Grandmother on A Deep Healing Planetary Meditation: 10 Levels of Love

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At this time on our beautiful planet, "A Deep Healing Planetary Meditation: 10 Levels of Love," from Grandmother from Another Planet. Play and experience this deep healing, planetary healing sound meditation for yourself, or together in groups, and know that others everywhere are sharing deep Meditations of Love for Healing on Earth, wherever they live, whatever they believe, whoever they are, wherever they come from...

We Are Family...


"Even fears have their own beauty as they transmute into 'Courageous Acts of Kindness...'"


This is a guided meditation, a kind of class. Listen below to "Grandmother on a Deep Healing Planetary Meditation: 10 Levels of Love," Recorded/Posted 3-9-20, 20  minutes, 58 seconds: A Meditation.

Click Audio Player to play "Grandmother on a Deep Healing Planetary Meditation: 10 Levels of Love," Recorded/Posted 3-9-10, 20 minutes, 58 seconds. A meditation for your personally or to do in groups... As this was recorded impromptu in a deep emotional state, please forgive the breathing which came through so strongly...perhaps breath from another planet... ūüôā

Let us begin new Courageous Acts of Kindness...



March 9th, 2020.

For some time now, you have been aware of a changing global context. But it has not been personal; it has been global. And now, each aspect of your personal existence is being affected by a global context.

It is very difficult for you to think of your own identity and future in the loving way that you should be thinking of it, without thinking of all the activities on the total globe -- and your concern for all life and for all who are ill from the virus which you are concerned about,  and for all who are ill of anything at all. It all suddenly hits home when the context changes.

The most important thing for you to do to begin to shift into a higher dimensional reality perspective at this time, is to shift into higher states of love, of oneness... 

For truly, "I am you, and you are me..." And whatever happens to one of us, happens to all of us... So the greatest possibly empathy and compassion are required...

Now we are going to do something together, to shift into a higher state of love. And over time, we are going to do several things together.

At this time, we are going to do a higher dimensional healing and centering process, by taking the "Meditation on Love" to 10 Levels. (See "Meditation-Sound" for this meditation.)

I would like you to begin to relax...and to feel great love for yourself and for all other beings and all other life -- and great appreciation for the wonderful life on Planet Earth. And begin to envision that life in all of its ranges of beauty and symmetry and asymmetry...its openheartedness.

Even fears have their own beauty as they transmute into "Courageous Acts of Kindness..."

Now, before we even meditate on love, I would like to stress to you, that if you simply begin to focus on "Courageous Acts of Kindness," and doing this for others -- many things in your life will become clearer about what your next steps might be if everything changes around you:

"Courageous Acts of Kindness"

Have some in mind that you might could do. Even if things change such that you can't travel, you can't go out in your usual way... There are many things you can do.

So, our subject for this particular message, this, let us say "thought orb," is "Courageous Acts of Kindness." "Courageous Acts of Love," really.

So, let us do this together!

Now, for this, and I want you to bear with me, I am going to provide a little bit of sound in our background, which is available on your internet, just bear with me, because it is important for us to join in deep meditative sound much more than you think, much more than you think that would be possible.

Now, (click for sound if you are reading) -- here is some sound that  seems appropriate.*So let us begin together:




Take 3 Deep Breaths...

Meditate on Love, Level 1.

Feel yourself expanding in the universe, becoming more compassionate and expansive, existing everywhere.


3 Deep Breaths...

Meditate on Love, Level 2.

Feel yourself entering a wonderful state of bliss...


3 Deep Breaths...

Meditate on Love, Level 3.

Feel yourself expanding into greater bliss, into a deeper state of love.


3 Deep Breaths...

Mediate on Love, Level 4.

Feel yourself entering a state of peace and calm, a state of understanding...


And now, 3 Deep Breaths...

Meditate on Love, Level 5.

Feel yourself entering a state of expanded awareness, the size of this whole star system. Feel your love expanding. Feel yourself calming, with a much higher dimensional view of all that is going on in your world. And an appreciation for the great gifts and lessons, for the rapid soul growth which is happening. New energies of a new time are stirring, and you are part of it. You are a co-creator in these events. 


3 Deep Breaths...

Meditate on Love, Level 6.

You are expanding in calm and peace and love beyond the planet Earth and all of the planets in this star family system. Feel yourself expanding, beginning to move into a state of bliss, in which you start to experience a slightly different kind of happiness. A state which can go on forever...


3 Deep Breaths...

Meditate on Love, Level 7.

Feel yourself becoming even calmer and full of love, expanding, healing, with great compassion for all beings, all life. Feel this love expanding into a great love and appreciation for yourself...for all those whom you know, all your family and friends and others who are very important to you. Feel that love expanding into a different plane, a different reality, where clarity and new vision cause a different feeling.


3 Deep Breaths...

Meditate on Love, Level 8.

"I am you, and you are me," at the highest dimensional levels.


3 Deep Breaths...

Meditate on Love, Level 9.

Feel yourself entering a state of beautiful love and light, great peace, great "seeing" across all time and space, being comforted, comforting others. Feeling that you are this love. You are a "light being." You have a great heart...


3 Deep Breaths...

Meditate on Love, Level 10.

Be at peace, be in oneness. Feel yourself radiating love and light and healing across the planet Earth, across all time and space...feeling yourself interconnected and whole and refreshed. Feel new cells and atoms of light and love, transmuting transforming your whole body and spirit, in deep relaxation, in the deepest calm and peace, in the deepest state of oneness.


You are a most magnificent, eternal being. And this is a time when your great prayers and your great soul growth could be the most extraordinary contribution which you can make on planet Earth for all beings, who fear being ill, but are such beautiful, eternal beings -- learning lessons, but always eternal...

And in this deep state of love, you make a contribution -- you involve yourself in the co-creation of beautiful worlds, of beautiful new beings, of beautiful new great lives with even higher soul growth than you have ever known...

We are that love.

We are one.

We are eternal.

We are Family...

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


Photo Credit: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

*Sound Credit: Power Thoughts Meditation Club - available to everyone online. Do subscribe. "432 Hz Miracle tone - Raise Positive Vibrations | Healing Frequency 432 hz | Positive Energy Boost"