Grandmother on Handling Polarized Conflict with Higher Intelligence

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I asked Grandmother what message she might have for us during this time of great polarization and opposites. I asked for advice on how to handle this with higher consciousness, intelligence, greater love and kindness.

"Grandmother on Handling Polarized Conflict with Higher Intelligence," Recorded/Posted 8-21-19, 13 minutes, 4 seconds.


SHR: Grandmother, do you have a message that you think is important for all of us, given the transition in the world today and our understanding that we must heal the planet, and in a sense, heal each other.


The most important thing for you to come to terms with is that you are blessed beings. And that you are in the middle of an extraordinary lesson and learning -- about the health of a planet, the health of human beings and human consciousness under circumstances which are unique.

Understanding that this is a kind of "university of the soul" -- a university of interdimensional growth for human consciousness and human beings -- then you will begin to view what is happening on your planet as something to learn. Every day is a class.

So, one of the things that you can do right now is to be extremely observant about patterns you recognize, "patterns of polarization,"  and whether or not you have options for polarization.

Right now your viewpoint would tend to stay down one polarized opposite forever or for long periods. And you are, therefore, only seeing a small part of the picture.

And sometimes polarization means that there are more than two. It is polarized, but there are variations on that polarization on either extreme.

Now, this is something to observe as part of reality.

  • This is not your identity.
  • This is not your identity.
  • This is not your identity.

Polarized opposites are not your identity.

The "observer" of polarization who opens the heart to love all beings, learns what all beings are here to teach, and what all circumstances and even all volatile times, all seemingly "impossible" problems -- these are the teachers.

If you recognize that you are the student and that you can only learn in the class through love of all others, great empathy and understanding of the positions and the viewpoints of all others, then you come out of this era with extraordinary personal growth, intelligence growth, soul growth.

And you might even enter a state of higher gestalt intelligence -- which goes beyond empathy a bit, to an assumption with every being that I Am You and You Are Me -- in the greater scheme of the Universe, for it is one Universe.

Now, what can you do to recognize in your bones, in your heart, at the soul level, that this is a prime opportunity for learning, and that you must greatly expand your vision and understand the visions from all of the different polar opposites, in order to advance in your own consciousness and your own peace? And even, dare I say, enjoyment of very wild, chaotic, changing times!

What can you do? What steps can you take?

This is a case where visualization matters. I have said this about interconnected families, networks of people you know. Now I want to say it about your patterns of observation of the world around you. 

And I would like you to begin to observe kindnesses, where they exist. Regardless of the person's "polarization affiliation," in your mind, where do you see kindnesses? That's a list. That's a drawing.

Where do you see kindnesses that you could do? That is a very powerful drawing and list. "What are 3 kindnesses that I could do for someone else this week unexpectedly?" 3 kindnesses. This is power of soul growth beyond an ability to describe it into language.

And then you want to notice that there are little "patterns of wisdom." Let's call them that. They're not just insights, they are "patterns of insights" -- that you are having right now. And you want to start keeping a list of them.  You might call them aphorisms, but they are beyond aphorisms.

These are things that you personally, in your own unique viewpoint, are observing, with some wisdom, and you do not seem to know the origin of that wisdom.

But if you start looking at the "patterns" of what you're seeing and the different types of polarizations, and realize that each has a viewpoint that you can see into, almost like with a magnifying glass or a microscope -- then you can understand how it came to be that way, and you can understand why this particular "pantheon of viewpoints" is before you to learn from!

If you don't ever look at the whole "pantheon" you cannot learn from the whole "pantheon"--  or a larger, higher dimensional perspective!

So, on another sheet... Now we've looked at several things that you can do, and drawing just begins to pull it out of you, it "draws" it out of you and "calls" for a higher intelligence view. But then you can take a larger sheet and start to look at world patterns and even interplanetary patterns and even interstellar/space travel patterns which are starting to emerge in your regular patterns of "news."

I want you to pay attention to news as "patterns" and not as "news." I want you to start to honor your own ability to asses and understand all that is going on with a very open and loving mind, as if it were your responsibility to bring all of the parties to peace. I repeat: To bring all the parties to peace.

What if it were your responsibility to bring all of the parties to peace? It is.

And when you think that way about any problem on Earth and beyond, you begin to enter a state of higher intelligence. 

Now, it is difficult to do that in what you call the "beta" or everyday mind state -- with this level of distraction and constant change. But that's fine. All that's doing is pushing you to a higher level.

What you call "meditation" is actually a form of interdimensional development of your own intelligence. I will say it again: It is interdimensional development of your own intelligence.

You are going to have to put it on the calendar. And these little exercises, particularly the drawing now, we're trying to "draw" things -- these are "steps" to get you there. But deep sound meditation and relaxation allow you to enter a state which is slower and deeper than "beta" state; and you can reach "alpha" state; and you can research the hertz, abbreviated "hz," for "alpha" state or "theta" state.

And in advanced consciousness work, we can begin to work with how to use "theta" state meditation to begin to inform your dreams and dream state -- and even then, take in information after the dream state, while you are still in "theta" state. This is not at all as complex as it sounds. It is simply different states of relaxation.

Now, this is why this deep meditation with sound is important. In order to learn the lessons, you must be able to not only understand the viewpoints of others, empathize with all the viewpoints of others, you must be able to open to love of all beings -- because it's one Universe. There's just one Universe here that you're working with.

And love, which in a way is a profound level of empathy with other beings and with other existence -- is the key to a state of understanding in which this makes sense. And you can handle problems no matter how wild and volatile the times are, because you are in a different state.

And I promise you, that state affects your physical body -- every cell in the body. It resonates with that deeper and more loving state, can be healed with that deeper and more loving state -- and you need to become comfortable and practiced at entering that state.

It doesn't matter whether you are 10 years old or 100 years old: You are entering a time in which you will be asked, nudged, and pushed to enter higher intelligence. You are entering a time of learning self-teaching and self-healing. And you have a very important role in Earth healing and other steps which involve interplanetary healing.

I will not discuss that this time, but this is a very large new topic. First, you will come to interplanetary understanding, interplanetary travel, and then: Interplanetary healing. And this is at the highest level of gestalt advanced consicousness studies. Yet it is simple, and  in some ways, you do it every day.

This is a very loving University. I urge you to start paying attention! Take notes! Do drawings! It is the adventure of many, many lifetimes, this particular lifetime! Enjoy it!

With greetings and gratitude and great love.

-- Grandmother from Another Planet.

Photo Credit: Pixabay License #1013752, Marco Lachmann-Anke