Grandmother on Your Great Co-Creative Power During Catalyst Events

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A powerful new message from Grandmother from Another Planet on using global "Catalyst Events" to increase your co-creative personal power...

"Grandmother on Your Great Co-Creative Power During Catalyst Events," Recorded/posted 9-28-18, 7 minutes, 46 seconds.

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"These are Catalyst Events. You are not here to avoid Catalyst Events! We are all here to dive into them, to transform the soul as we dive into their richness, their fruity harvest of new understanding, and a new drive to create a very very different world.

This is a personal world, not just a global world. But every global event creates little galaxies of energetics around you.

And what you do not yet recognize the power of, is your ability to actually act upon those little galaxies of understanding -- and transform them yourself. And you can do this more powerfully when you do it together in a very deep Meditation on Love.

Now, we have in the last two weeks, focused on a new deep meditation on 5 Lvels of Love. This is a reality frequency meditation to enable you to communicate in new reality frequencies. Not just to experience them, but to communicate with each other in new reality frequencies which are anchored in a new deeper experience of Love.

Love at this level -- generates the kind of compassion and empathy and understanding and being one with other beings, so that world events do not seem separate from you.

It is that sense of separation, of separateness from the other players in these world dramas, that causes you not to perceive at your own higher creative intelligence levels.

It causes you not to use your own creative higher power, if you will. But that power comes from deep in the heart. And it is a creative power.

And I will tell you that you can change the world with this deeper level of tuning in to -- tuning in with -- the Cosmic Heart, from which all life emanates.

Everything is alive. We are all connected.

The sense of separation is to allow individual creativity to emerge in new ways -- new plays, new dramas.

But, oh, the power! -- when you finally discern, you begin to have these glimpses that that individual creative higher intelligence of Love can be amazing when you understand that it is connected! When you feel that 'I Am You and You Are Me' -- with every single individual -- you literally have new eyes!

You have the eyes of every being -- and every being's eyes are you!

And that is a different world. More importantly, that is a different heart.

And then, you will ask your questions within. You will not need to look them up or to find out what someone else says. You will know in these deep meditations of deeper and deeper levels of Love -- which is a great gift that you can give, experiencing these levels -- you will know an answer that is just for you -- your family, your being, your soul in all of its many, many, many connections and lives -- all of them teachers!

In a way, these Catalyst Events are to help us find our own 'Inner Teacher.' And to help us feel that we are loved.

Now, if you are never challenged, believe me, you will not feel loved. These great challenges are because you are greatly loved!

And they are to teach us to greatly love each other at higher levels!

And I promise you, I promise you, I promise you that new understanding can bring such blissful excitement -- that you can see in a new way, and you are not upset in the old way!

My goodness, if you are going to get upset, get upset in a new way, because you have learned something new!

But that excitement, that experience of that learning, that feeling of empathy -- allowing you to know what someone else is feeling, see the world they see, see the world that those who oppose them see! Oh, my goodness, that is such a different world!

That is the world that these great Calaysts -- and our great Times -- introduces... It introduces it -- because this is just the beginning...

And this is just the beginning of your own integration of your own higher creative intelligence and compassion ... your higher soul being, the richness of that, in this galaxy and in this universe.

This bright light that you are is seen everywhere! And it is time now to go deeper and deeper into Love.

Because that is why you are here.

I send you great love. I sense a sense of great oneness and connection to you. I feel you in my heart.

You are my family and I am your family.

Enjoy and relish and study and think upon these great Catalyst Events -- realizing that you are a Co-Creator!"

-- Grandmother from Another Planet

“One love, one heart, one destiny.” Robert Marley

Photo Credit: Pixabay, Geralt. Creative Commons License. #3600551.