Grandmother on the Power of Remembering Star Families, Broadcasting, Love

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This is a most intriguing message,  regarding the power of "broadcasting" your loving "heart signature" throughout the universe, with each deep meditation with sound.

The idea of broadcasting to yourself in these meditations -- teaching yourself s very powerful.

I asked a personal question about "The Blue Lights of Or" which I was given in meditation as a symbol-cue for my own star-family connections -- and did not intend to publish this.

Then I realized that the message applies for everyone. It energized me deeply, and I am still contemplating the powerful Idea of "broadcasting in the universe" with deep meditations on love...

"Grandmother on the Power of Remembering Star Families, Broadcast, Love" - 6 min., 9 seconds, recorded/posted 8-24-18. Listen and read below -- do the exercise! Watch what happens!

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QUESTION - SHR: "Grandmother, can you say some more about "The Blue Lights of Or" and my own star family -- what my new mission is and how I might transform what is happening into global, interplanetary broadcasting which has value for other beings?


"You view 'star family connections' as the name of a planet or a galaxy -- but truly it is your 'heart signature.'

The clue given you -- 'The Blue Lights of Or' -- O-R -- was given you for meditation. A second part of this meditation is meditating on your loving 'heart signature.' If you would like to increase your star family and universal family connections, meditate upon your loving 'heart signature.' That is who you are; that is how you are known.

And your mission -- radiating that experience, broadcasting that experience, telling the truth of that experience, for you or for anyone -- is how to make star family connections and communications in a new level of reality.

You see, you believe that you live in a very 'stuck' reality. But that s truly a choice -- and not 'real.'

You may live and see and vision and be of help in any reality you may create! Any realty!

Star family connections as a meditation -- your heart signature as a meditation -- is, in itself, a 'Mission Operating Manual'!

  • You will receive information when you go on these deeper journeys, meditating on love, once again, at Level 1.
  • And then going deeper, with sound, to Level 2. Meditating on simply being love, being with love.
  • And then going to Level 3, meditating with love, being love.

Now, if you can do this, 5 levels, 7 levels, 9 levels, 33 levels -- you are 'broadcasting' in the universe! This is like sending out electromagnetic 'waves of information.'

This is done in a language and symbols that you do not know, but you do not need to know them! You need only to meditate on deeper and deeper levels of love: Being love, being love for all beings, all things, all energies. That single commitment -- those few minutes every day -- IIS a broadcast and information mission!

Now, if  you can do this every day for one week, you will say, 'Aha!' Because the insight and understanding of who you truly are and your mission -- will begin to have veils pulled from it. It will be as if you had clouds in your eyes and could not see past them, and now the fog, the clouds, the veils are lifting.

If you do this every day, you are also broadcasting to yourself! You are teaching yourself -- when you are willing to commit to go into these deeper states of love with very strong sound. Sound is your partner.

All beings,, all star families, are your partners. Opening the door is very connected to gong into deeper and deeper states of love, being love, being One..."

-- Grandmother from Another Planet

Photo Credit: Pixabay, Geralt #3563041. Creative Commons License.