Grandmother on Steps to Meditate at Deep Levels of Love to Problem-Solve

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A great set of steps to try to problem-solve with a deeper level of love, when the problems and conflict are really tough and nothing else is working...

Grandmother on "Steps to Meditate at a Deep Level of Love to Problem-Solve," Recorded/Posted 8-17-18, 6 min, 58 seconds. Listen below.

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QUESTION - SHR: Grandmother, I would like to be able to go into a deeper state to solve problems -- and to solve problems with a great deal more love and compassion. And somehow or another, I believe those two things are connected: Going into much deeper, lower time register states -- and solving problems with a great deal more love.  Can you give me some advice or help on this?

GRANDMOTHER: "By connecting the two, a deeper state of love and solving problems with a great deal more love, you have actually come upon the answer with the question.

This suggests an Exercise which I believe would be very helpful to you.

  • Independent of the problem and its topic, relax and set yourself into a very calm state, letting go at deeper and deeper levels.
  • Relax into Level 1, go even deeper, focused on Love.
  • Relax at Level 2, and so on, down to Level 5, or even 10, or  more, if you believe that this is needed in order to reach the depth of the state of love which you believe is important for you to truly solve the problem in the most compassionate way.
  • There is a 3rd connection I would like you to make, and that is that very creative solutions often occur, when you clear the mind and heart and go deeply into a state of Love.

This is an abstract concept -- 'Love -- simply Love.' Not Love 'of' something or 'for' something -- simply being in a state of Love and Oneness with all beings. Then every being with whom you might have a problem or who might have a problem with you, is One with you, and you with that being.

And I will tell you that great creativity, as well as all creation, come from going deeper and deeper into that state of Love. A Plane of Love -- a Universe of Love.

Learning is born from a Universe of Love. And when you understand that that is it root origin, then it is much easier to see the problems before you as a gift of Love...

Now, think on that: This is a gift of Love. There is great learning that can come from this gift. And if this problem has come, (and even if you know that you contributed to the problem being a problem), in a deep state of Love, you might perhaps forgive even yourself.

And the moment that you do, you will see creative avenues for working together for the greater good across the Universe -- than you have ever seen before.

So, in a way, it is the depth of the Love, it is depth of becoming an explorer and a partner with the Cosmic Heart -- that IS, as ironic as it might seem, the greatest 'strategic plan' you could have for solving problems with more love at a higher dimensional level, with quite creative strategy.  And partly because it is very difficult to go into a very state of deep Love -- and not have love for yourself.

Many times, problems occur because you do not have love for yourself. And you, metaphorically,' beat yourself over the head' or feel guilty that you were not loving enough, or that somehow you contributed to a problem.  

The solution is always 'more Love' -- the solution is not 'beating yourself over the head.'  It is always 'more Love.' So, by asking the question in this way, you were part of the way in the distance to the answer.

Add 'Creativity' -- this is the path to 'Creativity.' And always have great love for every person involved in any problematic situation; always generate, radiate great love for all concerned.   Include yourself.

Now, I'm going to add another point:

  • If you simply meditated each day on going deeper and deeper into states of Love -- every day -- you would change your life completely. It is soul growth of the most exquisite and creative kind.
  • And if you can simply make a commitment to do this as you start each day, you have made a great contribution to the Universe and to Oneness."

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." -- Carl Sagan


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