Grandmother on How to Use Higher Creative Intelligence During “Wild Times”

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UPDATE 8-15-19

Today have already used this "Grandmother" lesson on switching to higher dimensional "creative mode" when "wild things" are thrown your way to handle hour by hour! I realized if I can quickly turn on the "creative mindset switch" -- I can calmer faster -- and get faster to "out of the box" mode for handling. Not stopping to worry so much. Read -- and try exercise. Helped me with a new project today. Such an "interdimensional" message -- yet it helped me with 2 very practical things already!


What do you do when big things in your life starting changing every few hours not just every day?! "Wild times!..." I asked for higher creative intelligence guidance! Practical - even with a creative exercise. Try it...

Listen to/read the advice, "Grandmother on How to Use Higher Creative Intelligence during 'Wild Times'" - recorded/posted 8-14-19, 13 minutes, 12 seconds.

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SHR: Grandmother, I would like to know how to use higher creative intelligence during “wild times”…


Greetings! Wild times and higher creative intelligence go hand in hand. You are going to find that the only thing to use during “wild times” is higher creative intelligence! And you are not used to using it on a regular basis. That’s all that’s different. You use it, but not as often as you might.

During something defined as “wild times,” when change occurs – even large change – every few hours, even every few minutes, it becomes unusual for things to change every day, because they are changing more frequently! You might call that “wild times.” This is how you transform – “wild times.”

It may also be that human consciousness produces “wild times” when it is ready, as a society of consciousness, for transformation.

The “wild times” are the result of the consciousness, not the reverse! Consciousness always precedes transformation.

There’s a consciousness “spin,” if you will, and the “spin,” even the gravitational “spin” – these change! And when they do, the result is something like “wild times.” Because consciousness has a desire to transform; to learn and experience at a higher level; and to be able to view a bigger picture, a larger context, to understand the nature of the human psyche, both interconnected and individual.

It is this that drives the consciousness which produces “wild times.”

In a sense, it is the desire to use higher creative consciousness and to explore it further, which produces the “wild times.” The cause is the effect; the effect is the cause.

“Wild times” should be celebrated in one sense, as the profound expression of a desire to evolve at a higher consciousness level, a greater level of creative ability, ability to love at a higher level, to appreciate the interconnections and geometric networks which exist among souls, among soul families... But it is also “wild” in the sense that the events which anchor your ability to maintain a stable life -- change so rapidly. Everything changes rapidly.

Now, what you want to do is to use this beginning higher creative intelligence, which is being prompted by the change which it itself helped create, in order to learn new kinds of creativity.

Now, you think of “creativity” in one way -- often it is artistic. Now, in your current age, you think of it as technological. I want you to begin to think of it in finer components: In geometries of creativity, and creativity with sacred geometries, sacred numbers; the network of human consciousness psychological families morphing into something new.

And this is truly new for you, to sense a soul family or an intergalactic interdimensional family that may be quite ancient – these links become apparent. And that is new for you to actually begin to “see” them.

One aspect of using this higher creative intelligence is to begin to draw, to sketch artistically different “families of soul interest” that you seem connected to. They might be in the arts. They might be in technology. But often they overlap. They might be in music. They might be in healing and medicine. They might be in intuition.

If you can begin to work with very large sheets of paper and different colors of artistic instruments, in order for you to “play” – then what you are doing is actually connecting to a child-like intelligence that you do not often connect. You don’t “dial it up.” And it is a remarkable ability, this kind of “play” with the large sheets and different colors. And I want you to begin to draw out, name names, put things or symbols for people or even symbols for their names – and begin to try to connect them.

Now, somewhat be geographical, but the most important thing is to get them on there in some way. And you may have to do this 2 or 3 times – because you’re going to start to see some people are connected across many of those: The intuition side, there’s an interest there; the artistic side, an interest there; the technology side, an interest there; the location side – and some of them move around a lot!

So, I would like you to do this because if you want to handle “wild times” which were created by a shift into wilder, higher consciousness, then you can use artistic ability and visualization to a great advantage. And the reason it’s an advantage is it breaks your habit of seeing things in the usual way.

You see, the “times” have moved on. They have shifted. But your “seeing” what times “should be” sort of holds you back from getting really “creative” with the potential of what “new times” might hold!

Now, you might see as a problem, a series of events which seems to be “holding you back” from something you thought you wanted to do. It is highly likely that the contrary is true! It is pushing you out of the “nest” of the comfortable -- to fly!

These kinds of events are often to get you to fly! And the reason they are such conundrums, and from day to day you cannot find the answer – the answer of yesterday does not work today: The reason for that is that you must have a higher view, a bigger picture view, a larger human psychology, interdimensional psychology view -- of all of the reality that you see. When you begin to do this in higher consciousness reality, it will make sense. It is a dancing pattern.

Now, it’s a good thing. It will increase your ability to communicate with higher dimensional beings. And I highly recommend that you do this in groups every week. You can even increase this. Do this. Make it a practice.

Do not become bothered by “wild times. Instead become a creator in “wild times” and even a creator of “wild times.” The key word there is “creator.” This is the opportunity, the engine, the energy which will drive you to great creation.

Step 1 is this viewpoint. It’s a very powerful viewpoint. The higher creative intelligence and the “wild times” are so closely related that they might as well be one!

You are a higher creative intelligence. Affirm that every day and meditate in that state every day. And then if you want to do something, think of it not as “wild times” but as highly creative times which open the door to interdimensional communication.

This is the time to work with your guides, your higher self, even the higher selves of others whom you know. In deep meditation, these higher selves will come through. And you can actually begin to communicate with them! It is quite fanciful and a joyful thing. And I encourage you to try this!

We will continue other aspects of how to be highly creative in “wild times.” But I would like you to begin here -- simply meditate upon these networks, these interconnected, interdimensional networks of high creative consciousness relationships. And start to see what comes up for you in solutions that you have not seen before. And with the greatest love.

In “wild times,” with high creative intelligence, you must increase the amount of love you put into every situation 10-fold!

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


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