Grandmother on How to Change the Planes of Reality Around You

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"You are deeply loved in every dimension by countless beings, so many beings, all part of you..." -- Grandmother

Are we truly co-creating our own reality every minute? How can this awareness -- and deep meditations -- help us understand that we can change the planes of reality around us -- because we created them!

This was an extremely encouraging and uplifting audio web log for me, after asking an intensely emotional personal question -- and I listened several times. This seemed to increased my awareness that change is always possible, as we increase time in deeper meditations and higher dreams of reality...

You can listen and read simultaneously below for higher contemplation of how to change your own "planes of reality." 7 minutes, 13 seconds, recorded and posted 8-5-18.

If you want to increase your own "Deep Meditation" time with "alpha" or "theta" sound, go to "Meditations and Sound" and choose a meditation or meditative sound, to begin to change your own "planes of reality..."

Click Audio Player to Play "Grandmother on How to Change the Planets of Reality Around You," 7 minutes, 13 seconds. Playing Audio and Reading Transcript simultaneously can increase the intuitive experience, as can listening more than once.


QUESTION - SHR: Grandmother, how do you transform your intense  emotions into higher love? And transform the fields of reality around you? Is this even possible?

GRANDMOTHER: "When you understand that you have helped create the fields of reality around you, and you understand this with your heart, not only with your mind, then it is possible to understand and even "feel" how you have created the fields of reality around you. How have you done this?

When THIS reality begins to impress itself upon your everyday thinking, you will begin to see that you have a larger impact before reality, as you speak of it in the now -- occurs!

Do you see? This is your co-created reality. 

When you "feel" this strongly, and understand deeply that it is all done with love, that it is all done in concert with the higher self, then you see that you always have the ability to transform the fields of reality around you.

STEP #1 is to focus in deep sound meditation, upon the reality that you would like to create now!

Each moment is a 'new beginning.' If you view the fields of reality around you as planes of 'new beginnings,' then you will begin to experience and express your life creatively in a new way. Understanding 'new beginnings' are always in the now, and part of and aspects of your co-created reality.

Having said this, you are CO-creating with all others.

Now, if you put these two together, you have STEP 2 -- which is to meditate upon how you might be of loving service to all others -- who are also experiencing planes of reality that they would like to transform!

Now, when you focus on:

  • 'How can I be of service to others?'
  • How can I love others more?
  • How can I forgive others?
  • How can I co-create a future in which all others (and in which my own feelings) begin to be represented in a reality and a now that is deeply understanding of each person's needs and stories, and the desires they have?

Many times, these desires that seem to you to be angry ones or punishing ones, are actually part of their own desire to make the world a better place! Have compassion for this! For many of the planes of reality around you that you seek to transform, come because you do not have compassion or true understanding of the beings and the rules which set things in motion -- that led you to this plane of reality.

The most profound thing that you can realize, is that this is all part of a 'Learning Love' -- a higher creative 'Learning Love Mission.'

You are in the midst of it. You are a co-creator. You are not alone. Nothing is being thrust upon you, without mercy. These are great opportunities for loving and learning at much higher levels.

You are deeply loved in every dimension by countless beings -- so many beings, all part of you -- such a great creation, all part of you. It is this realization, this meditation, which can lead you to transform in reality through deep meditations and realizations -- which leads you to be kinder and more loving and giving to others. And this will inform some of your decisions, your daily thoughts, how you move about in the world you see. So that gradually, the world you see -- will change.

Because you are a very divine co-creator, and you are divinely loved. And when you enter this space, you have already changed the planes of reality around you.

And I say to you again. You are deeply loved... 

Now go forth and deeply love others! And you will see planes of reality changing around you everywhere!..."

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


“Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.” -- John Lennon


“Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.” -- Frank Herbert, Dune 


“If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform a million realities.”  -- Maya Angelou 


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