Grandmother on The Power of Every Thought, Message, and Communication

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First of 4 wonderful messages today! This one began without my even asking a question. "Grandmother here!" -- was how the first message began. Kind of comforting after I  had been upset that a beautiful recording from Grandmother last night about the "living" and vital nature of every single word...was lost in a technical malfunction. Geomagnetics? But nothing is ever "lost" she says... And describes in this blog the very "alive" power of every single human thought, message, and communication.

"Grandmother on the Power of Every Thought, Message, and Communication," 12 minutes, 8 seconds, Recorded/Posted 10-25-19.

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Grandmother here! All messages are received at the perfect healing time!

Greetings from another dimension is an event for both dimensions!

At any point that you sit and meditate with a slow enjoyment of the timeline, of deep contemplation -- that event is transmitted in certain wave frequencies and recognizable in other dimensions -- with different sensory perception, including the perception of subtle intention.

If your intention in your meditation is to be peaceful and loving, to be in a state of bliss, this is a gift to your immediate dimension and surroundings. And it is perceived as a gift by consciousness in other dimensions. And in some cases by those around you in the 3rd dimension who are sensitive to very subtle shifts in energy.

The simplest meditation is a"reaching out" to another dimension of you.

It is an event of a "you" which is less known but imagined in this time, in this era, in this timeline. The "you" which can be in multiple frequencies at a state of "rest" simultaneously -- is an extraordinary "you"! So relish this ability in the same way that you relish the ability to do or accomplish a number of things at once.

And always take into account that when you meditate, you are communicating frequencies. I repeat: When you meditate, when you are in prayer, you are communicating frequencies. And they are received according to the level of intention and the wave-form vibration of your meditation, by those beings who perceive in that plane. And sometimes these are people who are near you or whom you know well.

Meditation is a form of intentional communication. It is a gift. This act of scheduling and registering time on your calendar for peace and bliss and personal contemplation, together in groups or as a single individual who is also multidimensional -- is a gift! It is a greeting, in its own way.

I perceive your "reaching out" in meditation. Now, a thought for you to ponder: Do you receive my "reaching out" in meditation? Do you see?

Each thought or message, in a way, is a living being. It forms a kind of sphere of intention. These can be great spheres of beauty, love, and light. Each one created is creating a portion of a new timeline! And so, consider also that meditation is a form of creativity. It involves creation of different states and different thoughts, of different vibrations -- within the context of your usual dominant vibrations. You are, therefore, creating something new in your reality. 

No message or thought or prayer is ever lost. All live as "thought form beings," in their own way. And you know this intrinsically.

I will give you an example. When you write a poem or a communication to someone, when you write a story as an author, as a playwright, there is a point at which you feel that story, that play, is a living thing. It has a name. It is very real to you and to those who help bring that play or story into reality in a form or platform of communication.

Well, in the same way, your visions and your peace and bliss in meditation are living things. At some level you are aware of the great miracle and marvel that creation of such living things -- at what that entails, at who you are when you create that. There is an overt or subtle joy in such creation!

And so I say to you, to take this time as a creator, in the same way you would take time to paint a painting or write a communication to another, take that time in your day, regardless of the chaos in the world and in fact prompted by it -- to enter a state of balance and a state of peace and love as a gift to others, as a gift to you, in order to bring your own creativity into this timeline.

The degree to which creativity is a powerful aspect of changing timelines and of deep meditation -- is often missed. I would like for you not to miss it.

I would like for you to have increasing awareness of the creative action in each meditation, each spoken word, each creative thought. Then you will flow them in different ways. You will monitor and arrange your vibrational flowing in a way to make life very pleasant for you and others in surprising, creative ways. It begins with awareness.

Grandmother here! And I am always thinking and communicating, as are you. Let us do it together with great awareness of the impact it has on each of us when we do this!

We are communities of communicators and creators. That is who we are. That's the greatest message of all. Live your day that way. Communicate with others as you would like to receive communication, and thus change your timeline and your path.

With love and greetings! Grandmother!

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


Photo Credit: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay