Grandmother on Why Do Deep Personal Meditation States on Love Matter for Relationships and Health?

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This 5 Levels of Love Meditation is an example of what Grandmother means in this message about "Meditation States on Love."

Several years ago, we began a meditation sequence in a higher consciousness studies class, with deep sound playing in the background (like those listed on the "Meditation-Sound" page).

Today's message from Grandmother about deeper states of "Meditation on Love" -- can be understood more fully by simply doing the meditation:


Play meditative sound and relax in a quiet place, eyes closed.

  1. Take three deep breaths. Say aloud slowly:
    "Meditate on Love, Level 1." (2-3 minutes in silent meditation)
  2. Take three deep breaths. Say aloud slowly:
    "Meditate on Love, Level 1." (2-3 minutes in silent meditation)
  3. Take three deep breaths. Say aloud slowly:
    "Meditate on Love, Level 1." (2-3 minutes in silent meditation)
  4. Take three deep breaths. Say aloud slowly:
    "Meditate on Love, Level 1." (2-3 minutes in silent meditation)
  5. Take three deep breaths. Say aloud slowly:
    "Meditate on Love, Level 1." (2-3 minutes -- or 5 minutes or as long as you like, in silent meditation)

You may also guide others through this meditation. Or use this meditation state with sound before proceeding with other guided meditations, prayers, or practices -- or seek guidance or messages at each level.

This blog, "Grandmother on Why Do Deep Personal Meditation States on Love Matter for Relationships and Health?" -- Recorded/Posted 1-28-29, 11 minutes, 15 seconds, goes much deeper into why meditating on deeper states of love can have a profound impact on your life, health, and relationships. Knowing that I can stop anytime and do this simple, calming meditation has changed my daily life and helped me remember what is really important...

Click Audio Player to play "Grandmother on Why Do Deep Personal Meditation States on Love Matter for Relationships and Health?", Recorded/Posted 1-28-20, 11 minutes, 15 seconds.



Why does it matter greatly when you enter deep states of personal meditation and contemplation and gratitude and love each day? The entering of deep meditative states in this kind of focus changes your vibrations, your frequency, the fields of energy which surround you and which other people perceive. Even before your day begins, this can be transformed.

And that means that your responses to other human beings and your ability to take in information from a higher dimensional perspective -- is increased each day.

So, even if you do not feel as well that day or have some serious concerns, if you begin the day meditating on love, relaxing in deep sound, if you begin the day with self-affirmation and affirmation of others which goes deeper than the surface, which is forgiving and compassionate – you truly are creating a different world for yourself -- for your friends and family, for the establishment of new relationships.

Every affirmative word and thought, every bit of compassion for yourself, honoring of yourself and others, changes all of the parameters, the paradigms in the “fields” around you, in ways which – while you cannot see them – are strongly felt and in a way, are visible, in your physical body language, your sparkle, your happiness, your expansiveness.

Nothing brings greater joy than to be a “being” who regularly enters rooms and circumstances with a smile and a great deal of true, loving, deep affirmation for other beings and for the self. A being who is happy to see you is a joy indeed!

Now, this deeper meditative state, which you create and enter by focusing on deeper and deeper levels of love, is also a state of mind or consciousness -- in which, with practice, you can communicate as well as meditate in higher dimensions. And that communication is itself a change in consciousness and a change in frequency -- which matters much more than you think.

You believe that if you meditate alone, for the most part, that the impact is only sensed by you. But that is not true! This is perceived in other dimensions. It is perceived in states where the higher aspects of “you” come together in oneness – a “you” of many lives, ancient and future. This effort has a tremendous impact.

And the “signature” of it, the residue of it, the atmosphere of it, stays in your “field” when you then go out and interact with other people and when you interact with nature, with animals. All of nature is aware when you have begun your day by creating this kind of “field,” and you walk about and interact with nature in this kind of “field.”

It is a “signature of presence.” It is a gift to others.

Now, if you do this to begin the day, it is much easier for you to quickly shift into that compassionate and expansive and loving mode or gear if something suddenly upsets you during your day.

You are a very blessed, loved being. And when you remind yourself of this and shift into that gear, you then change how you react in most circumstances. Every cell in your body is aware of this and responds to these “fields.” This means that even your health can change for the better when you spend more time in the “healing fields”…in the fields of love and gratitude and forgiveness; in the fields of joy and happiness. And if this happens for you, believe me, it will also be happening for others.

There is a great deal to be grateful for in these times. And it is very important to remind yourself and to carry in your “energy fields” this gratitude for such extraordinary times, even if they seem wild and chaotic.

There is so much to be grateful for because much is becoming visible and much is changing – much about you! Aspects of you, which were perhaps hidden before, are becoming visible and are changing!

The more time you can spend in deep meditation, focused on love, on self-love and love of others, on the acknowledgement of the oneness of all beings, the happier and more radiant will be the life that you lead and the path that you travel, regardless of what is happening.

You can reside in a higher dimension, enter a higher dimension of great joy -- regardless of what is happening around you and in the world. This will be known, and this will be felt.

And if you enter each new day with an awareness that this deep meditation is always available, and your presence in deep meditation always possible, then you begin to understand that you can become a being of love and compassion by simply being willing to enter these states.

This is a discipline, a practice of meditation for love of all beings and for love of your beautiful planet. And if in the meditation you begin to visualize, to see a much better, more peaceful, more beautiful world, a healthier world, without all the problems that concern you – a much happier and healthier “you” – then you begin to create that world. Because it is in these deeper states of love and compassion and gratitude that such creation takes place.

And it is in these deeper states that, with further practice and asking for guidance, that you can begin to have interdimensional conversation and communication -- which are very comforting in these times. A kind of confidence that this is always available, this kind of conversing in other dimensions, begins to become part of your life, how you carry yourself, how you interact with others, how you express your affection and appreciation of others.

Beginning each day, as you go out into the world, affirming other beings, thanking them, giving them gifts of recognition and honor, this changes your life forever -- and your understanding of energetics, reality, physics, and health.

You are very blessed, beautiful beings. Your ability to meditate in these deeper states is a wonder in the Universe!

With great love and affirmation, have a beautiful, wondrous, loving day!

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


“She remembered who she was
and the game changed.” ― Lalah Delia


Photo Credit: Image by Jills from Pixabay