Grandmother on Why Increasing Intuition Is an Evolutionary Act

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Is the ultimate learning to be done at a "higher vibration" or "higher intuitive mind" level? This was received 11-15-18 and underscores the educational learning experiences inherent in learning to expand your "intuition." I believe this was to augment our class of 11-16-18 on deep sound meditation and "Practical Pendulums" -- learning intuition as non-linear education which can change how we interact multi-dimensionally.

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Grandmother, why is it important to increase intuitive awareness at this time?


Intuition is a kind of "higher vibrational intelligence." You focus at a different level. You perceive at a different level. And you understand at a different level.

This is one reason why meditation is so important at this time, because this is the process of shifting into this kind of higher vibrational intelligence "field."

It is a "field" of personal discovery, of personal discernment, of personal "knowing" that is beyond the daily third dimension and its lessons, its distractions. It is opening the doorway to your own creative higher mind.

This is, however, a different vibrational reality -- and even to seek to increase intuition changes your energetics. It changes your impact and your relationships with other beings -- who can perceive subtle differences when you are seeking higher intuitive and meditative state intelligence.

The intention to increase your intuitive intelligence -- is itself a powerful act. It is an interdimensional act. It is an act which seeks to increase interdimensional communication.

Now, this is a kind of communication which is not ordinarily scheduled into your day. Even when you meditate, you do not ordinarily say, "Well, it is time for some interdimensional communication. It is time for opening my heart to love and oneness and interconnectedness." You do not usually say this. And yet, you can. 

It is, in fact, very difficult to go into deep meditation states with sound, and not have your own compassionate awareness of others and their needs increased.

So many times you are so busy, you do not have one second to spare, to just sit quietly with your eyes closed, and take into your field of awareness what is actually going on around you, what is actually going on in your life, on your planet.

What amazing opportunities they are -- those events created in this time when there is great uncertainty. You might say that a key reason to increase your intuition, this part of your expanded mind, your higher mind -- is these very times of uncertainty.

When you are "certain," you do not ruminate upon how to increase your intention. You go about your schedule, you are certain about your schedule, things are falling into line. And all of a sudden, they aren't.

This will cause you to reach higher; to want to even travel higher, to other realms of thinking, other realms of the creation of art. You have not begun to understand the great artists and thinkers that you truly are! This is the time to do that!

Increasing intuition does involved deeper meditation, and I highly recommend that you do this with sound. Sound is a kind of both a "grounding" and a "lift-off" platform!

You can feel great comfort. You feel suddenly physically centered. And from this cosmic base of centering, you can more comfortably travel into the intuitive, imaginative universe.

If you are seeking to increase your intuition and meditation -- and opening your deeper heart at this time -- you are taking very blessed steps of action that may be more important than any other steps you can take at this time.

You see, self-discovery is the ultimate miracle...

It is the ultimate miraculous journey. It is the ultimate revolutionary act. It is the ultimate evolution of the higher self.

-- Grandmother from Another Planet

Photo Credit: Pixabay, Geralt, Creative Commons License. #3812693.