Grandmother on One Family on Earth: Caring for All Children. Beyond the News to a Transforming State of Love

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TRANSCRIPT: "Grandmother on One Family on Earth: Caring for All Children. Beyond the News to a Transforming State of Love"

SR: Grandmother do you have a message today? About pathways and strategies and thinking for us to transform ourselves and our planet very constructively at this time?


We are Family…

If you put Family first, then all of the problems which face you, all of the challenges, appear as a different kind of challenge. It appears as a quest for unity of the Family, in the midst of challenge. This is a different problem to solve, and it is very much about soul growth. Therefore, there are pathways which become clear if you focus on Family First.

All of the human beings on Earth are one Family of this planet, of this star system. If it is in unity and together that you seek a common goal for all beings, all children, all life, to be able to live and breathe, eat and drink and care for each other with a great deal of love -- then that is the pathway, and it is very clear.

The difficulty you are having is defining “Family” and engaging a sense of oneness in your emotions.

A very good beginning is to be able to clearly express love for yourself, appreciation for yourself, as you are attempting to transform, so that you are complete and feel that you are doing your best to acknowledge what is incredible and fantastic and eternal about you. And to work on, as a commitment, your own expansiveness and love for others, your own generosity of spirit, every day.

This is a beginning. And if you spend some time meditating on love, it knits together this sense of a higher self, a sense of soul growth, a sense of security in being a loving being. When you do not feel love for yourself, when you have doubts about yourself in the context of a world which does not seem unified, which does not seem to care -- then it is difficult to care for others.

There is a solid base, a solid foundation in meditating on love. And it begins to affect who you think you are. It is very easy to take “right action,” to discern what is a good path. And what information you are receiving is useful, if you have a foundation as a loving, expansive being, toward yourself and toward others.

This sense of a solid foundation of oneness in your own being, of love and caring, as a being who is responsible for a whole human family and a whole planet, not just the individual self -- then it changes what you are able to accomplish in the transformation of a planet.

In many cases, one might find meditation difficult because the mind strays to fear, doubt, worry that one will be safe, seeking for the planet to “return” to what seemed “normal” when a planet is in a state of great transformation.

When you spend more time in a higher consciousness state, even a blissful state, meditating on love – love is very unifying, it is very comforting. It does not even have to be love for any particular being.

If you just simply meditate on love,  that is the beginning. It opens the door to pathways so that you can begin to radiate love to others.

Now, if this is the action of every being on Earth, to radiate love for others, with a solid foundation of meditation on love, of caring for the self, of soul growth – then the planet would change overnight. It would transform.

The empathy for others which you seek and would lead to paths of peace, and a sense of one purpose, for all live to thrive on Earth – this must have a base, a foundation of loving regard for the whole planet as well as the whole self.

Empathy is what grows from this meditation on love and its loving regard. Empathy – and a feeling that every other being on Earth is experiencing what you are experiencing – many perhaps with much greater challenges than you have -- empathy grows from love.

An ability to love the self becomes an ability to love others.

From empathy grows a new intelligence: Understanding that everyone on the planet is impacted – all life -- by your actions and your consciousness, and great desire to transform that, such that all life thrives and is connected.

Deep within empathy begins to grow the sense that it is very important to be careful to do things, to think things, to express words to others that you would like to have expressed to you, things that you would like to have happen to you. There is some profound guidance for this pathway. 

If you want to know what to do next to transform, begin to think what you would like others to do so that you have a good life, so that you have shelter and healthy food, so that you are loved and cared for. That is always the path, to reach a state of recognition that, “I am you and you are me.”

Now, action which arises from that, action in that growth spirit, begins to become clear -- and discernment of what information and news are accurate and what steps you should take, become more understandable, because it grows to a perspective of “what will benefit the most people?”

When the thoughts are closed in fear, and the concern is only for your immediate surroundings, this is the time to go into deep meditation on love, so that you can begin to grow in your ability to love others and to take into account what is good for the whole planet.

It may seem odd to go within first, but that is very important, because then your actions will be in concert with a global balance and alignment toward peace and thriving life and great care for the environment.

You would not think then to pollute that environment, or to do anything which would harm others, because if one is harmed, all are harmed. This would begin to be your mental state.

Then it is important to reach new states of mind in your soul growth in which you become creative. You open the creative mind which has been closed somewhat through fear. You open that through love.

And then you begin to think, “What can I do today, to begin to help these beings? What can I do today to help the children of Earth?”

And I say to you again: If your primary goal is to assure that every single child of every culture and race, of every continent, every location, is safe and loved and has a home and healthy food, is taken care of – has a hopeful future -- then all of the other problems begin to be resolved around that rubric, that center. What would allow all of the children to be taken care of, right now, to feel safe?

This is a bridge between those of different cultures and those of different memories.

I would like to say something about memory, because it is very much an aspect of history. It is very sad [to you] when you see elements of your history being dismantled right before you in your news, questioning,  “Is this right,” “Is that right?” “Who is right?” “Who is wrong?” -- this is sad [to you]  – but it is very heartwarming when all of these histories are considered in the light of one goal: How can we assure that all children, and therefore all families, are safe on planet Earth, and have a future, and a well-taken care of, and not a single one of them is without a home.

That changes the view of history. Because after a while of this kind of action, from deep mediation on love, this begins to transform the planet and brings people to work together for the good of the children, the future of Earth. And “the children” means all of the children -- including [children of] the animals and the plants, the trees, all of the fish and the birds, all that is your environment, all of human life. Make this your goal, to assure its future by focusing on the children.

Now, a love which is expansive and empathetic can recognize the opportunity of a unity of all cultures coming together behind this rubric. It is of paramount importance that you do this at this time.

The creativity that you need will be based on the depth of your love and empathy for this kind of goal, this kind of planet-wide goal. Creativity is driven from the heart. And you must make peace in your heart -- great love and forgiveness for yourself, great love and forgiveness for others — in order to step forward on a goal of great transformation of the planet which seems impossible and yet you have the power to begin this.

Understanding that you have this power can grow, in deep meditations. Meditation is a form of interdimensional communication and growth. The number of minutes and hours you spend each day in this growth, the exercise of your higher creative intelligence, to come up with new steps and new businesses and new ideas and new art and new music, to move toward this goal: This comes from a base.

But in each day, you must remember to love. It is very simple. You begin with simple steps of love and you meditate on that love, you focus on it. If everyone focuses on loving regard for themselves, for every child on Earth, then literally it comes to loving regard for every single being on Earth as one family. And that is where we come around from full circle. We are one family on Earth.

The time is the time of transformation and revelation. And no matter how difficult the news or the understanding which you must reach to move forward, you can handle this in states of deep love. These states are profoundly transforming.

I am filled with great love and great affirmation and great admiration of you and your chosen role to take steps in love and empathy and unity to transform this planet. You will be astounded at what you can accomplish as your consciousness and your heart begin to transform into one family of Earth.

This is a new day, this day of uncertainty. It is the greatest freedom you have ever had, because you cannot be sure of any structure or rule or principle or future. You must now begin to create, in love – a future in which you have knowledge and understanding in your own higher creative intelligence. And you realize that the greatest creativity of all is creativity in unity with others to benefit a whole planet and all of its children.

With great love, I am Grandmother from Another Planet. We are Family...

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


“The soul is healed by being with children.” ― Fyodor Dostoevsky


“I sustain myself with the love of family.” ― Maya Angelou


“Give the child a taste of meditation by creating a climate and atmosphere of love, acceptance and silence.”– Swami Dhyan Giten


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