“Grandmother on Make Time for New Creativity — Becoming Something Unexpected. Empowering Meditation/Preparation Time for a New Future on Earth.”

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Greetings from Grandmother…

I would like to welcome you to a startling era…where, for a time for many of you, there is space, there is room for new creations in the mind New desires to blossom and become something unexpected.

YOU can become something unexpected.

In these times, the mind also explores, “How can I be more prepared for future events of this and other kinds? But for the first time in the modern era, with global impact, you are seriously thinking about this.

What I would love for you to do is to begin focus your great creative energy, which is already beginning to blossom, on “How can I prepare so that all others will have resources and the help they need during global crises? So that all life on Earth survives and thrives even during the most difficult times? How can I personally be this creative, be this interconnected with all consciousness and all beings across the Earth?”

Right now, it is very clear that the discipline which has been called for on planet Earth is happening by all human beings everywhere. There is a great effort to do this. So, it is clear that conscious focus and decisions do have an impact.

A great lesson is being learned. A great motivator is being freed. The idea that all together, 7 billion people can do great things – all focused at the same time on solving some of the problems that 7 billion creative consciousnesses helped to co-create!

The idea that there might be more choices for your creativity, for your explorations of higher dimensions of thought, happier playgrounds in eternity -- this idea is beginning to “be painted in the mind.”

I would like you to consider taking your “preparation” role very seriously,  a planet-wide “preparation” role – by allotting a half hour, an hour each day, to deep meditation on love for this wonderful planet that you’re envisioning, and a different creative life, happiness for you as well as for all others.

You see, if you come together while you have “time” to allot this special creative focus or force – Time! – many, many things will begin to happen which are not impossible at all!

You begin with meditation on love. And this is like a trigger for new thinking, because you realize as you sit and meditate on love, that right now there isn’t a time limit. In many, many cases there is nowhere that you can go and nothing that you need to do with a deadline. And you can let these meditations of the mind, the higher mind, begin to flourish.

You will discover that this is a treasure hunt!

You only discover this when you have the time to free the mind in higher vibrations. I strongly recommend sound meditations at this time, focused on the co-creation a new Earth and a new identity for Earth. This is part of your preparation for the future.

All life, every animal, bird, fish, every germ, every stone, every bit of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water is part of this co-creation. So, include them when you go into deep meditations of love.

Love for all others. Love for those with whom you disagree, because that is still the soil and the atmosphere, the hearts of the Earth.

Love for all beings, the ability to love all beings and open the heart and open the mind to new co-creation, is the greatest preparation for future crisis that you can have.

And what will surprise you is that Creativity itself is an amazing, amazing engine! Once you free the higher self, the higher creative mind with time to focus. It has been, in a way, limited, because you have not allowed the time to focus.

And do this artistically. Meditate outside. Meditate with drawing materials, with painting materials. Dance your creativity with beautiful music. But allow that higher creative mind to be free!

Try this for one week, just to free that mind! Just to give it 30 minutes a day, one hour a day to open your heart to the Earth, for all life on Earth.

And let that love “roll out” – like a new “launch”! 7 billion people rolling out love with open hearts on Earth -- would be a new “launch”!

Let’s try that!

With great love for you, with great admiration, with great “family” connections, I am Grandmother from Another Planet.

-- Grandmother from Another Planet