Grandmother on This Is Not the Time to Stop

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Grandmother's blog on This-Is-Not-a-Time-to-Slow-Down -- or stop! Surprising, but THIS IS THE TIME TO GET CREATIVE! Why? Listen below. Recorded 6-8-18, posted 6-22-18. Recording and transcript below. It can be energizing to listen -- and read along at the same time. Something different happens.

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"This is not a time to slow down... to give up or become discouraged because you do not understand what is happening in your world and the world in general.

This is a time to relish your creativity and your spirituality, your metaphysical prowess -- to experiment and create with inter-dimensional communication, communication with other intelligence -- which activates that very higher creative intelligence in you at the same time.

This is not the time to become stuck -- not that current events would permit it because things are changing very rapidly, and there are so many events for you to take into account!

This the time to work with your heart and your higher self! And when you do, you will see that this is the perfect time to become creative with the ideal! To become almost reckless with the ideal!

'What would I truly, truly love?'

'What would excite me --and make me feel that there is hope in this world, and new hope in my life, and new things to explore!?'

When you begin to have these thoughts, you shift the travel and the creative direction of your mind, your daily mind. And this is what is desired at this time.

Do not think that it has to be perfect -- your plan, your creative idea.

It has to be tried! You have to take a step, no matter what the obstacles; and, in fact, the obstacles act as a catalyst. They may increase your energy and your ability to address new times in new ways with new creativity.

This new creativity -- and beginning to step out into your own light in the world, being that light -- this requires a degree of self-assessment and happy self- dialogue and examination, with a forgiving spirit and a loving heart...

Whatever has gone on that you have doubts about or worries about, thinking of the future -- these are just fodder for greater creative endeavors beyond that which you can imagine!

I want you to begin to imagine that you are the light... you are the creative light, you are the creative heart, you are the cosmic heart!

And do not become discouraged, but view every obstacle as great energy, great fuel -- for you to rise to new thinking and new feelings, even new emotions! When you look at the world around you and realize that it is all a cosmic world, it is eternal, and you can fill it with light and love every day!..."

-- Grandmother From Another Planet


“The imagination, backed by great expectations, can bring about almost any reality within the range of probalities. ” -- Jane Roberts, author, "Seth Speaks..."