Grandmother on Steps of Action and The Love Meditation

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This instruction from "Grandmother from Another Planet" presents the instructions for very powerful, deep "sound meditation": The 5 Levels of Love. I say "very powerful" -- because upon beginning to practice it every day, something extraordinary happened to my perception and interdimensional communication.

Try it for several days, focus on "slowing down time" in the mind: And watch what unfolds! I have had this reported from others who have tried this new sound meditation process. The blog/transcript provide detailed instructions. -- SHR 9-29-18


What are steps we can take at this time to make a difference?

  • When we meditate with sound on deeper and deeper levels of Love, do we access natural states of higher creative intelligence, from the heart?
  • Does this expand our frequencies of light and consciousness?
  • Can a simple Meditation on Love be an important action step for daily life?

Includes instructions for the Steps of a Meditation on 5 Levels of Love. Done with sound (see here for available deep Alpha sound links), a profound meditation practice that appears to open both heart and intuitive perception in new ways. Grandmother includes instructions on how to use this for problem-solving and greater happiness in daily life. Try it!

When using it, I was able to access deeper information in a new way. See what happens when you try it.

"Grandmother on Steps of Action -- and The Love Meditation." Recorded/Posted 9-21-18. 10 minutes, 19 seconds.

Click Audio Play to play "Grandmother on Steps of Action and The Love Meditation," Recorded/Posted 9-21-18, 10 minutes, 19 seconds.


My Question to Grandmother was:

"Grandmother, what is our calling? What is our mission? What are steps that we can take at this time to make a difference?"


"It is very helpful to think of your higher creative intelligence, at this time, as a series of bands of frequency which are available to you.

Now, think about this for a moment.

  • You have a higher creative intelligence.
  • You have more bands of frequency perception -- (that is, consciousness perception of the many realities around you) than normally you perceive -- and are able to translate higher creative intelligence in a narrow range of bands.

So to increase both the perception and the action which you can take, it is very helpful to expand your range of perception of  'frequencies' in higher creative intelligence.

Now, there are 2 key things to focus on first:

  1. The first being that this must come from the heart.
  2. So, the meditation, which is the second part, which I will emphasize to you, is a very simple one which you can do anytime, focused on 5 Levels of deepening your awareness of Love.

If you can focus on your own intelligence, your own higher creative intelligence, as a wonderful gift, which you can use to benefit others as well as to benefit you -- then you see that part of your action steps needed at this time, is to further develop your ability to expand this perception on behalf of others.

So, another great step or metaphor is to always associate your own personal development with the ability to be of service to others.

So, the 2 steps of (1) deep meditation with sound; and with (2) understanding through the heart -- a Heart Intelligence if you will -- can be combined.

And I will tell you that I believe that you will be surprised if you do this very loving meditation with sound every day, for even a few moments! And it does not take that long to do.

But what I would challenge you with is remaining longer in each Level of Love -- each loving consciousness state which you reach.

So, let us say that if you were going to meditate upon this, or 'expand your frequencies' -- that might be another phrase for 'meditation': 'Expanding Your Frequency Perception' -- then you would begin with assigning a quiet place for you to work.

And think of it at least for 15 minutes, but preferably for 30 to 45 minutes.

Have a Notebook or Journal at hand, because you want to be able to immediately write or draw, if something comes up that you do not want to lose -- or at the end of your meditation.

But it doesn't matter whether you write or draw, you can go into this state at any time.

  • You simply begin with sound. (See Meditation-Sound for sound to use)
  • And you take 3 deep breaths
  • And you say to yourself, 'Meditate on Love, Level 1.'
  • And you enjoy that beautiful deep sound for as long as you can.
  • And anything that comes up while you Meditate on Love is fine. But you do not have a goal. You are simply being in a State of Love at Level 1.
  • And then, take another 3 deep breaths.
  • And Meditate on Love at Level 2.  And say this in your mind: 'Meditate on Love, Level 2.' And let this go for quite some time.
  • Take another 3 deep breaths.
  • 'Meditate on Love, Level 3.'
  • And then Level 4.
  • And then Level 5.
  • Now, when you reach Level 5, and you feel that you are in a deeper and deeper state of simply focusing on Love each time, you may find or have as a focus -- information or simply intake that you would like to make note of, or a question that you would like to ask.
  • And you will find that what comes to you will likely be different, especially if you s-l-o-w   d-o-w-n   t-i-m-e.  This is an aspect of this deep meditation.

This meditation, in itself, is an action that you can take each day. And when you consider during a day's activity -- or you read the news or you have an encounter which concerns you --  I think you will find your heart opening and your life happier if, before you consider how to solve this problem or how to feel more joy in your beautiful gift of a life: Sit down and do this simple meditation, before you ponder a solution.

This allows you to put more Love, at a higher frequency of high creative intelligence, into your problem-solving. Because you have set the intention to do this.

Now, there is a second aspect here. I am telling you that when you set the intention to do this -- and you are prepared, and you have your Notebook, and you go into your 5 Levels of Love Meditation and intention to go deeper and deeper into the heart -- you have changed your frequency.

And others around you will be able to sense that shift in frequency. And it is usually accompanied by a shift in attitude. And this is picked up by others -- both those whom you can see and those whom you cannot see.

This changes identity. It also changes frequency.

And you will find that if you do this every day - try it for one week, every day, do this simple meditation of Focus on Love -- you will find at the end of that time, intriguing pathways to insight which are of great value and comfort.  And then you may want to continue this.

It would be very difficult to do this every day and not have an increase in your frequency range of perception of many realities! Accompanied by an increase in your intuition -- and, especially, your opening of the heart!

You see, opening higher creative intelligence is opening the heart to Higher Love. And you can intend to do this every day.

And you watch what happens in your life!"

-- Grandmother from Another Planet

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Photo Credit: Pixabay - Geralt. Creative Commons License #3581182