Grandmother on How to Reconnect in a Disorienting World

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QUESTION - SHR: Grandmother, how can we feel more connected in a world which is seeming to be disconnected -- which seems somewhat crazy. And we find ourselves in this disorientation.

How can we feel more connected -- in a very positive, loving way -- with all other beings who are simultaneously experiencing this?


"There is an aspect of your physical and cosmic presence, which is fully aware of its connectedness with this planet, every planet, with all other beings -- but you have not turned on this signal.

In general, that is the life challenge and life-lessons-learning of your time and planet.

When there is this circumstance of disorientation and feeling disconnected -- and as if you do not have an important role or even  important hope -- this is the time that you will begin to seriously have a quest for this feeling of connection. So this is a very powerful time.

You connect in 2 ways:

  1. One is in your deep meditations on this question or any cosmic question - meditating on filling your heart with love and compassion and a sense of connection -- and going into deeper and deeper levels of this meditation, until you begin to feel the warmth of 'home.'
  2. The second is a profound service to others, with a feeling of deep love and connection.

If you want to be feeling this connection with the planet -- and a sense that you have a role and are doing something good and important to help -- service to others, which is both physical and mental-spiritual service, is a meditatioon in and of iitself.

You do not wait to be hit with a request. This is most creative and interesting.

You go out and you look for:

  • Things to love;
  • People to love;
  • Ways to serve that you would love to do, and you do this actively. And you even find new things to love every day, new people to serve.

You become a 'wave' of loving service to others. This kind of loving wave of service --  reconnects you into the larger planetary, galactic loving universal consciousness, which is one family, one consciousness.

And because you are entering almost a graduate school of challenges on this planet and in this era -- which you signed up for very happily -- the energy in this intention to be of service and to meditate deeply until you reach 'home' in your heart: This is the most powerful action of this time!

And it will connect you to a larger 'cosmic context' -- a SuperContext.

The fact that you feel disconnected from a more 'superficial' or 'local' context -- is not all a 'bad' thing...

This is what drives you to reach for a higher context in which you do feel connected and feel the warmth of 'home' -- and feel tremendous compassion for every person caught up in this 'disconnection,' and what you perceive as 'negative' language and actions -- and not understanding.

You yourself, by going into these deeper levels of connection, a star family connection, can begin to change that tide.

You see, if one person becomes reconnected at higher levels, it is easier for another person to become connected at higher levels!

So you see, one matters. One day of meditation matters! 

Who knows what you will bring in, what you will understand, and who you will meet -- that could change everything!!"

-- Grandmother from Another Planet

Photo Credit: Pixabay, Geralt, #2923054. Creative Commons License.