Grandmother on Creating New Work and Missions for a New Time on Earth: 6 Impossible Things in Wonderland

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  • Planting new seeds on Earth.
  • Doing Impossible Things, Playing Impossible Roles.
  • Exploring higher creative intelligence.
  • A different planet reality to consider.
  • “Brainstorming” with the self, self-teaching.
  • Transforming symbols and visions into strategies.
  • Re-creating and re-designing the life you most dearly desire in these new times.



You are entering a time when you will be recreating your work and missions with fresh eyes for new times on planet Earth. This will be done with heightened sensitivity about the future, about futures of many, many kinds, depending on Earth changes, on the possibilities of pandemics, on needing to create more resilient, self-sufficient communities which have their own food and water, clean air, as part of their community and neighborhood planning.

These ideals will begin to be part of your thinking about who you are on Earth, why you are here, and what you will do.

Now, an important part of this is that it has already become apparent that you must begin to think way seriously out of the box -- and perhaps off-planet. It is clear that you must begin to think about your health, the health of your family, the health of your environment, in new ways.

If there are strong concerns about building immune system and other health over generations, then you will not be careless about what you purchase for your food, your clothing, your furnishings, your rugs, your building materials. You will be very thoughtful about the water system, about the water and the air in your nearby area, because you will have a genuine concern that everything be healthy so that people are able to withstand any kind of infectious disease -- or even beginning to shift your thoughts to difficulties with food and water or wildfires.

There is a different “planet reality” to consider as you have had time alone in isolation as a form of protection, in your sense. And during this time of self-reflection, not just individuals but families and companies are beginning now to rethink completely their work and missions on planet Earth.

This is an extraordinary time for you to begin to explore your higher creative intelligence, to meditate at deeper levels, and to put on this calendar this kind of “brainstorming with the self” --  self-teaching,  in a way, in new processes where you begin to seriously explore creative mind and options in a way that you never have before.

Now, let us address this by looking at the incredible opportunity of higher dimensional creative ideas and inspirations and “aha’s!” -- the ideas that you might have about new relationships and new partnerships because of the pandemic and because of changes in the geology, geopolitics, even the geography, the climate of Earth. So many changes at once that your higher creative mind can now be greatly inspired.

So now, when I say to you, it is time for you to enter deep meditation, I want to add an aspect. And that is for you to begin to seriously meditate on New Ideas for New Times. Let us call it that.

New Ideas for New Times: A New You.

Now, in order to do this, you will need to understand who you are at this time. This will come when you start to consider “a new you.” What do you want to do, truly?

If you are a being of great consciousness and light and love with enormous potential, what will you do with that? We would highly recommend going into states of deep meditation on love and compassion – and now adding creativity.

And we will teach you how to interpret symbols -- and transform them into strategies. Because the language of the mind in higher states is often that of symbols, whether it comes in a sound, a smell or words or visions.

Now, an amazing symbol is a Vision. And I would like you to try a deep meditation for a moment:

  • And after you have relaxed – and we have meditations online for this (Meditations/Sound) – then I would like you to consider -- let us try this:
  • “What are 6 impossible things, for example, that I could do in this new world?”
  • “What are 6 impossible Roles that I might play?”
  • “6 New Impossible Partnerships that I might form?”

Now, this is a metaphor drawn from one of your works of writing called “Alice in Wonderland” -- but at this stage on planet Earth, you are, in fact, a being entering a stage of new Wonderlands…

The Earth can be transformed. All human consciousness can be transformed.

And, also, you can enter states of higher creativity because of the changing times – that might never have occurred to you before.

So that is your assignment for today to consider: A deep meditation on love, on higher senses. And then to make your list:

  • 6 Impossible Things;
  • 6 Impossible Roles that You Might Play;
  • 6 Impossible Partnerships that You Might Form --
  • In order to re-create and re-design the life which you most dearly desire in these new times, such that you might be of great service to others and such that you also that you might grow, have soul growth as one of the goals of your “impossible-things” planning.

The other aspect is that this is a time, as you begin this,

  • to give great affirmation to yourself:
  • for you to meditate on love for yourself;
  • for you to make lists of the wonderful things that you can do,
  • your wonderful strengths.

These affirmations are like “planting seeds” in the mind, in the timeline, in the life path. You want to plant as many seeds of impossible, wonderful things to dream on, as possible at this time -- because in some cases there will be “blank slates.” And you need to spark your mind away from feeling depressed or isolated -- and into new re-creations of life, work, mission, identity in these times, so that you might have an important role in the transformation of Earth.

With great love for you, with great respect for you, with great honoring of you, and tremendous appreciation for all that you are going through, for everything that you are doing at this time for future generations of children.

You are very blessed beings. You are deeply loving, and deeply caring, and this is your time to soar…to transform, to transmute, to grow new “seeds” on planet Earth.

I am Grandmother from Another Planet.

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." —George Bernard Shaw


“Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Lewis Carroll


“The impossible could not have happened, therefore the impossible must be possible in spite of appearances.” --  Agatha Christi


Photo Credit: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay