Grandmother on What Is My Role – What Can I Do to Help on Earth

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A powerful message on December 25, 2018, Christmas Day throughout the world -- Grandmother from Another Planet's holiday greeting of a very different kind: "Grandmother on What Is My Role--What Can I Do to Help on Earth?" Are we due for a "job change"? Is there something we can do? There is, and it is time to do it, ready or not. From deep in the heart...blessings from another planet... -- SHR

"Grandmother on What Is My Role--What Can I Do to Help on Earth..." Record/Posted 12-25-18, 21 minutes, 9 seconds.

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SHR: Grandmother, with the shifts and changes that are taking place on the Earth right now, even during these "holy days," these "holidays," time for reflection -- what are some of the most important things that we can do, roles we can play that we are not focused on right now, but that need our focus?


It is a very powerful step, a very loving step, to realize that there is more that you can do for others and that there is a greater role you can play, as you enter into deeper states of love. It is the deep meditation on love that leads you to discern that something is missing, something that is important, that you personally can do. (See "Deep Meditation on 5 Levels of Love" in the meditations section.)

You see, your contributions, your higher consciousness development -- all of this is so much more important than you think -- that I would implore you not to be discouraged and to keep asking every day of yourself, your higher self, your higher intelligence: How can I be of service? What can I do to make a change on the Earth? To effect a new environment of loving regard and great affirmation of the power of all the people on Earth, all life on Earth?

This query, this wondering, is a "driver"! As in a technology "driver"... This is an engine of curiosity, but also of caring. You're wondering how you can be of true help.

As we have said, living your life as "the truth of who you are" is a very very important and powerful step. (See audio blog, "Grandmother on It is Time to Live Your Life as the Truth of You," 12-12-18.)

But the desire to be of greater service to others, to begin to lay out plans, and to ask quite a number of questions about this, will engender a new plane of understanding of the difference in your role "now" -- and let us say, one year ago, 5 years ago, 20 years ago... These have changed. But in the last year, you are aware that there is an even greater change than before...

It is not just geopolitical and geological and geothermal events -- and weather events! It is new patterns of wanting to let go of the old way of viewing the world and thinking about the world and thinking about who you are...

There are too many indicators and too many people coming forward who suggest that you have a different history -- a great being of life, of love, of light! These beings are coming forward more and more every day with new messages.

Now you may not agree with what they are saying! But you are aware that there is an increase in the number of new reports, and the number of people willing to step forward and say:

  • "This is the history as I know it, and the life that I have lived!"
  • Or "This is the history as I know it in deep meditations for 50 years, over 5 years!"

Do you see? Every time a new person comes forward with this message, often from deep self-reflection, contemplation, meditation, a new observation, a new "aha!" -- you are sparked to reach for your own new "aha!" You are urged to remember who you truly are.

So if you want to know what to do, it is to enter into deeper meditation states of love and empathy and compassion for every single being on Earth and beyond -- not leaving out a single one that you ask this question. Now, this is an action. And it is very much helped and, in fact, expanded if you write down your questions!

If you remember in the past, we spoke of the power of asking "cosmic questions," continually writing questions  about what the universe is and who you are in it. Writing each question down will spark another question!

This is a powerful step right now, because it is not just "Who are you" -- it truly is "What am I to do to be of best service?" Because I will tell you, your job has changed.

And it is no good anymore -- in the high awareness of most people -- to simply continue at the level of service and the level of understanding as before. You have this awareness. You're going to have to ask deeper questions. 

But, you are to be greatly cherished and blessed and loved and affirmed for wanting to know how you can do more! That is where your question began.

  • How can I do more?
  • How can I be part of a change that would shift, transform some of the things that I see happening that I believe are truly terrible?

Until you truly contemplate at the deepest levels, you may not see that there is a "gift of growing," there is a cosmic understanding of a "Super Context"  in every single event that seems so terrible and wrenches the heart... Your heart feels pulled out... How can this be happening? How could this be done by any being to another being? It is so frustrating...

In this, I want you to begin to understand the higher "soul" that is part of you. Now, if the word "soul" troubles you, start to do some "scientific research" on it! Because there is plenty of technology and plenty of research available already, about the existence and the fields of the body which are beyond "the seen." In every field, you can find this research!

You are going to have to become a "scientific researcher" in some senses! You can't "just" shift and be of service. We are entering a time when you need to understand why you are doing this. And what the gift is in each event, that is causing you to feel you must take action.

This requires a little bit of expanded reading and learning -- and a great deal of practice of your higher contemplative states and abilities. It requires that you become an intuitive empath. And a compassionate, envisioner of oneness on the planet Earth.

You see, you must understand why there are, in your reports, some 60% of biodiversity [the species] on the planet Earth that has been destroyed? [gone extinct]. As you are being creative with technologies and chemicals?

There comes a point where it is not just a moral but a soul decision as to whether or not you will continue to participate as you have in the past, while these actions go forward. And all beings together co-create what is happening. You are going to have to play a new role. You are going to have to speak a truth -- but from a place of deeper love and higher understanding. This is a gift.

No matter how terrible it seems, when you have co-created a vast series of changes on Earth, there is great learning, great self-reflection.

This does not mean self-blaming. This does not mean blaming others. This means going into deeper states of love to learn a kind of healing that cannot be done by your science! A kind of understanding of a Super Context, a universal field of knowledge, the equivalent to libraries, which cannot be accessed by your science but can sometimes be accessed by your own deeper states...

Now let me qualify that. You measure "brain states" as alpha, or beta, or theta, or delta, or gamma -- and there are some sets of each of these. You measure many, many ranges of light, light frequency -- sound, which is one of the most important studies for you right now, sound frequencies. And by that I mean something you can understand more as a "living wave" which absolutely impacts your physical body, every cell in your body, and in some cases can activate a kind of higher both-physical-and-light body. You need greater scientific research for the language.

But there is no reason you can't do the research! Most powerful research results come from people who have had no funding and no major business or government behind them; they just discovered that if they make this little "air plane," they can fly! Just a little way...but they can fly!  And they were right. R-I-G-H-T.  W-R-I-G-H-T Brothers... They did not do it alone...

You can discover and create and invent so many things right now to "see" better! But they must come from a place of love. You see, we are past the time when you say, "Well, we will just have some new technology, and that will solve everything." No, that will not solve everything...

It must come from a visioning of the heart of a society which is one:

  • A society which knows that if one of us is ill, then all of us are ill;
  • If one of us is in jail, all of us are in jail;
  • If one of us needs love -- just one -- then all of us need love; we must increase our love;
  • If one of us is well and experiences a miracle healing, than all of us are well;
  • If one of us finds a new freedom, then all of us find a new freedom.

You can only discover this in the heart in deep meditative states -- deep states of contemplation which you have not known before. That is their best definition. I am not speaking of a meditation which you may have known before. It is distinguished by the fact that you realize that you have not been in this state of clarity and "aha!" impressions and ideas before!

This is how you know your new roles, your new jobs, your new ways of service to others! You discover! -- inside of your own knowing and your own deepest heart's desire, the best truth, the best "you" that you can imagine! There is the secret to the world, there is the secret to how to solve everything! It is not somewhere else! It is not in a book! It is not in a rule of government! It is not in an invention!

The engine of that creation is within your deeper knowing, which is itself a massive field of being, which at this point in your point in your society is almost not recognized as existing except by a few researchers! Well, find those researchers. Pursue that inner knowledge.

And you will begin to be asking the questions that I'm asking. You will want to research something more. You will want to find, to create roles where you can actually make a difference with one single "aha!" or one single act of miraculous healing! Just one! -- completely within your own heart and in communication with higher intelligence "partners."

That is the core of this work, since we began to come through. I am in some ways your partner seeking this higher intelligence partnership, this empathetic oneness that can bring us together to co-create an Earth that right now you can barely imagine.

Well, begin to imagine it! Because it is that time. We are here. You are family. I am your family, and you are my family. And we have all had histories on many planets in our consciousness and our soul development, our higher intelligence development. It is time that we know about these. And we do not need someone else to tell us.

And I will promise you, I will promise you -- that if you spend the time, if you make your calendar a magic place of discovery, if you sit in these deep meditations with sound -- and we provide as many as we can, but you explore and create your own -- if you do this, you will know the unknown. You will see the unseen, And you will be so amazed that you will say to yourself -- "Aha! I am not even me anymore! And this is not the Earth I knew! A new Earth is possible! Something miraculous is happening!"

That is your life right now... That is the title of your new life, that is your job: "Something Miraculous Is Happening Right Now!" And it is up to you to discover it and to co-create it -- from the heart, in your own truth, living your life of truth, and a knowing that you never dreamed possible.

It is time for you to understand just a blessed being you are. And I will close this message with a key -- and another step of realization that is so important: "I am you, and you are me.

In every situation, in every case, in every conundrum, in every puzzle, if you begin to think about the other people involved: "I am you, and you are me," you will see solutions. You will free your heart. You will free a creative part of you that flies. And is almost impossible to conceive, yet so loving, and you feel so warmed by it...

"I am you, and you are me." And that is the way to find the role for you on the planet Earth that can change everything. And allow you to feel that you and every being on Earth ,who is experiencing and seeing what you're seeing, are one.

You are a Blessed Being..."

-- Grandmother from Another Planet

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” -- Nikola Tesla

“According to Eugene Wigner, a pioneer of quantum mechanics, ‘it was not possible to formulate the laws of quantum mechanics in a fully consisten way without reference to the consciousness.” -- Runsheng Tu, “Quantum Mechanics’ Return to Local Realism," Cambridge Scholars Publishing

"I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness." – Max Planck, Nobel Prize Physicist

“The doctor of the future will be oneself.” ― Albert Schweitzer


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