“Grandmother on What Is Your Mission?”

In Disclosure, Grandmother Blogs by Sandra Rodman

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Question: What shall I do? What’s the next step on the path?


“When you are asking about the best path in life and especially when you’re wondering what to do next, you must focus on your mission in this life.

You must remember it. You must know it well. You must decipher it. You must analyze its many facets. You will then be already set in motion down the desired path if a new opportunity presents itself, regardless of what that opportunity is.

Now let us say in your case, you’re going to teach and learn regarding the integration of communication with other civilizations beyond this time in which you do your work and beyond this place.

If you are on this path already, one of preparation for other dimensions, and you have found a way to do this such that it is acceptable through its fictionalization, its theatrical nature, then it can be used as an example, as a quotation, as an exercise adapted for the purpose of business, or of viewing the future of space business, even if your question or your project is to train in a corporation of requestors, of seekers, who want to understand the ways of multidimensional business.

There is nothing which could likely be more advantageous than a good understanding of how to communicate, how to integrate commerce and interaction with those of many many other star and planetary civilizations, organizations. This requires great stretching of the imagination, and the identity, and courage — beyond that which most businesses ever consider! They do not even consider this!

And if you are teaching in the realms in which this is a consideration, then you will be stretching the mind and the challenges of soul growth programming, to allow you to leap as a quantum! To consider the possibilities even, of business in the stars – a starry business – that’s what we have here.

To consider the possibilities even, of business in the stars — a starry business — that’s what we have here…Grandmother from Another Planet

Already in the 3rd dimension, many businessmen are focused on starry business. Already. So it is not a leap to think [as] a fictionalized purveyor of cosmic wisdom regarding many possibilities in the realm of humanoid communication, the loving compassion and forgiveness which will be required should you suddenly find yourself having to interface with a civilization so different in its concepts of time, and space, and life, and children – and to business if there is such a thing – speed – questions!

The whole concept of questions may be very very different!  This would apply well to your mission, and, thus, you have wasted no time focusing purely on your mission and adapting that which is learned for the mission to any business in the current dimension and state of being and planning — because they are the same, if your mission is this integration!

And a disclosure of the true integrated multi-dimensional, multi-civilizational, multi-incarnational life that is truly ours, then — you are well on your way already to 23rd century business! Then they will have to understand this, and form contracts and communications and lifestyles based on this knowledge.

You will be helpful on all fronts if you keep this in mind.  It does not matter what your mission is — If your mission is to raise one child; if you mission is to create one program; if your mission is to grow the food on a farm for a community, to paint pictures of beauty, to inspire people to think of other dimensions of beauty – then that mission will see you through! Because in choosing that mission, and being aware of the choice, you have chosen it to work on the issues of emotion and loving compassion, forgiveness, growth, service to others – which will best benefit you to be able to serve others well – to increase your learning-teaching.

It is keeping your eyes on your path and understanding how even what appear to be detours – if they resonate, and if you can understand how they will help a great deal on your overall mission — the whole fabric of your daily life will make sense.

If you, however, feel that you mission is simply too difficult, and that you must work at something which is almost diametrically opposed to your mission, then both the mission and the work will suffer. Because you will be regretting as you work, that this is not directly in synchronicity, truly, with your real mission.

The only answer is to seek the path of your true mission as you know it, at this time, in your most authentic and deeper truth. You know that truth, you know that dream.

“The only answer is to seek the path of your true mission as you know it, at this time, in your most authentic and deeper truth. You know that truth, you know that dream…”Grandmother from Another Planet

As long as you feel that you are trying, regardless of the obstacles, to fulfill that mission to the best of your ability, to translate it into service to others in oneness — and that is what you do every day, regardless of criticism, regardless of misunderstanding, regardless of the desire on the part of those with whom you work, to have it be different, to have you look at a different mission, to question your whole idea of your mission — this will not be a problem for you!

Because you will have a certain love affair in progress with your mission — that allows you to sense real feeling of desire to involve others in your mission that could help everyone.

And this can overcome enormous obstacles — even obstacles of illness. It is simply a message from a messenger. And sometimes it is an accommodation to keep you still. Or to have you meet someone new; to stumble upon material which you would not have otherwise discovered.

And all of it will fit perfectly into the fabric, regardless of your star of origin, as long as you are moving with dedication and love toward higher compassion and empathy for all beings. Such that you feel you are the All…and the All is you…your eyes can see that view.

And when that is your vision, and every step on the path is moving you toward that vision with your mission, and you are open to its turns, because your eyes are always aligned with that mission – you will have a degree of happiness which is itself a service to others!

The happiness of following the path of the mission directly! And being aware that whatever you are doing, the simplest little things about your daily life — taking care of your space and order and your clothing, and the clothing and space and order for others — each step, every day, will be seen as a contribution, as part of the beautiful mosaic of the mission, if you keep that before you. And that is your yard stick, that is your measurement, your benchmark.

What shall I do? Well, what is your mission?

And when you measure it based on “what is your mission,” you will learn a great deal more about your mission. And each step will most probably be very very useful. And at the highest level, quite happy and of service to others in a loving way.

Loving steps along the path of the mission in service to others in oneness – is a very very happy life, indeed. And many things fall into place no matter how insane they may seem.

At one level you will have a sense of joyful humor and amazement at just how well that works. You have then become your mission!”

— Grandmother From Another Planet

“At one level you will have a sense of joyful humor and amazement at just how well that works. You have then BECOME your mission…”Grandmother from Another Planet

(Transcript 7-9-17 of Audio Recording of 3-27-17, posted 7-9-17)

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