Grandmother on When You Worry about the Details, You Miss the Details

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Should we take a rest from the "details" of daily life -- in order to relax and allow the details to resolve themselves?

When we worry about the small details, the many "to-do" lists in narrow, stressful views of reality, worrying over the tenuous matrix of the structure of daily life – do we miss the larger view of a vaster cosmos that includes us? Vaster solutions that also include us?

Are we missing both the truth of who we are in the greater scheme of things -- and the beauty of the greater details across space and time which have life of their own all around us? Which can rearrange themselves in new ways so that we can solve the smallest or largest problems with greater joy? Is some time away from worry -- some time spent flowing a little joy often the key?

Do we have to let go of daily details for a moment, before we can see greater worlds and eternal details, always being uniquely recreated in an unimaginably loving and light-filled universe?

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When you worry about the details, you miss the details.

I would suggest that if it is the details that you have you in a state of consternation, that you spend some time as far away from the details as you can, whether they represent themselves in your mind and thoughts, or they represent themselves in your environment.

Spend some time out of that environment. Spend some time not focused on those lists and plannings in your mind that are related to the details which are causing you such worry in your vision of your life at the moment.

Everyone needs a day off. And I will tell you that even the details need a day off from your world. Even the details need to be left to themselves, to transform themselves.

They can be quite creative, these environments that you have spawned with your thought bubbles, if left to their own devices for a while.

So, as you are nearing the times of your holidays or Holy Days, make it a quite profound and sacred act to take a break from your details, from your environments of the mind and your environments of the physical world -- and explore some new things.

Find some new things where you can flow love and affirmation and joy to others and other studies, other activities, other events.

And then when you return to do your “duty,” in your estimation, you may find that the environments and the details will have adjusted, so that it will be much easier for you in your new found joy and spaciousness, to accomplish much more than you originally thought might be possible – and with much greater creativity and love.

For you see, in the end, you must love even the details– so that they can love you and transform the whole situation!

-- Grandmother from Another Planet
“Sometimes, the most productive thing that you can do is to step outside and do nothing... relax and enjoy nature.” -- Melanie Charlene

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