Grandmother on Working with Higher Guides as a Transformer

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The idea that one's identity might be transformed during this time -- to that of a 21st Century "Transformer" is the subject of two "Grandmother from Another Planet" transmissions of this special day, 11-11-18. A "Master Number Day..." in Numerology... To read/hear the first: "Grandmother on Becoming a Co-Creative Transformer."

In this second "message," there is a different focus: Working with Higher Dimensional "Guides." What are those? It is possible that everyone can discover this...

Having taken on a "Transformer" identity -- with regard to time, space, matter, energy -- what are the steps to work with your own "higher creative intelligence" or "higher self" -- and other "Guides" from what appear to be higher dimensions.

Having only discovered how to do this a dozen years ago -- via several hours of meditation per day using alpha or theta state sound, and a number of others steps -- I wish I had had benefit of this more unusual extraterrestrial perspective on "Working with Higher Guides" when I began...

I have a friend who recently became able to do this -- completely "out of the blue" -- to "tap" into some kind of "live streaming higher intelligence" for information or guidance that she knew was not her own voice or knowledge -- a whole new "Guide" and a realm surprising, historic "energy" -- which others recognized in her presence. Hunh?

Another friend doing deep sound meditation, recently became able to shift into "cosmic voyages" and visioning a new perspective in this state in a mater of seconds, changing how she felt immediately. Both were amazed that you could do this at all -- and find that it is difficult to describe. How have most of us missed this for most of the decades of our lives! Perhaps in these ages of the 21st Century Co-Creative "Transformers" -- that will change...

"Grandmother on Working with Higher Guides as a Transformer" -- in the 21st Century... Recorded/Posted 11-11-18, 12 minutes, 39 seconds.

Click Audio Player to play "Grandmother on Working with Higher Guides as a Transformer," Recorded/Posted 11-11-18, 12 minutes, 39 seconds. There appears to be a strange sound in some recordings this 11-11 -- perhaps to emphasize that what has come has some special significance today, or an interdimensional communication...



And now, let us talk about "Co-Creative Transforming."

You are a "Transformer" of matter and energy and time. This is your identity and your birthright.

You are "Co-Creative," so in that sense, if you are increasing your intuitive and vulnerable and spiritual abilities to transform all that is around you and all that is on the planet: Then a higher revelatory and compassionate work with your own higher self guidance and with guidance from Teachers --- an Ancient Teacher Guidance System, a different kind of "GPS" that has always been with you,  interconnected -- this will now become of supreme importance in your discerning, understanding the world and your ability to "transform" it.

I wanted to underscore this: You may work with "Guides" -- with higher dimensional beings -- with your own higher self, in new ways -- but you are about to step into a "Transformer" identity, and I do not want to underestimate the power in that!

This is an identity issue. You do not think of yourself as a "Transformer." You do not think of yourself as a being with that kind of "high energy." It requires not just "high imagination," but a kind of high-soaring "flight" -- "high creation in higher dimensions": That is your ability, and it must now become your perception.

When you perceive with the eyes of "one who Transforms" -- "one who Transforms Reality" -- one who even "Transforms Time and Timelines" -- then you see a different world. And you see a different role for you in that world.

The higher the role, the higher the guidance that you will seek, the higher the dramas that you will participate in co-creating: The higher the love that you feel and that you feel coming to you. And this is as a Law. 

You must open the mind and the identity, as well as the heart, to being a transforming being of higher love and inter-connectedness; even with those that you do not feel very "lovable," very respectful, at this time.

To say that you do not respect any being is to say that you do not like creation; that you do not respect it. For it is you. I Am You and You Are Me. I Am Your Family and You Are My Family. And this is true of every single being; every single atom of matter; every single energetic action; every instant of that which you perceive as "time," but which is a higher loving state of "now..."

I have already given you its phrases:

  • I am universally loved.
  • I am eternally loved.

And this might be said:

  • I am a universe of love.
  • I am an eternity of love.

When you can imagine that identity, that you are, indeed, a Transformer, one of great responsibility and one of great joy in this creative ability -- then you will look about you and say, "Wait a minute, I don't believe I can waste much time. I think I want to move right into learning and experimenting with much greater "transforming!" I am using the word "transforming" -- or "transform" or "transformer" --rather than "transformation."

There is a high energy in an identity of "Transformer" in your imagination. And I would like you to tune into that.

I would like you to spend part of your day interacting with other beings with a high level of love and think, "Now, I am a high level Transformer. I can love at a very high level. So what would I like to do in this situation?" And feel that love radiating out from your heart, because you are confident in your role as a Transformer. You can truly feel and understand what it is like to be universally loved; to be a universe of love; to be eternally loved; to eternally be love.

You see, this is an action: Being One.  You may meditate upon One Being. But it is very powerful to begin to take action in the form of Being One -- Being Love. That is the action of the Transformer.

This requires deep meditation on higher love, to understand it. And in these deep meditations on higher love, which we will provide, it is important now to being to ask for some guidance from "Guides."

There are many "teachers" that are an aspect of your "Being-One" identity or "Transformer" identity, throughout eternity.

You are on a mission of "transforming" - of being "The Transformer -- of Love." It is quite ancient, and it is now time for you to reach out to beings -- to a universe which is a Teacher. A Transformer understands how to work with higher guidance. A Transformer practices the meditations of "The Transformer."

And this involves going into deep states and learning to ask the right question. A question might be in your mind: "Should I move my place of residence at this time?" A Transformer identity might shift that a little bit more into, "How might I contribute as a Transformer of Love in my places of residence and movement? I would like some guidance to understand this at a higher level of creativity and love." Do you see?

Now, working with a Guide is partly practice. You may be aware that you have a Teacher -- let us use the word Teacher -- but I will tell you that any higher perception can become your teacher. And sometimes teachers appear very surprisingly!

You might be drawn to a particular great Mountain. And then you say, "Well, Mountain, I would like some guidance on being a higher level Transformer." And you see what guidance comes. For you are the conduit. You are part of this Co-Creative Universe.

And it requires a vulnerability within you to become resident, not just resonant, but resident with your higher self, assuming that is your role.

And then when you ask for some guidance, you feel that guidance is not only a birthright, but a community of relationships. And that you yourself act as Guides in other dimensions for other beings. [Yes, Guides, plural and simultaneous, is intended.]

The key to this is the willingness to set aside time for deep meditations of love, and work on your questions. And ask questions that you would think a being who is a Transformer -- a great Co-Creative Transformer -- would ask. And then being willing to listen -- or just go through an experience, travelling through the universe with your Guides!

The feelings, the emotions that can come from this can be so overwhelming, even bring tears of recognition: That Home is very, very close. That you are Home -- as a Transformer. Think on that. You Are a Transformer. That is your Home of Love.

Now begin to meditate upon this with meditations that we provide or others provide. Do this every day. Begin to keep a journal as a Transformer.

And watch what kind of new life you would like to create and what kinds of contributions you would like to make in this new role as an eternal Transformer!

-- Grandmother from Another Planet

“Let your creative and imaginative mind run freely; it will take you places you never dreamed of and provide breakthroughs that others once thought were impossible.” ― Idowu Koyenikan, Wealth for All: Living a Life of Success at the Edge of Your Ability
“No matter what your history has been, your destiny is what you create today. What are you going to create?” ― Steve Maraboli,

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