Grandmother on Numbers-Reality-Solutions Part 2

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WOW - These 5 short recordings/transcripts made during the 14-Recording even on Numerology and Higher Reality. These are about solving VERY TOUGH NEGATIVE DILEMMAS -- where NOTHING seems like a positive choice. Solving from a higher dimension of love, understanding, Oneness...

PART 2 of Recordings of 3-28-18 that were 14 recordings at once starting about midnight.

If you didn't read PART 1 on Numbers/Numerology yet -- here's that link -- Click Here for PART 1 - WITH NUMBERS/NUMEROLOGY (9 recordings).

Continuing the night of 14 Recordings, these 5 are on: SOLVING NEGATIVE DILEMMAS FROM HIGHER DIMENSIONS (5 recordings). In Part 2, they range from 1 min. 58 seconds to 4 min. 53 seconds.

As noted in the introduction to Part 1: 

Essentially a Booklet of “Advanced Consciousness Studies” in reinterpreting and manifesting in reality. The first part is with a different relationship/communication with numbers -- and in the second part, reinterpreting all events or dilemmas as a joyful challenge for problem-solving.

Each recording has a separate “lesson” that is valuable in itself. Do listen - you may be surprised.  

This may be the most important, ground breaking, of all of the audio blogs!Now I am re-listening to some of them again and discovering new things! Try it! 

On 3-28-18 Grandmother began speaking some 14 sequential  recordings in a row to answer questions in my mind on “how-can-I-solve-problems-in-the-Universe?” She began with with 9 on Numbers and Reality, Numerology, which I am now working with -- it's changing how I view all "Numerology." (Try a Full Numerology Charting Session -

On this page are the Audio and Transcripts of the 5 on Higher Self-Developmentsolving dilemmas in higher dimensional consciousness and thinking of oneself as a community: Becoming a different model for living as a human being. These were for me amazing to contemplate, a different view of the integration of personal and universal reality.

This evening's recordings are given in sequence (began with Part 1) -- here about solving very, very tough negative dilemmas). It flows from Part 1.You may find even more connections. Like a mini-audio booklet – but I’m happy it is broken up in shorter recordings, as each bears a lot of thought. 


PART 2: GRANDMOTHER SOLVING DILEMMAS WITH HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS: Following Grandmother on Numbers, Numerology, Reality (PART 1)

1  " Grandmother on Solving Negative Dilemmas." 12:44 am, 3-29-18. 4 minutes 6 seconds. In effect, solving tough negative dilemma options  in the "I" ("eye") of Oneness... This was very moving for me -- it brought me to tears to think that every truly negative dilemma you can solve -- you solve it on behalf of everyone!

1   Click Player to Listen… “Grandmother on Solving Negative Dilemmas." 4 min., 6 seconds.


A great recording about solutions for our conflicted Times!


"I want to tell you that Solutions for everything that you see as a problem -- exist already.

They exist in higher dimensions and the present dimension. They exist in the past and the future, and they are quite simple, once you begin to "see" with a higher dimensional, mm, identity, scope, feeling, emotions.

The emotions that are felt when you see a dilemma, is part of why there is a dilemma. Identity, emotions -- these are connected with vistas or views of the meaning of the dilemma.

And your current dilemma is:

-- 'This option over here looks negative.'

-- 'That option over there looks negative.'

-- 'And that's the only 2 options I can see!'

And even if you can see 5 -- you might say, 'Oh my goodness! Each of those are going to be a tremendous problem. What shall I do next!!?'

This requires understanding of 'I' and an understanding of 'Next' -- where there is no Time or Space barrier -- and there is no 'I' barrier. In Oneness, you are all -- in service to the One, in service to all. Do you see?

Within a state of the contemplation of Oneness, the great love of Onenessthe great lessons of Oneness, there are such beautiful solutions -- millions and millions of deep solutions to every single problem before you right now.

It is the 'I' you bring to the dilemma, which creates the dilemma -- in order that you might learn!

This is a blessed act, the solving of dilemmas, where there seem to be only negative outcomes for each choice! It is a great catalyst.

The greater your love for all beings, and for a Life to learn these lessons -- the greater will your abilities be to see many, many possibilities of solutions for every dilemma -- which will greatly help other beings, beyond any need that you might have to solve simple dilemmas for yourself.

You begin to feel this from the Solar Plexus and the Heart - that you are connected to everyone... And therefore any dilemma that you have is not personal. It is Universal... 

And you solve it on behalf of everyone! And when you take those Eyes, and you "see" with those Eyes, and you "see" with that Heart, and you feel Love for everyone -- why, Solutions cannot help but pour out which could be so wonderful for every being!"

-- Grandmother from Another Planet

2  " Grandmother on Solving  Dilemmas Joyfully!" 12:49 am, 3-29-18. 1 minute, 58 seconds. A powerful recording -- about how to come through Oneness - to solutions where it seems no matter which way you turn, or which choice you make, something negative might happen for someone! These dilemmas occur in life -- being forced to 'choose the lesser of two negative choices'! What to do?!

But there is, apparently, a powerful alternative step, when we address the dilemma at a higher level of consciousness, meditating upon  the power of One: Oneness."

2   Click Player to Listen… “Grandmother on  Solving Dilemmas Joyfully.” 1 minute, 58 seconds.



"I see that a particular dilemma that you are researching for answers -- is to assure that no one is harmed by any action that you take: That this is a great, great concern to you!

And it is not simply that it is a dilemma, but it is also a genuinely felt desire, to come up with an answer, to take steps such that people will benefit, and no one might be harmed.

And a genuine desire to  correct any situation in which anyone might be harmed inadvertently. In this, I would say, again, it is with the eyes of Oneness, with great Love for all beings, that you come to this dilemma. And you seek an answer in Oneness...

Now we are coming again to the question of Numbers! One (1) -- is a number...

You might want to focus on some deep meditations on One, and Oneness. And seek there, answers to your dilemmas about how to insure that no one is harmed and that everyone benefits from any step that you take, to solve the dilemma with the most joyful and beneficial outcome!"

-- Grandmother From Another Planet

3  " Grandmother on Think of Yourself as a Community..." 12:53 am, 3-29-18. 4 minutes, 53 seconds. 

3   Click Player to Listen… “Grandmother on Think of Yourself As a Community.” 4 minutes, 53 seconds.


SHR Question: It is beginning to come to me that any question that I ask, no matter how abstract or impossible, will be met with an "answer." And it isn't an answer that I would normally discuss with most people.

And yet some of the answers are absolutely extraordinary to me, and exciting to me, and I want to share. But I don't really have that camaraderie to share such an abstract point.

And I think that my life would change, if I had more ways to share with more people with similar views or interests, of such abstract "Quests"...

I believe that that sensation of needing a "community" for dialogue about self -discovery is a very Universal need. Especially right now on this planet.

And it is very difficult for people, and stressful for people -- because they cannot quite seem to find the community, or it feels rare...or a lot of their upsetment at others is because they don't have a community to share that discovery with.



"Inter-dimensional communication is not separate.

It does not involve separate beings.

It does not involve one being sharing and exploring with another -- so much as one being recognizing that they are the same being as another. Do you see?

This changes the perception and need of sharing and community. It is the ultimate community: Oneness. The number One -- 1.

And when you share communication from deep meditation and dialogue, and you go over it again and again with yourself, and you listen, and you think: This is a very profound and powerful experience of sharing across dimensions -- as well.

Do not limit yourself to thinking that you can only share this kind of exploration with Third Dimensional beings, on a regular basis or in a regular community. That there is not the opportunity to do this with 4th, 5th, 6th Dimensional beings, all the time. And in special ways. Including aspects of your self -- your higher self, your past lives. Do you see?

Think beyond community of Oneness, which is interconnected beings, each of whom are precious jewels -- and that there is one big sparkle!

Begin to Think of Yourself as a Community!

-- Grandmother From Another Planet

4   "Grandmother on Being a Different Model!…” 12:59 am, 3-29-18. 2 minutes, 43 seconds. Extremely powerful, for anyone who is focused on a different "model," but worries about being too "different'" This is about thriving on your difference and publishing it far and wide -- as a "model"! And that that is how we get new "models" of reality!

4   Click Player to Listen… “Grandmother on Being a Different Model!...” 2 minutes, 43 seconds.


On the Glories... of trying out being a new kind of human being... No matter how "far out" your view is of reality, or what a human being might be on any planet, in any galaxy. Becoming a New Model...

GRANDMOTHER: Ponder this: If you are "different,' then you are a catalyst.

If you are "different,'"you are becoming a 'model' for new explorations of how to be human.

If you are "different," you attract realities for the exploration of "differentness," which can be quite creative and flower whole civilizations...

Instead of holding back, and feeling that others might not understand you or even fear your "difference": Try "pushing the stick forward."*

Try doing it more.  Try going even "farther out" to explore and report back and write up what you have discovered.

And figure out more and more ways to share and broadcast and publish this -- (each is a living thing) -- because that is how "models" become the reality which you desire...

Community is often created by those who will not give up modeling their very different natures and perceptions of reality, and they just continue to do it, and to do it and to do it, until more and more people are enticed into trying that model...

Or, as your Thomas Edison said -- sometimes it takes 10,000 light bulbs to get 1 light bulb! It is that trying over and over and over again, working on a model.

Well, you are working on a model of being a very particularly different kind of human being manifestion in your dimension. Do not do less of that -- do more of that.

Enjoy it! Find great joy in it! Publish away! Publish far and wide!Speak everywhere of your experience.

That is the model!

-- Grandmother From Another Planet

*   ('Pushing the stick forward,' I learned from my mentor, had to do with -- my memory of it -- learning which took place when pilots would go into a dive and break the sound barrier - but at the point of breaking it, trying to 'pull the stick back' no longer worked to pull out of the dive. Finally someone tried the reverse - "pushing the stick forward" -- no matter how illogical or unintuitive! But it worked for coming out of a dive, traveling beyond the sound barrier. Whether the reference is accurate or not, the analogy has stayed with me a lifetime... When nothing else works, push the stick forward!)

5  ” Grandmother on Speaking in a New Language!…” 1:03 am, 3-29-18. 3 minutes, 11 seconds. In a sense: How new languages based on new models of reality are formed. And the importance of speaking and publishing from the heart, who you truly are, and not editing this or shying away from it.  In fact, encouraging speaking more and more from the reality that includes all the aspects of "you" -- as a form of creating new languages as part of new realities...

5   Click Player to Listen… “Grandmother on Speaking n a New Language…” 3 minutes, 11 seconds.


SHR: I'm having some trouble speaking in the language of the society and dimension that I'm in -- understandably. Or desiring at all to speak in that language... 


Languages are often "created." And notice that there is an element of the beginning of a "language"; there is a point at which that which did not exist before, suddenly exists as a means of communication...

This is a creation. It is done by exploring the creation, by speaking in that language a great deal -- until it becomes more understandable to you. Do you see?

The more understandable it is  to you, the more it is published by you, the more it is broadcast by you, and written up in many forms and in many arts -- the more it will be understandable by more people! And gradually absorbed into the loving Oneness of creation...

New models of speaking are very powerful!

If you are very loving, and that is what you desire, you can be loving no matter what language you desire to speak, or even in your new ways of speaking -- in a more authentic way from the heart of who you truly are as a multidimensional being. And not speaking in the -- what you perceive as "platitudes of your Time." Everyone is beginning to sense that these are just "platitudes of the Times," and not really anyone in particular -- they are just the platitudes that are being repeated.

There are many who desire to speak together in more authentic terms, but are fearful of this. Fearful that someone will be hurt or insulted, or won't understand. Not wanting to be hurt by someone else lashing out because you're speaking in a different way, a different language, perhaps of a different Time.

But this is learned by speaking the truth of who you are -- more and more!

As I have said, languages which are new, become understandable by repeating that which is coming in over and over -- and publishing it and sharing it until more and more beings have input, and it becomes an actual language or model of communication for a new reality.   

-- Grandmother From Another Planet

End of Part 2 on Solving Tough Negative Dilemmas (5 recordings and Transcripts).


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14 Recordings in all, dictated at one time beginning just before 12 midnight on 3-28-18



I find this very interesting, that I stumbled on a quote in philosophical commentary, that is so close to the "dilemma" that began my questions in this series of recordings:


“Kant does not seem to envisage that we are torn between two courses of action for moral reasons. He makes no provisions for genuine moral dilemmas, where no option is unambiguously right or all options are equally problematic.” ― Jens Timmermann, Kant's Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals


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