Grandmother on How to Find Hidden Mysteries & Answers: Becoming a New Person in a Pandemic

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Grandmother, I need some help on finding what is hidden, on solving mysteries. What is a higher dimensional way to go about finding something that is elusive or hidden and you just can’t figure it out? 


Fundamentally, you are focused on seeing the “unseen,” hearing the “unheard,” knowing the “unknown.” So, there is an issue with expanding perception rather than something being “hidden.”

You may hear the same piece of information daily or weekly over many years and not understand its meaning or that it is valuable information – until something happens to your understanding.

The great value of deep meditation and increasing your interdimensional ability to hear in broader ranges, to see and understand and know in broader ranges: Meditation is intensifying focus.

It is becoming more adept not only at calming the mind and working with the mind more creatively in different ranges of vibration – it is using and applying the ability to see, hear, know the unknown, the unseen, the unheard. Just through simple definition, it is clear that if you were to expand interdimensional senses, you would “see” more.

But the ability to integrate that seeing and to place it within a context to help you reach integration, “Aha!” moments, or even interdimensional communication where an idea or even a whole book comes to you full blown as an answer to your question.

Now, seeing, hearing, knowing, when there is a mystery involved is quite amazing. And it is magnetic for human and other consciousness. But I will remind you that creating mysteries is an even more powerful and higher dimensional skill.

Now, when you understand that both the perception and the creating of mysteries using higher dimensional awareness or senses is important, then you might be more open to practicing abilities and deeper mental states in order to help you perceive with increased ranges of perception.

It is actually very simple. You want to see and hear and know to perceive at extended, expanded ranges of ability.

Now, you might focus on a deep meditation on expanding these while meditating on deeper states of love. And we can give you that meditation.

But I will say to you that sometimes the thing that is “hidden” becomes apparent not because you focused on “What is this missing thing?” – but because you focused on something else, such as “I will now expand my ability to see at interdimensional levels.” Or focus on something else – writing or listening to or viewing something else.

And as if someone has been working on this in the background, all of a sudden this is pieced together for you so that you “know” just what that hidden thing might be or where it might be located.

In a way, this is the process of life. Expanding every day of life, the ability to see, to hear, to know, and to feel love and compassion and forgiveness at much deeper levels, to know yourself at much deeper levels, to expand the ability to reach out to others.

So, I will give you a second aspect in addition to expanding your range of perception, and that is expanding your range of feeling. The depth of your emotion is related to the ability to hear, see, know, feel at increased ranges, at higher vibrational ranges.

And this, too, can be addressed not only with deep meditation but with deep intention to be of loving service to others, to be kind to others, to take into account and think upon the needs of others, and how you might be of help in a genuine, authentic way and not a controlling way which asserts that your knowledge is better than their knowledge.

Do you see, there is a difference? Learning to be of true service to others really comes from having explored and worked through difficulties with being able to see yourself, to know yourself, to be open enough to be vulnerable with others, for it to be “okay” that you do not know everything, or cannot perceive everything, and incessantly ask questions, “What is this?” “Why is this?” “Where is this? This is a very vulnerable and authentic way to begin to search for knowledge.

Now, there is a third element that I will tell you. And this is an interdimensional soul growth process.

When you suddenly come upon that moment of intuition in which the” unseen,” the “unheard,” the unfelt, the “hidden” comes into view, or there is an interdimensional communication from the teacher which helps you see, this can be an ecstatic moment of being which literally can take your breath away. It is not just “aha!” – it is a “AHH!!!” – a deep breath, almost a gasp, stepping into the unknown, the reality is so different!

And having been able to do that once, it is extremely magnetic – you will want to do that again!

So, here we have this rather clear and simple set of steps to expand senses and awareness and perception, to open the heart in deeper love and feeling, in order to actually “move” into a reality of seeing the “unseen,” hearing the “unheard,” knowing the “unknown,” and feeling at much deeper levels.

I would like to stress that this is a different identity. And on planet Earth at this time, in the middle of a pandemic, there is already significant transformation. But it is also true that one of the greatest challenges is knowing the truth of what is happening! And wondering, because there are so many different stories and experts. And even for you, one day you might believe “This is true,” and the next day you wonder, and another day you might believe the opposite, and then return to your original position as you learn more.

When all is stopped, and everyone is still at home, global consciousness changes. Period. That is simply the nature of human consciousness and reality. T

Therefore, if you seek to know, to see, to hear, that which you cannot perceive at this time, the great mysteries, a clearer path to understanding so that you can move forward, with a sense that you are actually making progress and that you can trust your own knowing and your own higher dimensional self and communication -- and the symbols and the sights, and even the other sensory “cues” such as smell or taste or feeling which come to you can be true ”clues” to find out about something previously hidden, something that is a mystery.

If you would truly like to go to a “Mystery School,” I’ll tell you to do this, do this exercise we have just been over. Expand those portions of your senses in deep meditation and your meditation upon love and working with higher teachers, such that every time there is a mystery, you say “Aha! Wonderful! I have this great opportunity to apply my higher dimensional intelligence and creativity skills. Isn’t this wonderful!” You will be elated! You will have many ”Aha!” moments, gasping your way into realizations that take you to a new reality.

Do the exercise. Sometimes the simplest thing is to just do the exercise. Apply it to your hidden mysteries and see what you discover. Sometimes when you seek an answer to Question A, you actually get an answer to Question B, which is also good.

This is a divine and eternal seeking of mysteries and their answers. And it grows into creation of mysteries, the highest form of creativity, a great art form.

This is life in higher dimensions. Enjoy it.

And if you always begin meditating on love at deeper levels, then you will become a different kind of human being and universal being -- and you can also be of service to all other beings with great love.

With great love, I am Grandmother from Another Planet.

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


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