Grandmother on Extraterrestrial Contact

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"This business of extraterrestrial and extradimensional communication is self-discovery, with the deepest love."
-- Grandmother from Another Planet

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Today I would like to speak about what you call “extraterrestrial contact.” This is actually higher range human consciousness communication ability. That’s what is involved.

You are in contact with those of higher dimensions and other what you think of as “civilizations,” but they are simply part of the human consciousness family -- many, many families in the Universe.

This is a question of opening to and expanding your own higher creative, intuitional communication abilities -- and not a case of your not being “contacted” by those with much more expanded and higher dimensional communication abilities.

You are always in contact at some level of the higher aspects of your being. But as you have experimented in the realms of industrialization and technology, and this is an experiment for the purpose of learning -- which is just fine -- you have unfortunately experienced some “dampening” of your ability to perceive the contact and the incredible pervasiveness of life of every kind in the Universe.

Moreover, you have less ability now to perceive the communication in the networks of “animals” as you call them and “tree networks,” especially -- the networks of communication of plants and very small things, of mountains and stones and very large things, of clouds, of whole oceans…

So, to look forward to extraterrestrial “contact” in the future would be like saying “I look forward to contact from the trees in the future.”  The trees are here! The trees are always contacting you, to the extent that your range of communication is able to comprehend and translate this information.

Regardless, these networks of “consciousness civilizations,” such as the trees, are still interacting with you and, in effect, working with you to heal you. Regardless of what you do to the trees, the trees are still there for you, which is quite extraordinary.

Now, in your “delta” state consciousness, which you would call sleep, you sometimes experience dreams that are remembered. So, I would like you to begin to think of your sleep as a state of consciousness which is just different -- such as alpha or theta state -- and not something that is completely separate from human consciousness ranges. If you begin think of this as another realty to which you have access, you will begin to understand the nature of “contact” differently.

The second thing you have to begin to reinterpret is your understanding of other “languages” of communication and of reality, particularly in the form of symbols and images and sounds and colors and smells. These are all “languages” in many “senses” – and I mean that word in its double meaning…

So, your sensory awareness has evolved to a point where you believe that your “senses” have nothing to do with “communication” or “language”; and that the only “language” is the “linear language” of certain alphabets and symbols, as agreed upon in your society.

Right before you, there is a vast, vast panorama of language and of experience, when you activate all of your many “senses,” and you actually practice interpreting and understanding these “languages” in deeper states of meditation.

I have said before that meditation is a form of interdimensional communication. Well, now let me say it IS interdimensional communication. This is a deeper consciousness state which is open to both receiving and sending communication. It is different than the state of your normal waking hours, the “beta” state. It is simply different. But it is still a form of communication.

You are always “communicating” and receiving communication. If you walk down the street, you are “transmitting” in your being -- in your appearance, your smell, your textures, what you choose to wear, what you choose to sing or say, aromas that you choose to wear, how you walk -- transmits information.

And you are constantly interpreting this about everything in your environment in the same way. But you are simply untrained. You have not explored this to a great extent. And you have not had much opportunity to communicate and converse with those who regularly communicate and are sensitive to communication from these non-linear elements of your reality.

Yet many thousands of years ago, it was quite “normal” to be able understand the language of the environment around you, the language of the trees and the land and the animals and the birds, the language even of the stars. You see, you think of ancient peoples and traditional peoples receiving “star being messages,” as you would call them, as being something extraordinary or mythological.

No, it was simply the ability to speak the “language,” to receive the information.

Nothing has changed in the transmissions. There is more transmission than ever before! You have contact constantly!

You are constantly in a state of life, knowledge, education, and even consciousness, which with just a little bit of training, you can expand that state to be able to communicate with extraterrestrial and extradimensional beings, and to see – and I want to underline this – to see the past and the future as well as the present.

This is an extraordinary thing, the range of consciousness perception which is possible when you are aware of the range and begin to expand it.

Now, one of the things that is important to this expansion, is in your meditations, to focus on love and gratitude and forgiveness. This expanded range of communication at very high levels is very easy to handle and to train as you open the heart to a different kind of love and caring and compassion, interconnectedness, for all life, all beings -- all human life, all life, all consciousness.

Every minute portion of reality is conscious. Therefore, all communicate.

So, if you want to discuss extraterrestrial communication -- what you call “ET” communication -- in greater detail, you need to be able to expand your communication “technology” or “equipment” which is personal and human – not that which this in your scientific experiments, which sometimes dampen that ability.

You can, right now at this moment, carry on communication in other dimensions and expand your range of perception, right now. And there was never a more extraordinary time to expand this ability.

Now this is a different kind of learning program, when you begin to learn for the specific purpose of being able to communicate in other dimensions, frequencies, and vibrations. We will have a great deal more to say about this.

But I just want to underscore that you are in communication with extraterrestrial and extradimensional beings and civilizations all of the time. You are in communication with the plants and animals -- and with the great “stone nation” and the crystals and the mountains and the clouds and the waters -- all of the time. You are even in communication with those elements which you think of as “toxic”; you are in communication even with “air pollution” -- without being aware that all of this is conscious and living and that you are a co-creator of this great experiment in learning to communicate from the heart in higher dimensional ranges.

This is not to be devoid of the heart. And that has been a difficulty.

This is a human family. Loving all of the members of the human family, loving all of the members of light and love in a planetary family, the family of Earth – that is your communication program of learning at this time.

So, if you would study this course, you would sit for long periods and meditate upon love of all of the beings on your planet. And from this grows compassion -- and a desire to see that all beings and all life, all elements of what you think of as “terrain” that is separate from you but is actually part of your co-creation, your being -- all of these are wonderful, loving elements of the Universe and are part of you.

And as you meditate deeper and deeper on love, you will see the extraterrestrial communication, the extradimensional communication networks which are happening every day, which are in place.

It is a question of your turning on and tuning in these communications.

And the astounding part is that you will come to realize that you have been missing communication with your own higher self and many, many aspects of your higher self -- many lives, many elements of your past, present, and future. It is self-discovery.

This business of extraterrestrial and extradimensional communication is self-discovery, with the deepest love.

You are such extraordinary beings, and this is such an extraordinary time. Do not think these are bad times, these chaotic times.

These are the times of the greatest soul growth, which you realize that only love can bring a different world, a new world. You are very, very blessed beings.

You are universally loved. You are eternally loved.

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


Photo Credit: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay