Grandmother on Transforming Life and Location in Times of Speedy Evolution

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What is "Speedy Evolution"? And is it happening to you? Feel like you're in the midst of it? One challenge or test after another, not knowing which way to turn or where to move? And it's all happening all over the place, it's happening so can feel yourself being changed...but what does it all mean?

Trying to get a clearer picture, I asked Grandmother for advice -- and it turns out to be especially good advice in the Holiday month, December, before a New Year.

The exercise of laying out your "Ideal Day" turned out to reveal some wonderful new solutions for me on transforming space, where and how to live and offer service to others in the most joyful way...

Try the exercise! What would you want in your "Ideal Day" most every day? Can you design your space and location around it?

The message also challenges us to think as one planetary civilization, one galactic civilizations... Important to think of in terms of "Where, how shall I live?" Include "Where, how shall we live as a Society?"

Enjoy "Grandmother on Transforming Life and Location in Times of Speedy Evolution," recorded 12-8-19, 14 minutes, 57 seconds.

Click Audio Player to play "Grandmother on Transforming Life and Location in Times of Speedy Evolution," Recorded 12-8-19, Posted 12-24-19, 14 minutes, 47 seconds... Listen and read simultaneously for surprising impact. Try the exercise!


SHR: Grandmother, what message do you have today?


When you seek to transform your life in a very large way, partly in response to the transformation happening on a whole planet, you begin to seek a different kind of consciousness, because the level of challenge almost mandates a new level of consciousness.

It is a great work to take on transforming a whole life – where you live, how you live, what is best for being in service to others, what is best for your spiritual work and spiritual development, what is best for your health, what is best for your clarity and your understanding, what is best for your time, so you have time to focus on meditation and spiritual work. Each environment takes its own time.

In nature, this is set up as a kind of ongoing cooperative venture. And all life is aware of what to do, is aware of its role in this drama, and in a sense, at some level, even aware of this caring for each other by participating in the process.

As human consciousness seeks to understand its own awareness -- and to look to the stars and to travel beyond and what to play in the universe – then this becomes a different way of life. And as consciousness changes and societies grow and experiments are made, the cooperative venture can be comprehended as an aspect of higher identity.

And sometimes that larger identity can be quite surprising! And even a shock!

You realize that you can comprehend quite a large scope of existence in the universe, with your human consciousness. And it does make you want to have a more appropriate living situation in order to handle that.

It seems to require new space. New identity seems to require new space and a way to take care of that space, which honors the space and honors you and your time.

So, there is a good place for you to start: What space would honor you and your time and your work in the best way?

And a good Step 1 is to outline your ideal day – your ideal interactions with others. Now this may seem small and mundane, but it truly is not! It is your life!

  • How do you want to spend your day?
  • Do you want to teach and entertain at home?
  • Do you want to take care of a family at home?
  • Do you want to have friends over often at home?
  • Or is your home a place of meditation and writing and work?
  • How do you want to take care of your home so that it is healthy and clean and organized?
  • Or do you want to have many homes and move about nomadically here and there in response to changes in climate and economics and geology as well as geography?

So, you see, you create the space when you sit down and really think about, what would you like your days to be like! And what would you like them to be like at different times of the year?

Now, if this is not in sync with the work that you want to do, then you see already that there is a bit of a conundrum and an obstacle or a, um, “a barrier in your thinking.” Just notice that. Just notice that the ideal day, and the things you would like to do, the people you would like to see are in sync with the ideal work, your sense of mission, how you would like to get out your “light message.” And if not, then begin to plan both the day and work that are a little bit more in sync, in harmony, in balance.

Now, there is a great deal of love of yourself and the Earth, and all the animals and all the environments that might become part of your life that is very important!

Ultimately, you must have a space of love and honor. You must also have a space which you love! And therein lies the challenge! Because this requires resources and funds and, in your culture, furnishings and all sorts of things. So, there becomes a contradiction between identity, purpose, and mission -- and the resources to carry it out being available!

And when you view this as part of your daily life, and you wonder, well, how shall I do this, you are not usually putting very much love into the situation!

So, as we had our first step of planning a day that you would love – also seeing, what is the plan of your work that you would love and you think is important, and then you have to have a plan for loving yourself; for loving your environment and taking care of it in a way that is possible and feasible and makes sense.

And you will find that there are other people who are looking at changing their lives in a similar way. And you can begin to partner with them and talk to them about, “How can we do this?” And “Is there something I can do for you and something you can do for me? So, we can bring this together and synchronize, and then it becomes possible.”

The culture of “industrialization” in life, consciousness, medicine, healing, travel – is not being synchronized with the health of your planet and all of its life. That larger environmental issue, the larger issue of “Where do I move?” – AS A SOCIETY?! -- where does our society move to be healthy?

And look at what has happened to this environment! And what role have we played? Do we even understand what is happening? Do you see?

Your desire to change your life and living abode, is a reflection of the desire to change the life and living abode of human civilizations on Earth. That is what is happening right now. You see? You are simply reflecting that.

And to the degree that you can express in your mind, in your prayers and meditations, a great deal of love for the Earth and for all beings who are having the same challenges that you are – believe me, every single one! You might think, “Oh, well, they have no problems! They have many resources!”

No. The nature of the university of this planet and all planets is challenges and lessons. They are all gifts!

So, the next aspect of understanding what to do, is to ask yourself, “What is the gift in this challenge to redesign my life and move to a new place? And, truly, try to synchronize where I live and how I live and how I do my work?!”

And it does require some focus of concentration. So, deep meditation on love…of your environment, even if you are not in your new one yet, and you don’t know what it is! Just love of you and your aura and your environment. And expand that to your whole civilization, your whole planet…

Begin with love

Then begin with these simple steps of planning your day, the ideal day that you would love, the ideal way that you would like to do your light mission on Earth; and even writing and sketching and drawing that out; and spending some time in deep meditation on love -- will begin to reveal possibilities that will surprise you!

You truly have no boundaries, once you realize that you have no boundaries!

And in a state of great transition as a planet evolves, you have even greater opportunities to break boundaries of thinking and barriers of belief. That is your true mission right now! It is to break through barriers, largely of consciousness and mindset – and desire to be of service to others -- and knowledge that you are interconnected with all others.

Those are the barriers that get in the way of everyone having enough resources and homes and feeling like “family” on planet Earth.

And there is you a good goal! For all of us who interact in any way on the planet Earth:

  • That this be a great and wonderful home for all of its life on the surface and the oceans beneath, the surface in the air.
  • How can this be clean and healthy and wonderful and loving for everyone?! A great and fantastic home!

And what role can I play? How can we transform ourselves and thus, transform our home so that everyone feels that they have a place to be and a role to play and feel loving toward others and feel loved?

This may seem like a very large goal. When you think about, well, where shall I move or where shall I live. But it isn’t. It is the goal. Because I Am You and You Are Me…

We are one civilization on a planet. And we are one civilization in a galaxy.We are one civilization in a universe. And all must have homes! And all must learn. And all must go through these challenges!

How can we become highly creative and cooperative as we do this? How can we do it with a starry consciousness?

You’re evolving. You are that evolution. Love each other. Honor each other as you go through this process. It is a great gift to have this time to go through!

If you were not motivated by all the changes and all the challenges, you would never change your work, and you would go very, very slowly.

So, be quite grateful for a period of speedy evolution… For later, as your higher self, looking at your whole series of lives, or looking at your whole series of roles in this life, you will be grateful for the times of speedy evolution and learning!

With a great deal of love and a great deal of interest and curiosity in the great mystery that is you, many blessings to you! And may you have great, great adventures during this transforming!

-- Grandmother from Another Planet