Grandmother on Living as a Conscious Creator Daily

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This Audio Blog moved my thinking to a much higher level, a much more conscious level of creativity in all aspects of daily life -- not as something to work on occasionally. It made the case for increasing our awareness of the "fields of consciousness" around us that we are creating, that others create -- and the environmental power of creating "consciously" every day. Creating new "fields" in personal interaction. A challenge -- but a new kind of interpretation of "creativity" as well as the power of focused consciousness.

"Grandmother on Living as a Conscious Creator Daily," Recorded 10-2-19, posted 10-10-19, 8 minutes, 19 seconds.

Click here to play "Grandmother on Living as a Conscious Creator Daily," Recorded 10-2-19, Posted 10-10-19, 8 minutes, 19 seconds. Read and listen simultaneously for maximum energetic effect and understanding.


SHR: Grandmother, do you have a message or guidance for us today?


1.     There is much known but little information available about the “consciousness” vibrations of your life and form. Yet you are fully aware that it is your thoughts that propel your daily reality.

2.     If someone brings something to your attention that you have forgotten, you will note that -- you have simply “forgotten” it. It was not in your conscious vibrational “range,” and it did not have conscious vibrational “intention” for your focus and for your creative conscious abilities.

3.     So, at some level, you are aware of the great creative power of your consciousnessI repeat: At some level, you are aware of the great creative power of your consciousness.

4.     Your very choice of thoughts and radiating love and light, those choices each day make your life as you know it: They describe it, they color it, they give it texture.

5.     Now, if you are given this information, this ancient and future knowledge about the power of your own creative consciousness “vibrations,” then you can become “a conscious creator” with much higher levels of vibration, much higher levels of creativity, and much greater awareness of the power of your own intention.

6.     So, when we say “It is a good thing to tap into your higher creative consciousness” when you go into deeper states of meditation with sound which matches deeper states of meditation, such as deep “alpha” or deep “theta” wave sound meditation, then you become intentionally focused on the creative power of your higher – we should say broader range of consciousness. You simply do not focus on this broader range of consciousness! It is like you forgot!

7.     But in these deep meditations of creative consciousness, you remember! You focus! You intend – to use creative consciousness in a very loving and caring and light-filled way that radiates love and light to others.

8.     When you remember, when you have higher vibrational consciousness intention, you begin to create a different reality -- and different fields and planes of reality and consciousness around you, that can be felt by others and experienced by others – sometimes as joy!

9.     Connecting “creativity” and “vibrations” and “higher joy” together, connecting those dots:

  • Creativity
  • Higher Vibrations
  • Joy

-- that is a very powerful triangulation!

10.  And I say to you that if you focus on these things in deep meditation – creativity, higher vibrations, joy – expanding that to radiate that consciousness to all others then you reach a stage of “matching” or awareness of higher vibration consciousness fields which are capable of interdimensional communication, and at the higher levels, interdimensional creativityActually creating “things” in other dimensions.

11.  You do this without conscious awareness all the time. Every powerful emotion and intention cause interdimensional activity and spill over into other dimensions.

12.  But when you do it consciously with practice, with deep meditation, understanding the power of matching sound to vibrations and vibrations to sound at deeper levels – very expansive and loving and glowing light-filled levels – you not only become a different being, you live a different life.

13.  And you can model that life. You can make a contribution of your committed, disciplined intention to live in that vibration, to practice that vibration, to practice radiating love and light to others. That is a different life. It is a blessed life. You are a blessed being.

14.  You are eternally capable of living this kind of life in every dimension, including the 3rd dimension!

15.  Meditate, increase your vibrations, and increase your higher consciousness creativity – and relationships and loving communication!

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


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Image by Harold Ward from Pixabay