“Grandmother on Becoming and Living as a Being of Layered Multidimensional Awareness”

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Above: The Mask…of Papier-mache, my first learning of papier-mache creation, only at stage 1, sitting by my place of writing. Grandmother used it as an apt example to answer my question. Meant to be my own mask of the Moon, in a class with creative “experiential Astrologer” Gretchen Lawlor. Was it all a hidden plot that I should stumble upon such a mysterious, wondrous class and create this mask? So that Grandmother might teach me something new? Do “hidden purpose” events like this happen to us every day, without awareness? — Sandra Rodman

“Grandmother on Becoming and Living as a Being of Layered Multidimensional Awareness.” (A spontaneous handwriting transcript of 6-30-17, posted 7-1-17)

Question: How do I or any of us reach a level where we know how to “be” the information or being who is taking in your words, speaking your words, “living” as that being? How is this done?


This is a process of the discovery of dimensional time, dimensional space, and dimensional being.

To live as this being is cellular and sensory as well as spiritual and soul being, living in the worlds…

Now you may see why this exercise, this daily activity of “speaking” this being — as you perceive such a being – is a powerful act of transformation and self-realization, self-training, self-teaching.

You initially become comfortable with “playing” a character and speaking as a different “being.”

You then become comfortable with other dimensional expressions of the soul, until you understand that multidimensional creation is the existence of the soul in all of its arts and becoming.

In deeper meditation is the recognition, the realization of the many fine “layers” of the “being” of the soul – the reality of layers of expression.

These layers are many. It is why, to clarify this understanding, that you are working with
papier-mache — which is layers of paper which combined with a kind of organic “clue” – becoming a “mask,” a persona.

Yet as the creator, you have full knowledge that this representation, this mask of being, is in reality many separate layers which can be made up of all sorts of paper, all sizes of paper.

Yet they come together in the moment as one living being before you – importantly – in a mask.

This analogy and creation is quite a genius learning process – for it takes a long time, slowly, slowly, to create such a papier-mache form, which seems just strips of paper for a long time – so that you are all of a sudden surprised, that there seems to be a new breathing, creative character in the mask before you!

And it contains different elements of yourself, no matter what else you are trying to represent.

It should be called a “revealing” – not a “mask”! 🙂 For there you are, newly represented in layers of paper – in a new mystery of the self – as a mask of layers…

Thus, an illustration of reality, in the creativity of a simple art – an art of children…

Now if you wet the mask, “water” it, you may remold and change its shape and being – with intention.

This is an intentional process. That is its power to teach.  (Is this true of creating any “mask” persona? — SHR)

You may then paint upon it in rainbows of colors and decorate it with many fine objects, but as its creator in the slowed-down-time of this art, you are aware of every strip of paper and every layer of its creation, its transient, layered, artistic and intentional nature…

Now we have learned several lessons about this process of “becoming this new being” that are important:

1. It is intentional, this process of becoming a being who is comfortable in different dimensions of time, space, and being.
2. It is “layered” – and you have chosen every thin tissue of its character, its environments, its glue, and its matter.
3. It is continual learning through the reshaping of the new creation of many masks, many characters, as layers of learning and soul growth, soul creativity.

This is a fine introduction to the concepts of rebirth, reincarnation, their many layered masks and their many purposes.

One might call this re-teaching and re-learning as well as renewed inspiration, renewed love of the soul in its paths of growing into a fully conscious and aware creator.

As it is all “alive,” as it is all “one,” it is all layers of intention and creation and variation – of a veritable feast of creativity, for creativity.

Now do you see?

Do you appreciate the subtlety, the many voices, their layered learning symphonies? “Becoming” —through these intentional creative layers?

Partly it is the willingness, with awareness, to put on the new masks, different masks, to experiment in the labyrinth of living, which enables the soul to grow into a fully aware, layered being, able to materialize and play in many dimensions – aware not only of the infinite layers of the self, but the infinite layers and masks of all selves – one infinite, compassionate, creative being…

Now to the practical aspect of your question: How do I do this? So that I live as this aware being?

1. PATIENCE – Patience in layered creativity and layered understanding.
2. PLAYING – with creative layers of new identity, and taking this being and light that you are, out into the world in new ways.
3. PRACTICE – of speaking, of being, of dressing, of responding with loving vibrations to all of those whom you meet, which creates stronger and stronger layers of this new being that you desire to become.
4. PERIODIC REVIEW – and inspection of what you have created, are creating, sketching on large sheets, sketching out the Patterns of what you have created, the Future Patterns of what you are creating, the Prescience that you aspire to in the future, the new Perception of layers of learning and living as an aware being of that learning.

The Dance

All of these steps are required. It is a dance.

The dancing soul of the multidimensional realms is always creating new steps for becoming Art in the Universe.

— Grandmother from Another Planet

“The dancing soul of the multidimensional realms is always creating new steps for becoming Art in the Universe…”Grandmother from Another Planet

Photo Credits:
Mask – S.H. Rodman.
Galaxies – NASA APOD