Grandmother on Opening Greater Communication with Streaming Higher Guidance

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What may be more important, on Earth at this time -- than to open greater communication with "streaming higher guidance" -- higher aspects of your own intelligence? Which can transform in highly unexpected ways.

We are in a time of "high catalyst" events on Earth -- which can "charge up" the intention to increase higher intuitional guidance as never before. The concept of "streaming higher guidance" is a bit different for higher consciousness-intuition development -- but as I experience it, "streaming" well describes it. It has been the adventure of a lifetime.

Recorded and posted 7-11-18, 10 min. 9 seconds. Listen -- and read -- simultaneously below, for maximum contemplation, like a kind of meditation.

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Grandmother, can we transform by expanding intuition and opening up greater communication with higher dimensional teachers and guides, on Earth?


"The planet of Earth is in a 'time' dimension which vibrates at a frequency which is ideal for the transformation of consciousness. At this time, numerous catalysts across the globe, and in the whole of this star system, are present, to inspire reaching for higher personal intelligence resources, to integrate and solve problems.

These problems seem insurmountable. And there is great difficulty understanding what is going on.

This is an ideal situation and a fertile ground for making increased contact with aspects of your own thinking, and reasoning, and intelligence, and compassion -- for guidance beyond that which you have known before.

Making this contact increases vibrations, in and of itself. To set the intention and go through deep meditative states with sound, to achieve an increased communication with higher dimensional intelligence transforms matter, being, civilization, societies - throughout the universe, in any galaxy.

The catalysts are very powerful right now. So, if you want to reawaken your own higher intuition and guidance, this is the time to organize this activity, to prepare for transformation.

Now, all transformation is not pleasing in the same way... Sometimes we are transformed by catalysts, and it is upsetting at the time. But, later, we are deeply grateful for the events which led to our new seeing and new being.

So do not despair, if an event which acts as a catalyst is at first upsetting, because what you are really doing is reaching for better understanding. There is a direct link between reaching for better understanding -- and opening up communication with higher dimensional teachers and guides.

This is a conduit. It is a kind of tapping into a 'stream of knowing.'

A 'stream of knowing': Emphasize that in your mind... This desire to set up communication in this higher 'stream of knowing' is the pathway to a higher intuition which involves your being transforming.

It will literally will transform every cell in your body, every thought, when this proceeds.

Your relationships with other human beings changes. Because this 'stream' of high guidance is moving rapidly toward feeling one, feeling connected with all other beings.

There is such great vision that comes from this movement into this stream, which increases rapidly, that you will find yourself actually attracted to this movement, to this 'streaming' guidance, and feel physically better, feel physically moved, feel physically good, warmed, nurtured -- when you move into this higher communication state.

Now, when someone says to you, if you meditate more, then you should be able to increase your intuition: If you have had experiences in the past in which you had difficulty meditating, this presents a mental 'symbol' which may cause you to pause.

'Well, I don't know if I want to really try that again... And I don't like sitting still in the quiet, and I have too much to do. And, oh -- I'll get to this next year...'


This is an Earth wide, star-system-wide, galaxy-wide initiative! It is "in progress". The catalysts are happening. You know they are happening, because you do not understand what is going on every day. You think you understand it, and then there is a contradiction!

'Good' seems 'bad.' 'Up' seems 'down.' 'Progress' seems 'delay.'

What you thought you loved suddenly seems transformed. And you're not sure what you love anymore, and what you want to do...

This is the time to go direct to higher streaming creative intelligence, and to take the steps you can take (these are different for each being), in order to enter this kind of streaming flow of higher guidance.

There are meditative processes with deep mental states, called 'alpha' or 'theta' in your reality, which can change your attitude toward meditation -- and transform it -- more like a kind of nurturing, warming, higher creative intelligence exploration.

Once you begin to resonate with the 'sound' of these deeper frequencies (which may seem slower, in fact),  you will naturally begin to notice that there are ideas and symbols -- and there is information available to you which was not available before. 

This can be very comforting.

And we will set up our own initiative to provide some of these kinds of meditations.  And encourage you to experiment with this 'reaching out' -- this 'opening up' -- to entering the flow of higher creative intelligence, streaming many aspects and many planes of vibrations available to you as a soul at a primary state of soul growth on the planet Earth."

-- Grandmother From Another Planet


"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." -- Nicola Tesla


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