ADVANCED: Oron on Exploration of Portals for Higher Dimensional Education

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A Blog Series for "experimental Advanced Consciousness Studies" for classes -- this for the class of 8-16-19.

In a way, if you experience, read or even listen to this material, you are experiencing an interdimensional class... And its intended audience may stretch far beyond our own time zone... 🙂

This series will include, beyond the related Audio Blogs of Grandmother from Another Planet, the Audio/Transcripts for Advanced Consciousness Studies, Paranormal Roundtable Classes -- such as this material. If you are interested in these classes or sessions of deep meditation, this one is being held at Llynya's Center, 1679 Main Street, Freeland, WA.

This is not part of "Grandmother from Another Planet" blogs which are in mainstream language -- but  interdimensional studies exploration and experiments.

If that intrigues you, enjoy!

For questions, email me at and I will try to explain. Or Grandmother will...

I have been publishing "Oron" written material as part of my creative writing and playwriting, without streaming Voice Audio since the 1970's, when this higher dimensional intelligence non-Terran ET "guide" first appeared and became part of my science fiction writing.

If you would like to experience Oron in creative writing or playwriting, he is the Narrator in "Parallel Universe the Musical"....Act One online will intrigue you, especially his opening speech onstage, in which he introduces himself. Page 10, Act I, Scene 2, "The Dance of Life Ballet..." The description of Oron's appearance is very accurate.. 🙂

Click Audio Player to play "Oron on Explorations of Exploration of Portals for Higher Dimensional Education," recorded/posted 8-15-19, 21 minutes, 47 seconds, for class material.

Note: Deeper states of advanced consciousness exploration are experienced, for me, in a very slow cadence which seems to be a feature of this level of interdimensional education. If you are not in the advanced class series, you might not take the time to listen. But: It IS an experience... 🙂


NOTE: When I began to "publish" this transcript and audio, the computer and WordPress began to do unusual things -- screens popping up all over the place where screens shouldn't be -- there are even some little "knocks" on the recording that weren't there when recorded. While even Right Brain Aerobics training usually causes technology excitations -- this aberration is quite unusual as such synchronicity goes...

The program would also oddly format what was in the original differently -- so just realize, that interdimensional communication, when you attempt to publish/translate it into public internets, may be an adventure in technology... 🙂



This includes material/exercises for the class of 8-16-19.


  1. There is a direct connection between consciousness, mind states -- and interaction, creation, and opening of interdimensional portals.
  2. There are very powerful consciousness networks which interact very differently with portals on Earth, about which few explore greater knowledge. This includes networks of “light mountains,” networks of trees and plants. Those with resonance and knowledge of these networks also increase the vibrations sensitive to the detection, experience, and opening of portals.
  3. It is very helpful and loving to think of “portals” as “beings.” It is uncommon for you to think of light or energy life as “beings.” But as you increase your interdimensional meditation, you will find this connection with “light beings,” “energetic beings” – such as “portal beings” – increasing. It will be in small steps.
  4. You might begin to think of meditation practice as increasing your range of vibrational consciousness states and sensitivity to increased ranges of “vibrational beings.” Contemplate the concept of “vibrational beings.” You are a “vibrational being.”
  5. Learning to recognize and perceive at more sensitive levels the vibrational aspects of all beings, even objects with organizing principles, is a major evolutionary step in consciousness which participates and exercises and experiences in matter-form, in wave-form vibrations.
  6. If we go back and think of matter as wave-forms, then it is easier to conceptualize the idea of “light beings,” “energetic beings” -- such as portals.
  7. “Fields” can be vibrational “beings.” They are often geometric. Fields are often interconnected in geometric shapes. They often have resonance with certain numbers. They have numerological and geometrical “energies.” Now this applies to portals in the sense especially of opening and interacting with portals with ascending human consciousness.

[Note: My sense is that meditating on oneness concepts (everything is “one”) such as “portal beings,” “fields as beings” which are often geometric shapes, networks of trees or networks of mountains as “portal beings” – and in deep meditation with alpha/theta sound -- can produce a “quantum jump” into new states. Try it. see what non-linear symbols or images or “hits” (“out-of-the-blue aha! Ideas) pop up. The interpret and share. The expansion of intelligence is in interpretation of these hits or insights which comes originally in symbol languaging.]

[Note: Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, Harvard Brain Scientist, did an extraordinary TED Talk, My Stroke of Insight – detailing her experience of going in and out of the left-brain/linear and right-brain expanded/non-linear/symbol mind/brain.

Extraordinary talk about the incredible inspiration of that “right brain” non-linear expanded state of consciousness…which seems to expand so greatly that in the state she cannot imagine, she says, how “she” in this form could ever possibly fit into such a tiny and thing as the body/mind that the experience is pushing her back into. It is so moving that she feels it can’t be done... Once back “in” – she wants desperately to be back out. It is a deeply profound story that only a few can tell, because of the combination of highest-level human brain science expertise – and an extraordinary “out of body” right brain stroke experience with full recall. Extraordinary.]

8. Think of it [a portal] as a kind of “booster” or even a “space ship” which enables a very pleasant sense of almost “flying” to another dimensional state in which you can see, smell, hear, feel a slightly different reality and knowledge bank than is your normal matter-form, wave-form state. This is very important for portal travel.

9. Your lessons in going deeper and deeper with Love as the focus – are the important technology for portal technology for portal travel.

10. Balance is required for the individual who experiences or feels portals or who learns to travel through portals comfortably or who becomes, in some senses, a portal. And those who are near such a being experience this “different feeling” – as if the person is an “energy field” when “they” enter a room.

[Note: The individual in this case is a kind of “gestalt” being he calls “they” in that higher state.]

11. I would ask you to begin to focus very consciously and intentionally on time and nature at every location in order to increase your awareness of the portals of “networks” such as trees, mountains, oceans. You may meditate with these living-being communities with a focus to gain insight and wisdom on how to work with portals, how to strengthen your consciousness and even your mind so that you may literally “transport” or “bi-locate” which is more accurate.

12. This requires a great deal of spiritual preparation, advanced consciousness practice and study, and comfortability in communication with higher dimensional guides, within a matter of seconds.

13. It is useful to think of “portal beings” also as educators. You may speak to the “portal” as you may speak to the “mountains.” You may speak to the essence of you in the “higher self” -- which travels between dimensions as you sleep, in dreams, and in altered states of consciousness. You may ask questions.

[Note: This implies an exercise of meditation in which you do this. Use a question that matters emotionally – and ask. Journal or record or draw you experience, insights or observations which make new sense.]

14. But the “portal” experience is actually a “network” experience, requiring, at the least, “triangulation” with awareness of all parties involved. This is what is occurring wherever there are “portals” on Earth. There is a conscious “intention” field of triangulation that might be taking place between human consciousness, light being consciousness, portal consciousness, the consciousness of sacred communities, such as mountains, lights.

15. Waterfalls are often portals. Rushing rapid rivers have many portals. This is part of the human fascination of the experience of “riding the rapids.”

16. It is important to become sensitive to the power of great, strong emotions, which can propel human consciousness into “portal states.” When you are greatly excited or anxious, you can, as you try to reach for higher deliverance, reach a “portal state.” Then you will appreciate the great value of the great tumultuous lessons. They push you into “portal states.”

17. It is important to meditate on ”joy” when meditating intentionally near a portal or wanting to open a portal. It is a joyful and happy event that you desire. This focus on joy and on love of yourself and others is partly what creates a sense of a “higher field” entering the room when you enter the room, if you have been focused on opening portals, opening doorways, exploring new pathways.

[This “registering” of your energy fields by others seems a theme for this “class.” It is also true that whatever energy field of emotions we carry into a room with us, is felt very accurately or even deeply by others. You “are” your energy field at any given time, in the sense of true identity…]

18. It is important to bless the “living portals,” to send love and light into portals, networks of trees and plants, networks of great mountains, networks of light.

19. Meditation directly on portals is also highly educational. You may be able to open a portal to a “channel network” of education. This is especially powerful when it is 3 or more. So, in a sense, it is a “group channeling” because the intentional energy of a group of human consciousnesses focused on opening loving portals to wisdom – creates its own living “portal fields” when you do this.

20. It is less that you are opening a portal and more than you are moving, through your vibrations, into the flow of natural portals of information and learning and visioning. Many times, the information will be visual, and you must interpret the meaning.

21. It will be very good if you also pay special attention to your feelings -- your physical and emotional feelings -- when having this experience because they are so key to the fabric, the structure, the geometry of a “portal of learning.”

22. I will leave you with this thought, that the creation of a fields of “portals of learning” is a very high-intelligence, intentional community action which you can do even at this stage of spiritual and consciousness development. And it is very good to share your experiences and knowledge from this exploration.

23. Think of yourself as a cosmic explorer of the many wisdoms and visions which flow through the Universe as Lessons of Light.

24. I greet you and leave you now with great love and admiration and appreciation of all that you are and will become.

-- Oron


One strong sense I got after transcription, was that "Oron" is stressing a shift in our communication in the class, to communicate with us interdimensionally in some new ways, as a class exercise -- and understanding and entering deep sound “portal” meditation states more readily will enable this. He  said he might surprise us… 🙂

I also got a sense that it would be good to make a list of even 3 actions or meditation exercises we could do in the next few days, to expand the understanding of portals – including simply journaling about your understanding of portals, or having conversations with your own guides about portals. -- SHR


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