Grandmother on Meditation as Interdimensional Communication

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On 2-24-19, Grandmother dictated two messages, something like a class, on advanced or higher human consciousness, sometimes called "ascension" -- and meditation as a fom of interdimensional communication.

This is Part 2: "Grandmother on Meditation as Interdimensional Communication," Recorded 2-24-19, posted 3-3-19, 24 minutes, 42 seconds. Click here for Part 1, "Grandmother on Your Role of Ascension in the Universe."

In this case, meditation means Deep Sound Meditation, going into deeper and deeper states of calm, but also awareness of information and the potential for communication of a certain kind, available in deeper states. For Sound and Meditation Practice purposes, links for meditations and sounds, Click Here.

These are summary points for this message:

  • Meditation is a practice of interdimensional communication, with or without awareness.
  • Meditation is a practice of expanding the range of perception and knowledgeable activity in higher dimensions.
  • To meditate means to enter states of higher dimensional awareness, which facilitates higher dimensional communication.
  • You are in the process of expanding your abilities for interdimensional communication. That is why you are here.
  • You are here to learn the process of becoming your own self-teacher, your own guide, and that you are “one” with all other self-teachers.
  • You are not alone – expanding interdimensional communication can increase that sense of identity. Ancient & Future Lineage Calls is a practice of interdimensional communication.
  • You are here to learn to love, to be loved, to become love…

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Meditation is an act of interdimensional communication and vibrational learning.

In order to learn harmonies for many, many different dimensions, it is important to take time to practice meditative vibrations, radiating love, radiating light, radiating forgiveness and caring, understanding of other beings, that they are going through the same thing, in their own way, which you are going through.

Meditation is an action of empathy. And it will come.

You may sit in silence for many years on a rock, on a stone. You may sit on a chair or sit on a beach, but eventually you will reach higher states of interdimensional communication.

When you meditate with certain vibrations you have identified as “alpha” state or “theta state” – sounds which make you feel very calm, which take you away from the usual reality frequencies of matter and energy which are necessary but distracting when you are attempting to communicate or to participate in higher dimensional activity -- you will recognize which sounds help you accomplish this.

But you can also accomplish it sitting on a chair in your home or sitting in the middle of the desert or in the middle of the ocean, on a boat, or sitting on a beach or sitting in your own yard looking at clouds – as long as there is sufficient time to simply be still with the universe.

Think of this as an act of love. And you may understand better why it is so important. It is, in a sense, a way of being with love in the universe. And you might think to yourself, “Well, now it is time for me to sit and be with love in the universe.” And that means with every other being and thing and form and energy and light.

The language of higher vibrations is both learned and prepared for by taking time in altered states which lead to your matching, in frequency and in vibration, in pulsing – communication frequencies of higher dimensions, in higher dimensional communication.

Now let us look at the word, communication. This implies that there are two people – or that you are, in effect, giving a message to yourself, communicating with yourself. Which you can do.

This implies that in your state of meditation, there is the possibility of communication.

Now, the ridicule of this “state” simply serves to act as an intensifier, as a catalyst. For when you reach this state, and you know that there are many who would make fun of you for attributing any sort of mental or spiritual communication ability with your eyes closed, and silent – then you have pushed the boundary, so to speak, of what is possible in your reality. You have taken a step of action which presumes that you are going to do something impossible. And that if you can do it once, then you can do it many times; and that there are many levels of interdimensional communication.

I am speaking to you in one form of interdimensional communication.

(This statement is directed to me regarding a relatively new ability to take in “messages” in a state which is close to being asleep:)

You have now learned a second form of interdimensional communication, with new guidance, in a deeper state, which is almost approaching sleep or “delta” state.

You might also reach the state simply sitting in the forest, and suddenly the trees are speaking to you. And it comes upon you like a wave. You realize that some intelligence, an idea, a creative spark of “knowing” has passed through you. And somehow, you become aware of this network of communication.

I will not go into detail now about the relationship of a human civilization and a civilization of “tree networks” on planets like this at this time – but you are in concert. And as you begin your telepathy with the Earth as a whole and every living thing, every plant, every animal, every flower, every insect, and every molecule of water – it will begin to come to you that so much more is possible...

Now, this is the great power of beginning to think of interdimensional communication as genuine communication.

And I will promise you that you will -- in these deeper states, by taking longer time -- you will come to recognize a feeling tone, a frequency, when you know information is for you. And it has an odd accuracy of knowing you. As if the information has come to you and knocked on your door and said, “Hello, Sandra, this message is for you, and here it is.” And you go, “Oh, my goodness, that could only be for me! And it is right! And it is true…”

This will happen to you. And it can begin with those networks of – I’m going to use the word “civilization” or even “races” – there are different reality frequencies for different beings, such as trees or stones, even water or mountains… The wind has information.

Everything around you can be interpreted as a form of communication, once you shift from linear to non-linear communication. And you begin to see these as symbols and even geometries and numbers, because your own being-and-identity is becoming translatable into a kind of loving geometry and set of numbers, if you will.

Your consciousness, your very being, has a very strong relationship with numbers and geometries and these specific reality frequencies and vibrations in the environment in which you have a range of awareness at the moment.

As that range of awareness expands, you will begin to feel that you can communicate directly and are part of the larger context and even the Supercontext of the Cosmos. And this will astound you!

I do not want to underplay the idea of being “astounded,” when you begin to move into the communication fields which are around you and into the universities of information which you can access with more time in these states. You have to allow time that is right for you. You have to allow the right symbols and touchpoints or triggers which are right for you.

For one person, an animal totem – simply seeing a beaver or an elk or a certain cloud or storm -- is a tremendous trigger and information comes. For another, in deep sound, the information comes. Another can be triggered by smells.

There are many, many more interdimensional senses than those of which you are aware. There are even ranges of light and hearing which are quite perceptible in the third dimension but are so expanded that you would have a sense that you were actually hearing and seeing in another dimension; and that you were able to see beings suddenly appear if you vibrate or communicate in a certain way. This is part of this practice of interdimensional communication.

This is an evolutionary process. And the practice is to learn exactly like you would learn anything else, from language to how to manipulate or manifest in your environment in certain ways.

So, going forward, I would like very much for you to begin to use the words “interdimensional communication” or “interdimensional being” or even “interdimensional presence” when ordinarily you might use the word “meditation.”

You see, you are seeking a state of “interdimensional presence.” There is tremendous access to intelligence and communication in this state. It is a state highly to be desired by all advanced civilizations. And they may try many technologies and chemicals of all sorts – highly creative, throughout the universe.

But the goal is not to have a technological civilization – but to have a kind of Super Consciousness which is able to move in and out of matter and form, energy and light, in any of the universes. Not just across galaxies, but in any universe, once you become extremely adept at interdimensional communication and then interdimensional presence.

This is the learning bank, the knowledge bank, these states, which you begin to enter to self-teach, to see that your “self” is being reflected back to you, to communicate with other beings and civilizations in a very loving way. And you will learn to do this in a very loving way as you forgive yourself and love yourself more. This is a prerequisite to these vibrations.

So, you see, it is not just a simple platitude to say, “Be kind and loving to other beings today.” You are really saying, “Please enter an interdimensional state of kindness and love which will increase your ability to communicate with guides and with beings in other civilizations with higher consciousness” -- which would very much enjoy and be delighted to communicate with you.

This includes “Planetary Consciousness” such as that of the Earth, the higher soul of the Earth, the higher soul of each planet and star -- and you are part of their networks.

You are an information being.

Ascension is an unusual kind of combination of love, information, and recognition of oneness with all beings, which is very comforting. The communication is then instant.

But I promise you that the pathway to reach there is quite, quite wonderful and enjoyable! Once you begin true daily meditation, cosmic journeys -- even if that journey is to sit for 10 hours and think of “nothing.” It is the intention that matters. But in that “nothing” is a tremendous amount of information. It resides in the heart. And after a while, it begins to spill out of the heart. It begins to create universes. It begins to create new days. It begins to create new art.

So, going forward, I want you to begin to view one of your roles on a planet which is in the process of consciousness Ascension, not just for human beings but for the planet and all life, all atoms and cells on the planet – that you are in the process of expanding your abilities of interdimensional communication.

This is a university. That word is very powerful. It is a learning universe. And it is time for you to go through a major transition in vibration.

Now, in other eras, you did not have to do that. These major transitions would be specific to one life or another life. This is not true in this case at this time on this planet. This is a major societal, “race,” consciousness transformation. And it is being done, please believe me, with many other races who are not Terran, who do come from other planets, who happen to be here working with you or who have their own projects.

This intelligence resides in those planes of vibrations which you are not, at the moment, practiced enough to either perceive or communicate with in a way that is loving, and in a way that is centered in the heart.

In some ways you have yet to discover your own heart and the power of love which is you. If you are love, then you must love yourself, by definition. If you want to come to being love, then acts of love will be required.

And sometimes the greatest vibration of all is one act of genuine love after another, one act of genuine kindness after another, all day. Non-judgmental. Not thinking that another being or an animal that you are helping is “dumb” and needs help -- and you are the one who is the “helper.” No, no, no, no. Recognizing the oneness. You are loving. And they are loving you. They teach you!

This is a profound moment in your life. This tremendous gift. This tremendous plan of transformation at this time on this planet is so great that it is truly not describable in your words.

But it is also true that it is time for you to be your own teacher, working with interdimensional communication. And this is a decision.

Ascension is a decision. This is a decision about your calendar each day.

But I do promise you, that as you begin to go deeper, you will not have any problems scheduling it because it is quite exciting to discover communication and information and other planes of intelligence! Quite exciting!

Truly, a great glory lies before you, when you can begin to see each moment, each event, as a gift of learning.

This time is about love of all beings. That is what this time is. And when you recognize this, you will then begin to feel that this love of all beings that this time is, includes you.

You are eternally loved.

You are universally loved.

And this means that you must love yourself and become that love which is you.

-- Grandmother from Another Planet

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