translating 'Mantras' into Equations." 2 minutes, 9 seconds.



Yes, you rightly assume that a "Mantra,'" repeated over and over, is a kind of formula.

And if you do not see this at first, take any Mantra that you are fond of repeating, use the letters in the words, turn them into numbers, and see what meaning you get.

If you do this with several mantras that you like to repeat in your guided meditations, and you begin to see a pattern of resonance, you will understand a bit better how to spot patterns in other forms of higher consciousness studies, and how to develop higher studies.

You have feedback, in feelings, through the body and the cells. They respond to certain Mantras.

The Mantra study is a very good one to understand how there are numerical patterns in metaphysical processes and rituals, which can be seen at greater levels when you change your relationship with numbers.

This is a form of "magic," if you do not understand that all this is higher consciousness relationship with Oneness... Numbers being part of Oneness, you being part of numbers, numbers being part of you...

Then it is not simply magical -- but it is simply living. It is how you are alive...

This should be a subject of great interest for you... :)"

-- Grandmother From Another Planet

8   "Grandmother on Savant Communication and Numbers." 12:37 am. 3-29-18. 2 minutes, 19 seconds. 

8   Click Player to Listen... "Grandmother on Savant Communication and Numbers." 2 minutes, 19 seconds.



"Yes, the problem-solving of Savants is almost always related to this higher understanding and relationship with numbers -- whether they are a Savant of mathematics, or music, or medicine. Numbers and geometries patterns, you see - very important, patterns - is key to this kind of perception, which seems so impossible. Or such genius that you cannot imagine such a thing!

But it is a different relationship with numbers, geometry, often, of living lineages. This must be understood.

You see, you try to separate things into physics and algebra and financial bookkeeping and even numerology: These are not separate. Numbers are numbers; you are you. This is all interconnected.

When you see them as interconnected, then you can become a Savant, merely by working in the "planes of awareness" which see those patterns and have a relationship in which numbers communicate with you in a different way.

[My sense is that she was intending to speak of "planes" of awareness' as living things! Which actually "see," patterns, as she notes above. A mind stretch... -- SHR]

That is why I am asking you meditate with numbers... to communicate with them in a new way.

And then you will find that they will communicate with you in a new way -- that impacts all ability to manifest and to understand in this reality... Far beyond this planet and this star system and this dimension...

-- Grandmother From Another Planet

[In other words, magic... My sense while taking this in, was that she was speaking of such a very different kind of "interconnected" life form -- that we become as we go through an almost incomprehensible but very natural evolutional transformation. -- SHR]

9   "Grandmother on How Living Numbers See YOU..." 12:41 am. 3-29-18. 51 seconds. 

9   Click Player to Listen... "Grandmother on  How Living Numbers See YOU..." 51 seconds.



Now that is a very good question you have asked: "If I am to perceive numbers as living things, do numbers perceive me as a living thing? And if they do, what do I look like?!"

Now you are getting closer and closer to understanding this next level of reality, this next level to work in for higher dimensional thinking.

What, indeed, do numbers think of you -- these living civilizations and structures? How do they see you?

This is a most interesting thing to contemplate...

-- Grandmother From Another Planet

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