2) Grandmother on When You Change You, You Change Reality 10-17-19

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There is a very strong, profound desire to change reality right now. But because we are working on a special meditation class on "future lineages" - the idea that when you change you -- and focus on that in deep and powerful meditation, you are actually changing that reality. Could that be possible?

How powerful is our consciousness? What happens when we have a strong desire to change ourselves to match the new reality we want to see? Can it change future "timelines"? For the class of October 18, 2019.

"Grandmother on When You Change You, You Change Reality," #2 Recorded/Posted 10-17-19, 7 minutes, 11 seconds.

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You are always creating the reality before you that you wish to change.

We will introduce a new concept in the “I Am You and You Are Me” principle. And that is, that it applies to the Reality that you see. You are this Reality, and this Reality is you.

You are part of massive co-creation of this Reality. And your role in this is far beyond anything you can imagine.

So let us reverse the focus and say, that if you want to expand your own sensory awareness, intuition, soul growth, range of perception – then you are going to change reality.  Do you see the difference?

You might say, “Well, I would like to change this reality. I want it to be different.” Fine. If you then begin to work on “you,” you will change this reality. And then you will see something new and wonder how it got there! Because at some level, you do not have faith that when you begin to work on “you,” you are changing this reality!

Every step you take to make a change in this reality, individually or in group consciousness, affects every other being.

Every moment of work which you do to bring yourself to a higher level of love and forgiveness, is changing the reality you know. But you are often surprised when high synchronicity and more loving events and circumstances emerge. Do not be surprised.

At some point, and you can viscerally connect the dots, the Boomerang Principle is in full effect:

  • When you work on yourself, you work on the entire reality.
  • When you work on yourself, you work on the entire reality.
  • When you work on yourself, you work on the entire reality.

Be careful what you ask for… Do you see? It is not just a humorous comment. Whatever you ask for is a form of “working on you,” of soul growth, of expanded identity and expanded goals. Your work to expand your horizons expands the horizons of this reality always.

This is a great deal of responsibility, but the awareness in higher dimensions takes that into account. It is just daily life. It is perfectly normal to understand it.

So, if you set aside on your calendar an hour a day, and you say, “I’m going to work on myself, I’m going into deep meditation.” And then you take some other time, and you say, “Well, I’m going to be of service to others. How can I do that today? How can I bring love and joy and help into someone else’s life?” – YOU HAVE CHANGED REALITY.

Once you understand and even observe that you can do this, it changes your attitude about your own thoughts and intentions. You see, you have a reality that you have intended and co-created. The issue is becoming aware that you are doing this in deeper states, so that you can begin to do such things with a co-creative consciousness that is so loving and healing – and so aware of others and your impact on them; and the potential for you to help them, to be family to them, to assure everyone feels safe and loved and cared for, wherever they are in the universe. [Note: “Received during transmission: You are impacting future lineages and lives and beings with every thought!”]

You are a very powerful being, and in some ways, a bit of denial of that is how we come to today’s reality. So, begin to contemplate that.

If the consciousness of your being and your focus are very powerful, and you are co-creating this reality and impact every moment of every day – you are doing this in your sleep, you are doing this with every gesture to another being for it represents connection in many dimensions: There will be a time when this dawns on you at a level of awareness that is a surprise! And the idea simply comes to you as if it were always “in your bones,” so to speak. It is such a deep awareness:

  • “What I do affects every other human being, every other being in the universe.”
  • “What I do, what I think, affects every other being, every human being, in the universe.

And that is a different “you,” that is a different life, and, believe me, that is a different dimension.

-- Grandmother from Another Planet

“If the world appears abundant in smiles or overwhelmed by scowls, you might ask yourself if you're not to blame.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich, Smile Anyway
“If your actions were to boomerang back on you instantly, would you still act the same? Doing to others an act you’d rather not have done to you reveals a powerful internal conflict.”
― Alexandra Katehakis
“If you want your boomerang to come back, first you've got to throw it.” ― Steven Hall


Does the Boomerang Principle apply to what we do not do, think, radiate as love and understanding? -- SHR


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