Grandmother on What to Do When You Feel Like Running Away from The World

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"Grandmother on What to Do When You Feel Like Running Away from The World" -- is one of the most moving of Grandmother's messages -- and the answer to the question just was NOT what I expected... It got to the true "heart" of the matter. And that beating heart was part of me -- an unexpected coming-to-the-truth of the universal self...

"Grandmother on What do Do When You Feel Like Running Away from The World" -- Recorded 9-19-18. 9 minutes, 55 seconds. Listen below. Have tissue ready.

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This recording of Grandmother from Another Planet emerged without my asking a question. I believe it came because of the many who have come for private sessions lately, who often express, one way or another, a frustration, a question, even if not stated in this way: "What should I do when I feel like running away from The World...?"

I also had in my mind questions like this: "How do you communicate across paradigms?" "How do you fly as a human being?" Somehow they all found their way into this answer... And somehow I suddenly had the sense that it is, indeed, time in this world for us to both communicate across paradigms -- and to figure out how to fly as a human being. Maybe these "impossible things" are related..?



Greetings. "What to do when you feel like running away from the world?" The Impossible...!

Now, you see, The Impossible is what is left to you now. In the future you may be thankful that you had a situation which left you with only "impossible" choices, because it enables you to become an "impossible being."

This is a profound and sacred act, this act of becoming "the impossible..." It requires a great deal of confidence, and cherishing the self, and cherishing others. And this leads you to a pathway of forgiveness of the self and forgiveness of others. But it is also the pathway of flying! In our dreams, in the dreams of all physical beings, there is an innate and sacred desire to fly -- to fly through the heavens, to go to "impossible" places in the cosmos! All of them! To travel to the Stars -- but also to be the Stars!

When the world does not make sense, you are looking at it from the 'wrong' paradigm, or at least from a limited paradigm which does not enable you to see solutions which are right there before you. Communicating across belief systems or communicating with those who have severely opposing views and belief systems, in your perception, to your own -- is a wonderful training ground!

You see, dreaming of oneness is very easy when your sense of oneness is not challenged. But, oh, my goodness, it is challenged at this time!

Oneness occurs largely when you feel it "impossible"; when you feel it challenged; when you feel that you could not possibly ever be "one" with beings with whom you disagree!

But I will tell you that there is, essentially, no one with whom you disagree. There is no one! There is only one being in oneness. Oneness is a concept of the deeper heart, the ancient heart, and that heart always beats as One.

There is nothing which you cannot know, with the beating heart of One. So when you come to feel that you must "run away from The World" -- always remember that is a kind of feeling of wanting to run away from the One Heartbeat -- when it is clear that all solutions lie within the One Heartbeat! 

So, perhaps, it is finding the One Heartbeat within you. This is a different kind of "impossible thing" -- the "impossible thing" of loving across paradigms; being able to love all of creation as if it were you, for it is.

Now, let us trying one thing, when you feel like running away:

  • If there is someone in the public eye or someone who is a friend or an acquaintance, and you are angry and upset and do not feel one with them -- I would recommend that you try a simple thought exercise.
  • What if your "job" was to take care of them; to assure their soul growth; to treat them as a daughter or a son; as a brother or sister? And in that caring might come a sense that you are responsible for each one -- as your own family.
  • Now, when you think of a being in this way, you might imagine a scenario: What if I were given this assignment, to sit lovingly with this being, and care for them and advise them and try to communicate with them as if they were a brother or sister? And this assignment was eternal? And you could never leave this assignment until you had reached a state of Love? A state of true empathy with a being whose belief systems are very different? But whose role in this world is the same as yours: To grow as a soul; to live here and to help the planet civilization -- and all of the civilizations involved in the story and the development of this amazing planet at this time! That is your role, and it is the role of every single person with whom you disagree, with whom you have a problem. This is a part of the One Heartbeat!
  • So, do this scenario! Imagine this! If you were assigned, what would be your conversation? And second, meditate upon the One Heartbeat.
  • How would you want to be loved, if you were this being with whom you were so upset?
  • How would you want the conversation to go?
  • How would you want forgiveness to go?
  • How would you want soul growth to happen?
  • Would you want the being to wish soul growth for you? Then imagine that.
  • Try to imagine a scenario in which that being is you, and you are that being; in which that being is family and under your care eternally.
  • Now what would you do? Would you want to run away? Would you want to run away from your true self? From the One Heartbeat?

This is the kind of Love which crosses every belief system and every paradigm. It is a very deep Love -- and the only way I know to reach that state of the heart with all beings -- is to practice it; and to practice it in the most difficult situation, with the most difficult being; because in that being you will find you.

And if you can do this, you will find parts of you, you will find your heart in that being and every being. You will find miracles begin to happen in your life!

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


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“Only the impossible is worth doing.” Akong Rinpoche
“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Buckminster Fuller