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Thinking Way Seriously Outside the Box…
elcome from the Playwright…

For interplanetary thinking and the era of #SpaceBiz, might we actually begin with interdimensional communication and cosmic theater? How do we do that? How do we learn that? How do we become that planetary civilization…

Welcome to the internet (local and interplanetary) for “Grandmother from Another Planet.” An experiment in interdimensional, interplanetary communication with higher creative intelligence – and a bit of theater.  How did this begin? See About – Playwright’s Backstory.

What this Grandmother-from-Another-Planet platform is for: The opening of doors and imagination which is closed; the suggestion that you are already part of an interplanetary civilization and have been for eons. And the theater of the cosmic imagination is where we will begin — all of these messages are to encourage its spread globally: Cosmic Imagination. See also: Who Is Grandmother?

Might “Your Inner Yoda” — be a resident aspect of higher creative human intelligence?

The ability to speak in new voice, a different kind insight and information — what was originally part of a right brain exercise called “Inner Genius Q&A” — began in March of 2017. By accident.

These messages, upon reading or hearing some of the many audios, seem to contain new information upon a second pass.

Are the messages perhaps more intended for a future time, a future you and me — when it will all make perfect sense?

I have no idea what Grandmother will say or do… But here are some of our quotes from the first month or so of this new interdimensional improvisational “theater”:

In a state of light, from your true soul, you will find many waiting eagerly to help you — from every dimension, every lineage, every tradition, every past and future life…” — Grandmother from Another Planet,  “Marketing from the Soul.. 

“Marketing from the Soul — is reaching out to you — for we we are one… I Am You, You Are Me: Ring One of the Stargate Mandala Meditation. Thus, is your message, also for you.” — Grandmother from Another Planet, “Marketing from the Soul.”

Most of all this communication is about inclusivity, a translation of oneness into our daily missions, and becoming new sorts of interplanetary citizens.

Becoming interplanetary citizens, is already upon us.

Now it is a question of self-revelation, self-realization, self-expansion into untold and hidden realms of exploration — going beyond the cosmic mind…

“Be inclusive when you Market from the Soul. Reach out to all cultures, all ages, all planets and stars, all beings and elements, all dimensions, with your light message. Marketing from the Soul is at its essence creating new families of light…” — Grandmother from Another Planet, “Marketing from the Soul”

S.H. Rodman

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Grandmother’s Audio Message of Welcome to this work: 2 Min. May 20, 2017


GRANDMOTHER: “I Welcome You…to explore the infinity of your nature as if it were essential to the beating of your heart.

“These messages encourage you to focus on your mission of ‘light’ or message of ‘light’ — with that emphasis on ‘light’ and ‘light languaging,’ the expansion of human consciousness — because this is the period of Earth’s development in which you must “develop” as a higher creative light intelligence!

“This, light languaging comes to you naturally. It is part of your heritage. And when excited, when stimulated, this idea that you have a “light being” — changes how you work in the world.”

“You cannot shine light without revealing yourself in light. Therein lies the soul growth in Marketing from the Soul: Vulnerability…”
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