Grandmother on Are We Ever Truly Isolated? Mastering the Art of Higher Dimensional Communication…

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SHR: Grandmother, are we ever truly isolated? And what is the creative nature of this higher dimensional communication ability, which consciousness seems to have?


Let us consider the great artist, the great painter. Now, for the great artist, there is nothing more precious than time alone to create these beautiful paintings. Time to focus. Consecutive time not interrupted.

At some level there is a higher dimensional intelligence “flow” of vision, of feeling, coming into these great paintings and great designs. This is a form of communication for the artist. In this case, isolation is prized, as long as long as the resources are available and occasional help.

But if the artist can never be isolated with her own vision, his own vision, their own vision -- then the great art created while being in 3rd dimensional form, is illusive. Too much distraction from higher dimensional communication. This is a very good example to make the point that you are, we are, never isolated from each other in the larger “energetics” of any reality or dimension. I repeat: Any reality or dimension.

You are never isolated from each other in the larger “energetics” of any reality or dimension.

Even your quantum sciences point to the interconnectedness and “entanglement” of all things.

But in this case, left alone at home with your thoughts, not able to go out… Or if you are at home and you are being sequestered with others, you will seek isolation. It is human consciousness nature to sometimes want to be alone to soar in the creative mind or to simply do something that brings joy, to read the book or to watch something online that gives a sense of comfort. This is a nourishment.

In many senses, you are not “isolated.” You have “time,” which is multidimensional, open to you in a rare, rare event on Earth, in which you can daily have time to practice interdimensional communication and creativity! In fact, to master its arts...

In the same, way you could take this time and paint a painting or write a book or create a new art form! I would strongly encourage you to begin to be a lot more playful with what you think of as your identity and your consciousness – your higher dimensional intelligence. You have the time!

In our deep meditations with sound, we always seeking some level of communication – meaning, we are seeking some kind of sensory input with the eyes closed or we are seeking no sensory input with the eyes closed, but either way, there is a messageThere is a different reality available to us beyond the room where we sit with our eyes closed.

There is a different reality available to us beyond the room where we sit with our eyes closed.

In fact, if you are feeling “isolated,” here is a little exercise. It may seem contradictory but try it! If you are very bored, get a notebook, not a phone. Shut off all of the electronics. Just sit in your room with a notebook. Close your eyes. And if you can have sound without too much interference of electronics, have deep meditative alpha or theta or other sound – and sit. Simply sit. Allow your mind to wander.

At first it will wander to your to-do list and to other things or random thoughts. But if you set an intention of higher dimensional communication, you will very quickly find that you are not as isolated as you think. Especially if you ask questions! And that is Step 1 in mastering the art of higher dimensional communication and creativity.

Whether your question is, “How shall I create this beautiful new drawing that I would like to do?” Or, “What new program would I like to create?” Or, “How can I solve this relationship problem that I have?” Or, “How can I be more loving, more compassionate?”  It is the question that begins the interdimensional communication.

In the same way, when you go to do your work at another location, you set an intention to go to a particular place and do a particular job. Well, I am telling you that if you, in your place, alone in your room, set an intention to use your consciousness to travel, to “commute” to a new kind of work in higher dimensional intelligence reality, and to communicate with higher dimensional guides or teachers of some kind, you will absolutely find that you have a job going wanting fulfilling!

It is an extraordinary discovery! And it may come to you from any one of the senses that you know, or the higher senses. Right now, we’re thinking of seven. You have

  • Seeing,
  • And Hearing,
  • And Smelling or aroma
  • And Tasting.
  • You have Feeling of both textures and emotions,
  • And you have what you call the 6thSSense of Intuitive “Knowing” –
  • And we want to add a 7th “Supersense” of being able to Sense Time across Dimensions…

From any of these senses can come a message, a communication or an answer to your question. For instance, if you ask a question and you suddenly see the color “blue,” then you have a real mental exercise.

  • What are all the meanings of the word “blue”?
  • Is it just a color?
  • Is it someone’s name?
  • Is it in a song that has a particular set of steps that might help you?
  • Or the name of a book or a film or something else?

Begin to think of every word or sensory item as a multidimensional energy. It has multiple meanings. It has multiple messages.

But in higher dimensional communication, you can also be very imaginative and creative. And imagine that you have an exercise before you to learn from some aspect of your own intelligence, that you, for instance, designate as your “Inner Yoda,” for example, from your fiction. But of course, nothing is fiction… Or your inner Great Writer. Or your Inner Great Artist.

Mastering the art of higher dimensional communication is opening the heart, asking the question with an intention to communicate in higher dimensions and doing this every day – or when you have a burning question.  You usually ask the questions in only  the 3rd dimension and usually of only the people who will give you the answers that you are accustomed to. Let’s try something new in your time of isolation to discover that you are never isolated.

All of the hearts in the universe are beating. All are interconnected. And your mission, in a way, of learning as a soul in many different forms and lives, is to discover and even to create higher forms of communication.

...your mission of learning as a soul in many different forms and lives, is to discover and even to create higher forms of communication.

In your creativity you have created a “planetary “internet.” And I will tell you that there are many interplanetary internets – either in the 3rd dimension or in a sort of hybrid between 3rd and 4th dimension. And there, there begin to be “telepathic internets.” You have this skill; you have this ability. It requires a great deal of love and opening the heart, and a commitment to the future of your time, to learn how to access this and at least to be willing to meditate in deeper states of love and bliss. Because, I will tell you, that is the location of this astounding learning of a skill that is to you magical.

If you are able to do this in a week of isolation – presto! aha! -- I guarantee you, your life would never be the same, ever again. And you would quickly learn that you can call upon this aspect in whatever way that you can bring this in, with whatever focus, this information or this sense of presence, or a sense that there are aspects of you or interconnectedness for you in higher dimensions that is equivalent to ”teachers.”

This is an astounding discovery! With a little bit of commitment – it’s not necessarily training,  it’s commitment -- to intend to do this and to set the time in deep meditation, you will discover that not only are you not isolated but that there are such amazing other realities and other abilities that you will barely ever be able to devote enough time to the isolation necessary to go on these great adventures these star treks! Adventures in consciousness!

For many who are adept at meditation, this is called a sabbatical! So, you might begin to view some of your time now as being on sabbatical. Being on sabbatical with love, with compassion for all beings. Because higher dimensional communication is being in a state of love with all other beings in all times in all universes.

You might begin to view some of your time now as being on sabbatical.

This discovery of interconnected intelligence, which is both inspiring and very practical, is truly one of the greatest discoveries that you can have in a life in 3rd dimensional form. And you would be the first witness to that if you begin to feel this coming through.

This is an extraordinary time of discovery of the power of the sabbatical.

Do not call it isolation. You are never isolated! And with a global internet and your “tele-phone,” you are in contact. But you have not yet reached the “presence” of higher dimensional contact, adventures, and experiences which would cause you to exclaim “aha!” In a way that you never have. And to know yourself as a being who is amazing! A being with abilities beyond even your wildest dreams!

Do not call it isolation. You are never isolated!

I so encourage you to take these little sabbaticals and to begin a journey of mastering the art of higher dimensional communication and interconnectedness with all beings. You are never isolated. You are always all together in the deepest love. All of the hearts beat together.

With great love, I affirm you as you begin this adventure. I am Grandmother from Another Planet.

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


Photo Credit: Pixabay License, Geralt.