Grandmother on 2 Steps to Increase Higher Consciousness Communication Ability

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A powerful set of steps, explaining the impact of this kind of Higher Consciousness Communication ability and a daily practice of deep meditation with alpha-theta state sound.  A very different kind of 2 Step “dance with reality”…

“Grandmother on 2 Steps to Increase Higher Consciousness Communication Ability,” Recorded/Posted 1-16-20, 6 minutes, 47 seconds.

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I want to give you “2 Steps” to take in your daily practices to increase your ability to communicate in what we are calling “higher states of consciousness.” But it could be also said that they are higher states of awareness, of understanding, of compassion, of love.

One of these that is important in your reality at a vaster range of vibrations -- is the use of Sound, in what you call alpha or theta-range sound. But those sounds and those practices of making music which resonate greatly with you: Pay attention to the ones that bring you peace, that make you happy, that make you joyful, that make you want to share with others.

Playing drums, playing musical instruments in a positive way – very, very powerful, your work with sound -- all kinds of sound that is very calming or makes you feel joyful. And that is how you know the power of the sound to achieve what we have been discussing, which is the expansion of higher consciousness, higher loving states of communication.

If you begin to practice with different instruments and different sounds, you will discover many things. If you begin to practice outside in natural environments, you will learn other things about “natural sound.” There are also other sounds which can be recorded with your technology. And if you do not over-expose yourself to electrical distortions or electromagnetic field distortions overly, then you may also use these in a very powerful way.

Now, why would you use these, and how would you use them? If you are playing a musical instrument or the drums or crystal bowls or metal bowls or bells -- this is obvious. You know what to do, and you can play these instruments of any kind – keyboards, guitars, flutes. Wooden flutes are particularly effective.

But how do you use them in conjunction with Step 2, which is meditative focus? This is higher-consciousness focus. So, for today, let’s call it that: A commitment to go into states of higher consciousness focus. These are states of higher love.

And I want to stress that, because it is the focus on love and gratitude and communication and healing, whether for yourself or for a whole planet, that bring about amazing increases in ranges of vibrations and the ability to experience other dimensional realities, as well as your own.

So, a commitment to time in your day, to meditate, and additional time to do such meditation experiments will come to you. You might have time when you are sitting in your car or on other transportation -- or time when you are waiting.

All time is open to interdimensional communication and experiments. And the combination of these higher states of love, of communication, of consciousness – and the power of this kind of healing and loving sound -- cannot be over-estimated. It is a different reality.

And like any other reality, it is partially co-created using your own conscious focus. So, for that moment, you are creating a focused reality.

That is why this is so important and can be such a powerful part of your day. This is very pragmatic, this business of higher-consioucsness loving focus. This will change your relationships and how your days go. It will enable you to increase options that would be available, so that if you are upset or if you don’t know what to do about the problem, you can soon learn that:

These are states to enter in which there will be in most cases, greater clarity and calmness, and in some cases joy -- which results from going into these states when you are trying to solve problems or when you are trying to calm yourself.

So, these are 2 Steps for your thoughtful consideration that could change how you relate to the world, how you create your own world, how you co-create the world you live in, with much greater love and compassion.

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


Photo Credit: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay