Grandmother on You As Science Fiction

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A message from Grandmother about "you as science fiction" began a few days before New Year's. I couldn't quite understand why this was such an insistent message for the New Year. It kept "nudging" -- and finally on Friday, Jan. 4th, I asked for the fuller message.

I began to understand that something a little different was intended in Grandmother's discussion of our personal lives as "science fiction." Subtly she was making the point that we live in an era of very limited-range scientific measurements of vaster realities and dimensions -- both personal and cosmic. While thinking that isn't the case!

She also kept repeating: "Nothing is fiction," -- an experience I well knew as a playwright, when events in a play with my hometown as a setting for a musical...kept occurring in actual reality every time I sent this cosmic musical out to producers for consideration... But she also implies that our creative abilities form and stir realities in a way we do not yet see!

She seems to be implying both that the level of our real, innate higher dimensional intelligence, is so vast that we would think of it as "science fiction" -- and that "science" which measures everything in very narrow ranges of light, color, sound means that we live in a somewhat "fictional" reality boundaried by that "science."

What seemed a simple statement about living in "science fiction worlds" -- well, a lot of today's news seems like that, from landing on the "dark side of the Moon" to artificial intelligence replacing what we know as human -- was more about our personal higher intelligence evolution with no boundaries, vast and interdimensional and ready to be explored as if we were "consciousness astronauts..."

She is talking about our "personal lives" -- and challenging us to meditate at much higher dimensional levels every day until we see ourselves, in many ways, as the "science fiction" we dream of as impossible -- but isn't... And we have a new role to play, as humans on Earth begin higher dimensional thinking ad "seeing..."

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You cannot "see" your own life as it truly is, within the boundaries of what you define as "scientific" seeing and "scientific" awareness -- measured by instruments which are limited to a very low range of light, color, sound, and, most of all, understanding.
Thus, you are living a life without higher recognition of your own true identity, your own true knowledge, your own true Pathway. This means that your range of opportunities for new exploration and "seeing" are vast. 
When you come into the awareness that your range is limited, and even your scientific studies are beginning to show you just how narrow the range is for reporting out from your science what is truly happening with light and sound and understanding -- all that means is that a door has opened in which you might step into a new world. 
You cannot step through the door without taking on a new identity. And therefore, you will have to leave your older perceptions of what "science" is, what "history" is, what light and sound and knowledge are, and enter a new identity.  
You cannot "see" the water very clearly in its SuperContext, if you are in the middle of an ocean of water... In this sense, you are in the middle of an ocean of very narrow ranges of measurement of all of the senses and knowing, and it will require stepping out of those boundaries and exploring, examining, imagining, creating a new world that you might call "fiction."
"Fiction" is very important! It is the opportunity to create channels for "seeing" beyond the current limits of measuring and reporting out in any civilization. 
But I will tell you that nothing is fiction! 
The moment you create an imagination, an imaginary world, the moment you hope and dream, you have already created those worlds in some senses of dimensions and planes of existence. 
So I would say to you, let that imagination run free! Assume that you are the co-author and co-creator of these new worlds. And let go of your old measurements and your old boundaries. 
This is not up to "science" or "the news" to report to you. This is up to you to create!
Understanding the nature of your own authorship of reality, this is the "Golden Goal."
Meditate upon this. Sit quietly and meditate upon: What am I authoring today? What is this reality? What new reality can I author today?
You are the writer of the cosmic science fictions that you dream about. "Oh, if this were real!" Well, it is real. You have only to understand Time differently and create it. Create it together.
There is only one Time to begin this, and that is right now. You are a being a "science fiction" in every possible way. And I will leave you with that thought, for now...
-- Grandmother from Another Planet

“Life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can.” 
― Danny Kaye

"I will tell you that nothing is fiction!" -- Grandmother from Another Planet

"So I would say to you, let that imagination run free! Assume that you are the co-author and co-creator of these new worlds. And let go of your old measurements and your old boundaries. This is not up to "science" or "the news" to report to you. This is up to you to create!
-- Grandmother from Another Planet

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