Grandmother on Why to Expand Your Telepathic Intuition NOW!

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Will we soon be communicating with more telepathic extraterrestrial and extradimensional beings, civilizations?

Wow. Is this going to happen in our reality with new frequency? And change our lives? A blog from an interdimensional view, which raises new questions about who we are in this era -- and our roles in it. The power of Love in the Universe.

Will we be the ones who "make contact"? How does interdimensional communication with loving beings "feel" at higher levels...? See what you think. Surprises.

Is it more important to expand "telepathic intuition" now than ever before, to tap into our own creative intelligence and higher dimensional communication abilities? To tap our own networks of communication in higher realms? Is both perception and communication in higher realities key to our times?

Listen and read below:  "Grandmother on Why to Expand Your Telepathic Intuition NOW!" Surprising! 7 min. 13 seconds.

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"What is purpose of expanding your intuition, your ability to perceive outside of the boundaries of time and space, as you presently understand them?

What is the purpose?

The purpose is to increase your ability to communicate with beings, with civilizations, with portions of creation which are interdimensional. They may cross dimensions which are beyond space, beyond time.

There are different rules, and these beings and civilizations, these higher realms -- of which your higher self is a portion -- are part of your network.

This is natural; this is inherited; it is inherent; and it is the 'intelligence' you are here to develop. 

You do not come to a life or dimension with your 'intelligence' set. Your purpose is to expand it. Your purpose is to expand creation.

And that creation -- a great deal of it -- lies outside of your usual realms of perception. Therefore, every meditation, every exercise, every thought with the intention, with the purpose of expanding your ability to intuit, to vision in new worlds, to communicate with beings outside of your own natural communication planes -- is fulfilling your purpose. It is fulfilling your mission. But it is also creating new missions.

You see: Your mission is not set either! You are here to create new missions, new mysteries. And you must see a broad range of realities, in order to expand beyond those realities!

The more realities you perceive, the better you can understand the pattern of the creation of reality -- the solving of mysteries, the creating of mysteries, flowing throughout the universe as One, with One -- 'I Am You and You  Are Me.' Do you see, that is the highest intelligence!

But only until you enter it, and begin to create new realities! Everything is fluid.

Intuition is simply a flowing of 'you' into greater streams. It is the flowing of 'the ancient and future you' -- in communication with higher realms of beings, who also explore the ancient and future lineages.

These are lineages of intelligence, lineages of not just of creativity, but creating new life forms and new worlds. This is understanding senses and vibrations, which are like shining.

You are glowing, with an understanding of how to glow. You are creating, with an understanding of how to create beyond known consciousness, beyond known realities. 

And, therefore, you should take great pride in each step of deep meditation, each exercise to explore.

'Today, I shall enter a meditation Stargate, and I will envision this: _____________.'

And you set your intention.

And, without knowing it, you create new realms. You literally make contact with new realities and the beings who inhabit them.

Now, that is the ultimate purpose of all of this 'intuitive development' -- this flash -- this sudden flash -- of much greater psychic and telepathic perception.

It is time to communicate across all space, all dimensions.

And all beings that you are, all roles that you have played, will come into play, as you begin to expand this intuitive communication, this interplanetary, intergalactic, inter-universal communication network. It is part of the basis of the statement, 'I Am You, and You Are Me.'

But most importantly, it is the beginning of communication which opens the doors of understanding of a 'oneness' which is so amazing and so deep that it is almost undefinable... The power of its love is known, when you enter these fields of communication.

And that is the second reason for you to exercise your intuitive communication abilities: To know this higher love, this world of the higher self; to communicate at levels of almost pure love...

To experience this even for a moment is such an extraordinary event in life. And it affects everything else. It affects everyone you know, when you yourself enter this -- a state of not just oneness -- but a kind of being in Love with the Universe. Or being a Universe which is in Love..."

-- Grandmother From Another Planet


“Limitless undying love which shines around me like a million suns it calls me on and on across the universe.” 
― John Lennon


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