Grandmother on Disclosure 1st Recording 3-25-17

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To introduce this first recording "Grandmother on Disclosure" done on 3-25-17, this is from the opening of Grandmother’s new book of the First Year, a story of the first beginning of “Grandmother” speaking… Grandmother initially came to discuss "disclosure" of our ancient-and-future relationships with extra-terrestrial, extra-dimensional civilizations...

I had been very ill, in bed for a long time where being in the dark room made me feel better – at least a month or more.  One morning in March, 2017, in the wee hours, I was meditating and wanted guidance, kind of an “Inner Yoda” that I’d learn how to do with writing (write the question, then write the answer for my Inner Yoda guide – in this case “Grandmother from Another Planet,” a new “guide.”)

Once you begin to tap “higher creative intelligence" perspectives, techniques which we teach in Right Brain Aerobics and in Cosmic Mind classes, a whole higher “streaming” mind or flow of information in the universe seem available – in writing.

I asked about how we as a society would ever be able to have “disclosure” of already existing relationships with other civilizations, extraterrestrial civilizations and peoples in other star systems, going back millennia or eons and representing themselves in many inter-dimensional ways – in a gentle and loving coming together. Because this seemed like the most “impossible” education, so many of the contacts (ranging from regular 3d appearances or short visible entries – to visions and dreaming with clear messages) were ridiculed.

I was too ill and tired to write the answer, just too sick…and suddenly I began to try to speak it, as this is the most troubling and evolutionary question of our time, and I just began speaking “as if I was Grandmother,” who immediately began to talk v-e-r-y v-e-r-y s—l—o—w—l—y and in a kind of British-style accent that I once used when an actress and playing “grandmothers” and “aunties” in Shakespeare and other plays when I was young – my specialty even in my 20’s – a “character actress.” This now took on whole new meaning.

Below, Grandmother’s recorded answer, impromptu. I did not record this first one, completely surprised that it came through speaking! But I went for a phone to record the second one -- which included some of the original messages. I wanted to make sure we got that on record, so there is some repetition at the beginning of this first recording.

And I began again, asking about  how to begin to disclose more information about these ancient starry relationships when they had been ridiculed in modern society for so long…

Listen to the answer below, Grandmother on "Disclosure," recorded 3-25-17, 6 min., 43 seconds. Continuing this theme was Grandmother's second recording of 3-27-17: Grandmother on "How I Sound--and the Sounds of Disclosure," 6 min., 18 seconds.

Click Player to Play Audio: “Grandmother’s on Disclosure." Grandmother's first recording, 3-25-17, 6 min., 43 seconds. Click Play and listen while you read, for expanded enjoyment…



(This had begun impromptu -- and I picked up a recorder to try to continue it when recording. ) 


"If you’re going to disclose something to people… [SR – “Well, let's do the 2nd sentence”]…

Grandmother: "If people feel that you do not care about them, then they will feel that they are a commodity, and 'disclosure' will appear to be an 'attack.' It will be felt as an attack on identity, and it will be resisted. And you will be perceived as an attacker – unless people feel that this this is personal to them. And that you care about them – that you reach out to them.

If you’re going to disclose something to people, they must feel that it is personal to them. And that you care about them personally. They must feel that your information affirms them in some way. They must feel better, that you have taken a caring time – to disclose something secret and important, in a way that makes them feel that it has something to do with them. That their role as result of this 'disclosure,' will be important and affirmed.

In general, most human beings seek that which makes them feel affirmed in their chosen identity. If you are going to tell them something and try to convince them of it, and it changes that identity: They will not listen on purpose. It will be purposeful ignore-ance. They do not want to know that which will destroy their identity. They will see it as an attack on themselves and on their families and friends.

If you have a global project, that global project must be personal for each individual. Even those whom you seem to be attacking, must feel that there is a benefit for them if there is global change. And there is benefit – to not having to keep up a “pretense,” and constantly fear “revelations” and “exposure”!

All beings want to be affirmed, whether it is for their benefit, or for the benefit of others, and their families and friends. There is no other path to service to others -- because any activity which invalidates the identity and the well-being of another, is not “service to others.”

This is great learning, in itself, which can change the nature of 'disclosure' -- to 'affirmation' and 'education,' to 'transformation' and 'transmutation' of that which was, in the past, fearful, fearsome.

You must seem to be, in your feelings, authentic to those feelings. You cannot feel one way and pretend to care. You must genuinely care about each individual who will be impacted by these “revelations.”

For there is only one of us here. And if you do not care for each being, then it is impossible to care for yourself and the One Infinite Creator, that is us all…"

-- Grandmother from Another Planet

Written transmission added by Grandmother 5-10-18:

  • “Your mission is to become a star.  It’s simple.  It’s forever…”  

Photo Credit: NASA APOD